hello everyone welcome to another row whoa I almost said roblox Adventure we barely even do those anymore we'll play granny yeah I don't know where the mix-up comes from the two very different games as a matter of fact granny I I would almost go as far as to say that I'm surprised what how many kids play it because it's not a kids game yet it's so popular amongst kids I don't know I mean I guess it's not like like it can be a little messed up anyways though what are you doing today we're playing granny we're not just gonna play granny the way we usually do though no no not at all we are going to be going ahead and going from normal to just a little bit harder a little just a little bit harder you know we're not going extreme we don't wanna get too ahead of ourselves one extra lock are the main door and then granny moves a little bit faster just so you know make things a little bit more interesting we could make it darker I don't know if I like that though that just seems kind of annoying extra locks though should go with some extra large gonna be pretty interesting but there's a couple things I wanted to try as well in this playthrough let's just hop into it actually no more delays nothing like that I saw that there's there's a few different things that you can do within granny that we've never ever done before and I was hoping we can do them this video and I thought it would be really fun to try because usually we just try to find different ways of beating the game really quickly and I mean obviously we're gonna be doing the same thing again today that's sort of just our goal is always get the craziest speedrun imaginable even though it's not really a speedrun because it always takes us like an hour we do eventually get there then where we play though you know we have been improving one of granny's like right here did I make a creak on the floor I don't know I'm gonna turn the game up as well okay granny where are you granny okay so she's not here that's good okay car battery right there nothing in there oh yeah it made a big noise excuse me boxes okay so I need to remember that granny is a little bit faster now so that could very much affect how easily she catches us like I don't know how fast she's gonna come over here part of a shotgun that's good I would very much like that actually I would almost choose that over the car battery right now mm-hmm I know granny yes I believe you are going to be like right to their sheep coming in here she's gonna come in here if I swap for this shotgun part that's for sure perhaps I will do that in a second she's not right here is she okay good I'm quickly looking here a spark plug as well okay so there are two car parts in here now in that case I'm gonna drop this here quickly grab this granny's going to be running over here so I need to quickly run away anything in here doesn't look like it okay I'm pretty sure granny I just heard her knock over the boxes oh okay this is okay everything's fine all right oh it made a big noise the gasoline is right there man I feel like we're getting mint and there's another shotgun part right here I like we're gonna be able to get this shotgun really quickly and granny has no reason to come down here yet I'm going to give her a reason to though let's see I do hear granny above us oh okay so she just knocked that over I'm going to quickly look in here and then I'm going to jump into the car huh oh she's right there oh man that was close granny I kind of look in here are you I don't know why she never bothers to just like slightly lean over see if oh I don't know maybe there's someone in her giant car that's taking out pretty much the entire room that's right granny come on you just keep a move on thing is now that it's hard on Hard difficulty I'm a little bit more hesitant to simply get out and then try moving around and like outrunning granny I know that on extreme mode granny actually moves faster than you so you can't really away with things like outrunning granny for example so she should be fully up the stairs now where did she run off to though I can't really tell what direction she went it's kind of important really sort of dictates where we choose to go next I would like to finish this shotgun because I actually really want to try something outside can you guys guess at all what that may be okay that made a whole lot of noise in that case I'm gonna run over here yeah okay keep going keep going just keep going oh okay winch handle yes so granny's gonna be back there now she might have gone down into the garage actually mmm that might have been a pretty cool to die version in that case that's good we can try using this winch handle then we'll see here watermelon – OH dude this is perfect okay why can't I move right now there we go they were making progress let's see and a hammer that's good that's good I will gladly take a hammer okay first though I want to grab this I really hope granny doesn't try opening the door anytime soon here we go just do that right there where we got we got the Playhouse key we can leave that there for now I will grab that hammer go go go go okay good so granny should be making her way outside I don't know if she acts any differently based on the difficulty I'm not hearing her trying to unlock the door above us though which is kind of interesting very interesting actually so if I then in that case come back this way so granny should now be heading through the basement yet so there's granny right there so we can now head upstairs to the Attic see if there's anything up is there car battery right there two minutes so we got car battery gasoline and a spark plug now we just need the actual car key see okay cutting pliers is good coming here I'm pretty sure granny maschino granny I don't think has seen me okay you want to grab we managed to do that very quickly I'm very proud of us myself guys I mean come on really actually that's not true because you guys have helped me a lot so far in all of my granny videos anytime I'm struggling with something you guys always make sure to let me know even if it's already been said hundreds of times in the comments you always make sure to let me know what I did wrong that up is hooked but that's a good thing because I always spent from my mistakes well shouldn't say always most of the time I try to at least listen yeah what do we go is there anything useful at all cogwheel that's not too bad I'm gonna go ahead you go here grab you alright and on those cutting pliers oh that's the safe key right there okay what I will do is quickly take care of this while I have the hammer go go go go go go granny should be going through the doorway hello granny and then I run over here yes nope that's not good that bear drum got me so good wow that was like the worst thing that could have happened where do we find the cutting pliers I need to remember cutting pliers were in the bedroom on the second floor okay yeah I remember now I remember and I think on hardmode this is still probably gonna be locked of course it's gonna be Bowie fine fine so that means then we get the cutting pliers open the safe where'd a granny go she didn't even peek her head in the room like what am I supposed to do if I keep trying to go upstairs did she go back downstairs I'm gonna go for it no my granny don't mind me coming over here uh-uh does she even know does she know where I went she has absolutely no idea oh where is she I just heard her start walking around all quickly I meet him and try opening this I don't know if she saw that I just I don't I don't know just come to it he's gonna do it why not I'm gonna knock this over to lure her up this way and then that's that way I'll know that she's out of sight out of mind there's no way she will just walk up merrily into the Attic right yeah there we go all right granny what do you think huh huh okay good okay granny please just make it don't come back in this room I know you like to do that sometimes okay good sometimes so is this place a bear trap and then turn around and it's just weird Oh granny stop why did I do that Oh where did the cutting pliers go now they're gonna be downstairs are they why was I so impatient with the or okay that's fine that's fine that's fine you know just this game sometimes man I'm telling you where did those cutting pliers go are they down there I don't see those cutting pliers down there or the cutting pliers out the Hammers down there okay and be sure to remember that where the cutting pliers where the cutting place so they did fall down but where no granny I'm gonna come back this way granny please please I'm just trying to find these cutting pliers okay where could they have gone they could have gone quite literally anywhere at this point that's just great I really needed those I did did they fall down here doesn't seem like it well how am I supposed to get these cutting pliers if they're now just completely a hundred percent gone into the abyss huh hmm we doing there granny just standing around man I can't believe it I can't believe I lost those they were just right there like where are they okay granny saw me that's just great that's fantastic you know if I had the car key then we could have pretty much already left we would just need the engine part and then the wrench and we would have been fine but instead I was trying to use these cutting pliers until I fell from the third storey and now I can't find them and now I have absolutely no idea what to do they're really done goofed guys I really did it this time oh there's granny right there okay well you know what we can use this opportunity to quickly go back around except we're going so slowly through this tunnel now I'd like to finish this shotgun that would also be really nice I don't I really know how to put this guy's I just I don't know what to do I don't know what to do there's an ACOG in there okay good all right you know what actually I have an idea come on granny you're not gonna come over here okay well now she heard that I'll take that engine part oh hi granny huh coming down here oh hey dudette go here you drop this engine part sure that granny did you hear that hear that engine part yeah yeah you did good good riddance so you go in there to make like this I don't go like this and I go like this and drop you here and I'm going to run I'm going to find these stupid cutting pliers where did they go where did they go seriously where could they have possibly went from a drop like that they could have gone anywhere it's gone for about 30 seconds that's it 30 seconds well that seems a little high seems my masters ridiculous part of a shotgun oh yes please I will gladly take that okay 30 seconds is not a lot of time there's another cogwheel right there all right then there's the meet cool let me go downstairs I'm gonna finish this shotgun man so hard mode that's a pretty difficult time man 30 seconds that's just nuts okay there we go so we got this your shotgun go ahead and load you up where are we going what are we doing I have an idea Oh bear trap just despondent for ekam for me now that we have the shotgun though I can try something that I've been wanting to try for a very very long time and I think now is probably the perfect opportunity to do it I don't know if we're gonna win this game guys I'm gonna try my best but hard mode is harsh it's already day three there's a day to stay three ma'am that is pretty crazy I really I really messed up on this one okay so if granny comes over here I can maybe like I don't know I've always wanted to try to get her into yeah I didn't mean for her to go that way no granny I wanted to put you in the guillotine hold on maybe we can still do this come on granny yeah yeah you humiliated me and out is my turn a humiliate you this is what you get granny okay you put me through a lot of hardships trying to watch this happen no she's disappearing already oh she's she's gone for such just a little amount time no well she's gonna be coming back now I gotta go get another she'll hold on guys I really wanted to its aren't there shotgun shells in other areas besides the garage pretty sure yeah oh man I really want that safe key we still haven't found those cutting pliers though it's just that granny is dead for such a short period of time on hardmode it just makes everything well quite frankly way harder I have a new strategy though for this little troll I'm about to do if I can angle it so that she is standing in front of the guillotine as I shoot I might be able to propel her perfectly on top of it it's gonna be hard but boy would it be worth it let me tell you hold on it would just be okay here we go like this and then how do we do this how do we do this how do we do this I'm gonna have to like shoot her this way it's like a shoot it as soon as she's right there man I don't know about this one guys I miss how did that miss I shot too early no no no no no no no was it worth it it would have been and it still can be now I'm just really determined at this point I've sort of given up on the game I just really want to make this work okay all right all right all right so if I were to I'll probably just play it safe and go around but if I were to come around this way I might as well grab this car battery while I'm right here actually if we find the wrench dude that's the thing it's like we can actually escape if I managed to get the wrench because then that's everything well no then we need the car key as well I actually never mind I'm gonna drop you down there and then go here I go here over here and if we on top of getting granny downed we can then go try to find those cutting pliers which have seemed to disappear into thin air but then if we get those whoa whoa whoa you got that safe key and then maybe just maybe that will give us everything we need all the shopkins right here beautiful okay just need a knots preemptively chutes make sure that she is fully in sight yeah we can do it we can do it I don't know I'm pretty confident so she's moving back upstairs there so this gives me an opportunity I'm gonna go around yeah there's no bear traps nothing like that car battery right there we're gonna walk round ancient part right there still haven't found the Clarkie coming around this way oh okay all right all right right right all right right we can do this we knew those guys this is fine this is so ridiculous therefore what I'm trying to get out of it – it's just so dumb I just we never tried doing anything with granny's dead body and like the fact that it's a rag doll that you can just push around it just means that there's so much room for priceless things to happen just wait for it be patient did work oh no it wasn't enough come on granny come on granny gonna have to go faster than that granny yeah I'm gonna need to get you up there yeah did it work no granny no no I wanted to do the ultimate trol ah it's not working no that's so sad it's okay it's okay there's plenty of other ways you know what I haven't ever tried I haven't ever tried trying to lock granny into the upstairs cell would that be possible I'm not 100% sure okay guys look I may have I may have been doing a pretty terrible job so far but I think I can redeem myself with a win right here let's see we can make it work hold on don't come around his way oh no oh no we're out of shotgun shells oh okay mmm it's a bit of a problem isn't it oh oh hi granny nope what was that right there was that the cutting pliers I think I just saw the cutting pliers I'm pretty sure just other cutting pliers on the ground oh right there oh my goodness we're so done we're so done I'm just getting here did she see me did she see me did she see me did she see me I think she saw you guys I think she saw me so you don't see me granting you say that and then you walk away from me good riddance okay so I think I saw the cutting pliers on the main floor if I move fast enough we can do this we can do this we can do this so go down so she's gonna be up there but if I'm correct I think I saw the cutting pliers like right here that's the Playhouse key not the cutting pliers that is not what I want I don't think I'm gonna find these cutting pliers anywhere I just don't think it's gonna happen where are these cutting pliers what do I do no cutting pliers no game win guys the cutting pliers have disappeared I think I'm the one getting trolled by granny right now as a matter of fact here I was thinking that we could we could do a fun little joke on her and then she took that and she turned it right around didn't she well that's just fantastic come on granny please be good to me I just wear the cutting pliers the cutting pliers have disappeared they've completely and utterly disappeared no cutting pliers we make one fall one fall and it just turns everything upside down doesn't it because if we had that safe key then we would have at least been able to I don't know I don't know man there's no cutting pliers anywhere like they've actually just completely disappeared there's just no cutting pliers I don't know what to do I don't know what else to say there's just they're there they're gone they're gone that's it I'm gonna look again okay I still have some hope but not a lot not a lot at all really mm-hmm unless the cutting pliers went back to their original spawn that'd be ridiculous it'd be ridiculous it might just be crazy enough that it's the truth anything over here no my granny don't mind me anything over here if I had that shotgun then that would have been really good right there granny right behind me okay okay that's fine perhaps the cutting pliers are indeed in this room over here there were those shotgun shells right there this is where the cutting pliers were well they're not there anymore so what do I do great question I don't know are the cutting pliers maybe over here somewhere did the cutting pliers drop here did they drop up on a unreachable area doesn't seem like it I don't see the cutting pliers anywhere down there I see granny though but no cutting pliers like how often does a scenario like this happen a battery what them this is battery for weird I can grab they've gay I just can't do it hi granny I'm in the middle of something here alright and you're making it a lot more difficult than it has to be I'm gonna have to grab this shotgun and now I'm gonna have to grab those shotgun shells and I think you know what I'm about to do whenever I have a shotgun with shotgun shells right it's not it's not good you're not gonna enjoy it I'm sorry okay apparently you were too far away that's ridiculous how far away was granny there she was not that far away she was like ten feet in front of me shotgun don't kill someone 10 feet in front of you I don't know about that one guys hmm we're the ones getting trolled by granny right now I'm telling you it's already the hold it's this video is a 180 flip I walked into this so confidently setting the difficulty upwards and just running around you know making these dumb mistakes of falling from the third storey then Here I am paying the price for it coming up here granny I can't tell oh she's right there okay cool well you know what I'm gonna do granny don't I'm gonna do grandma what's that there's up do you need a battery for that y know where that is I don't that is all right you know where I you know you know what I don't know where is we do whites she's the cutting pliers so I don't know where the cutting pliers are I'll wait a second where's that special key where do we find that the special keys on the main floor I'm gonna drop the hammer over here I don't know if that was good enough I'm gonna drop you over here and then we can go up onto the main floor yeah up on the main floor I'm gonna have to go around though go around this way make sure we don't get any creaky floorboards I think this is fine come over this way yeah well that made some noise but that's okay I'm gonna grab you mmm just coming right okay where are those cutting pliers man it's it's actually messing with me at this point go he put you in there and then go like this I know where the meat is too actually so I'm gonna knock you over I'm gonna go ahead and grab some meat I just realized that my webcam has been off for a little bit now just give me a second guys granny granny are you up here I can't even tell anymore now she must have been okay where's the meat though two meats right here and that no that's the cogwheel where's the meat it's right there uh-huh where's granny oh hi granny oh okay couldn't go back upstairs this is fine everything's flying well bear trap right there okay okay okay okay close that and go he'd come up here actually I'm gonna hide for a second is she coming up here I think she is well I didn't think so uh-oh that's not good I had to move the plank guys I had no other choice but that's okay granny's gonna come up go that's fine I think she just bear trapped herself oh good one granny probably happens to her all the time it's probably why her arms are all boney and weird-looking just keeps bear trapping them I mean flush and says it has zero nerve endings now granny don't aw she knocked it over oh no granny it's not a real person you can keep walking it's okay you're the one that knocked it over stop freaking out you know maybe if you're so stressed out about there being someone in your house maybe you shouldn't capture people anymore then you can live a little much more stress-free life how about that where's the meat there it is all right I'm gonna grab you along go here come over here then you mr. spider you can go ahead go ahead and you eat damn meat okay then good good I'm coming here what do we got we got a wrench but we don't have a car key we got a wrench no car key now look I know granny heard that right oh hi granny oh this is just perfect this is perfect me trying to put granny in the guillotine and oh what a better ending to choose than us being in the guillotine Wow I'm telling you guys we just got trolled by granny hard Wow I'm kind of sad no guys you know what that means though that means that hard mode is not to be messed with or if you are messing with it you got to really know what you're doing maybe next time we try to be granny well well mmm ya know we should definitely try hard mode it's just hard mode is so it's so hard if she knock her out for a minute 30 in a hard mode it's like 45 seconds or 30 seconds I don't even know something like that it's insane and then extreme mode yeah that's hopeful whoa I don't even know ladies and gentlemen well not know I would like to thank you so much who's ready for another granny video if you enjoyed please do remember to leave and like maybe even subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out this send me a lot and pinchy plush toy both available at Dennis daily comm link in the description below but other than that again thank you so much guys and I will see you in the next one you


  1. In the 2 room the book you need first and take the book to the painting in the 2 room and you will haf to bring the book to the painting and you will see a switch and you will see a switch and you have to flip it the book shelf moves and you see another granny

  2. So Denis so some times you hear door bell that's because granny puts a bell on the floor so she knows where are you go

  3. in the attic, where the fan is w that key. u could use the hammer to take down the security camera so u don’t get locked in if that made any sense.

  4. Granny: Do you want to play hide and seeeeeeeeeek…….?
    Me: Yeah, okay.
    Granny: I seeeeee youuu….
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