100 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy pumps breaks on joining Trump legal team

  1. The persons that did this video should apologize to the President & the American People ! If not, jail them EVERY time they lie or put fake stuff out ! Every ! Democratic Congress should be impeached & in poisoned ! For lying,for wasting the tax payers money , for a lie they knew about ! And did it themselves ! For not doing their job for 4 years ! For creating & participating in violence ! For getting to be millionaires off the American people ! While they dole out a crumb to us! And tell us to be happy for it !! NO !!!!! They All Need Imprisoned ! Why???? Are we allowing this to happen & them to carry on their wicked ways ! Why ??

  2. I love how these Looney left especially Fox is having a conniption fit over a video when you have antifa out there threatening Trump supporters and throwing crap at the cops, this F-en💩 country is upside down including the🎪 Looney left media that include Fox.

  3. Nutty Nancy has not voted to impeach President Trump. She just wants to smear him. Nothing new here. Impeachment is a legal proceeding and Nutty Nancy has no desire to have to play by the rules.

  4. Maybe some one there needs to learn the difference in BREAKS.. THUS BREAKS means to break a dish/ shatter. To put the Brakes on Means to stop doing .

  5. Dont be a bunch of idiots omg how dumb can you freaking Republicans be you freaking idiots can't see it? Lol…he wants no parts of that mess he knows it and everyone else knows it but you guys are just too blind to see what going on! Lol.. by next year the impeachment will be in ! Lol..idiots!

  6. fake news media outraged about a fake violenent video against them but say nothing about real videos with real violence against Trump supporter. ya y'all can suck it CNN

  7. Here is the difference between Dem's and Republican's Dems would just do it legal or not but Republicans wait to make sure its legal so I can see him wait to join Trumps team.

  8. I've never seen so many brainwashed lemmings grouped together in my entire life until I saw this comment section.

  9. Bumbling Barr is out to lunch again while his DOJ is busy arresting Giuliani's clients. Barr's daddy hired Epstein to teach at his prestigious school though Epstein had no credential nor teaching experience at all. Barr's Deep State, covering the demonrat's tracks instead of prosecuting.

  10. This is reprehensible that a video like this played at Mar-A-Lago — this president knows no bounds and he's an embarrassment of us all.

  11. Left getting butthurt over a parody video while antifa enacts violence in the streets. Somehow Fox thinks this is legitimate news. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  12. It appears that we need some NEW Republican congressmen and Senators. The democrats are actively investigating and figuring out to impeach Trump and they don't even have the house votes to do it. The republican senators are talking about their friends on the other side and doing nothing. If the President has to take their illegal attempts we need some Republicans with enough nerve to fight back!!!

  13. Listen nothing is going to happen to any of these outright criminals. Attorney General William Barr let known liar and known leaker James Comey walk, he even removed classified documents from the FBI for pete sakes and still he lolly gagged his way right back home thinking he was vindicated. So as far as the rest of these career criminals, well I will not hold my breath for indictments coming out of the DOJ anytime soon, sorry I just feel as if it is all a game…..investigate investigate investigate with no real outcome. As far as Trey Gowdy goes I do not think he would do much good overall, yes he is smart but he plays it way to safe. He ranted and raved at Hillary over Benghazi and in the end what became of it…….nothing, good soldiers died and never got the justice they deserved; I have heard it put that Trey is all bark with no bite, no matter I will still vote for my Commander in Chief President Trump in 2020 because he is real the rest of them I think not.

  14. Fox News are you serious? Everybody supposed to pander to these butter cups? what the heck is going on in our society and you all are feeding it! remember when our parents used to tell us sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you?what the hell is wrong with these people? guys are turning into women,women are turning into men and you all are panderingnever bringing up science never bringing up biology not speaking the truth to these kookookachoo's! I mean come on there's no real men or real women left anymore, no one can take a joke, no one knows the difference between Good and evil, no one knows how to tell if it's a liar if it's the truth and it's because of mainstream media!

  15. Don't get all upset about the meim. Get all up in arms about where it originally came from. HOLLYWOOD is the one who puts out all this violent crap and gets awards and praise for it. Stop being Hippocrates.

  16. The media can lie their asses off to the American people, but how dare let the people make a meme of them getting their asses shot off.

  17. Really? I saw the video meme, and while I do NOT condone it for reasons of etiquette and good taste, I have to protest the tempest-in-a-teapot reaction. President Trump has in all honesty and good faith, condemned this meme. It is not his rhetoric that promotes violence. Can we remember the many democratic calls for violence? Maxine Waters (for one) comes to mind. How about Rashida Tlaib? There are many more violent (and worse) movies, television shows, etc., which are viewed by impressionable youngsters. But we were always told that there is no evidence that they cause undue violence. If a = b and b = c, then a = c.

  18. Donald Money-Launderer-in-Cheif Trump, is running a criminal enterprise out of the WhiteHouse. Trump is the most corrupt President in U.S. history. So Gowdy made the right move in distancing himself from the Swamp Creature.

  19. First of all, it's brakes not breaks. Second, thank goodness Howdy is not joining. He needs to get out of politics and get back to private practice. He's always been lukewarm at best regarding supporting the President.

  20. I'm gonna tell the time slips by with no action, why you ask, well 3600 years are up on us again, you no the one, what happen to the 🐎🐆🐂🐻 and the 👲👳tribes. . Just hold on they will run to their tunnels and I guess will just well u know..

  21. I’m curious why the video gets so much attention but NOTHING ABOUT THE ACTUAL MOVIE. I guess that violence is acceptable.

  22. De fund the Democrats leftists there to dangers to be funded. Size assets on the Democratic party. Just get rid of the Democrats. Replace them with a civilized party like the independent party. Impeach the Democrats and throw them in Jail. Democrats are scared that the investigation on them is getting to close so there using projection to try to win. I would like to know why the media aren't going after the democrats like they are with the Republicans? not questions to the democrat but a how a lot to the republicans hmhmhmhm double standers in a big way the media sound like hyenas to the Republicans.

  23. Trey Gowdy you are a true patriot. We need your godliness,
    vertrue and moral excellence on the MEGA Trump team. In Jesus Name Amen.

  24. I encourage everyone to pay attention to Fox News both in videos and articles alike, instead of what many are pointing out about this issue and many others issues like this. Fox News are just as crooked as the Left, only they hide it better than other MSM, all for the sake of ratings. Fox News isn’t conservative, but several of their anchors truly are. The only reason they have kept these conservative voices on their show and allow them to even speak “semi-freely” is because the detriment in getting rid of them would far outweigh the benefit in keeping them. Fox News is the only MSM source that gives conservatives even a partial voice in anything, but let’s not kid ourselves on their motives for “allowing” freedom of speech and press to more than just the Left.

  25. Oh my God!!!! This has become almost childish and so unbe coming of the MSM that is clearly biased! They lie all day everyday then have the nerve to call Fox nothing but Trump lackeys! Uh since the trembly biased unprofessional corrupt Media has defiled Jurnalism and has no integrity left….. they want to deprive the Public some semblance of fairness to the other side where at least factual research and responsible reporting. If that’s not ok then we are witnessing how Facism starts. Control the media; control the minds.

  26. Of course, "any reasonable person" would see the video as a parody. But it's the unreasonable person who could react violently. That is also a reality that we all (Dems or Reps alike) must not promote or condone.

  27. Are they publicizing these ridiculous videos with Trump's photoshopped head and making such a deal about this fake media so WHEN the REAL LEFT's VIDEOS from Wieners laptop are leaked the left will try to ease into the photoshopped avenue of excuses? Hhmm… Will they ease into this excuse hoping that we will all fall for their rhetoric ? Is this all paving the way for the left's dirt that may be leaked from REAL negative videos? Epstein? Weiner? Bill and Hillary? Bama? Hhmm . Sounds like desperation. Who paid this group to disrespect the presidential office? Cut their umbilical IP cord!

  28. That is GREAT NEWS!!! I LOVE TREY GOWDY& had been saying that Trumpsl should have offered him the deputy AG gigg or his private counsel for as long as Trey has been out of Congress….He is a Ruthless Genius that would make Pug face (Shiff) his B¡t©h…

  29. Coup, treason, overthrow. 🙄🙄🙄 It's an impeachment. It's legal folks, as Republicans very well know. The same rules and laws apply now that did in 1974 and 1998. The Democrats are no more trying to overthrow the government than the Republicans were trying to do in 1998. Shame on those who are pushing these coup and overthrow narratives. Our president is an elected official who has sworn to uphold the law and the Constitution. If he has betrayed the oath his took, he will be impeached. And if the evidence does not hold up, he will be acquitted in the Senate. Impeachment is not treason, a coup or an attempt to overthrow the government. It is a legal, constitutional procedure necessary when a politician has reached a level of lawlessness. Nothing more, nothing less.

  30. I wasn't too sure about him to be fare. He does a lot of big talking but nothing happens .. HC still walking around claiming she's president Comey thinking he will join the impeach team and all the others from the CIA not one thing got done just looked at .
    Not sure about him at all .

  31. While Antifa Blackshirt wannabes, BLM racists and other such groups are allowed to incite and commit violence for the "progressive" Dems and their Fake News MSM propaganda arm.

  32. When someone on the Left does something like this, it's just 1st amendment, but let someone on right do something like this, it's the end of the world, you can't have it both ways"Lefties"

  33. Trey is part of the swamp. He is one of the sneakier ones. The quintessential mock opposition. Watch him carefully.
    For all his blustering and seemingly tough questions directed at the Democrats, he's had absolutely no effect on slowing down the Leftist's agenda. It's been all B.S.

  34. The Pin Head wants to make sure he does not get mired into this mess…..also….why are all the Fox newsmen old and the women young and blond?

  35. Maybe they should remind Antifa and the demonrats that support them that violence has no place in our society instead of nitpicking satirical videos that do no harm.

  36. WTH! Trey Gowdy turned down to be 120% loyal to King Trump!. He lost his opportunity to serve President Trump, Pre Don Jr, Pre, Eric and Pre Ivanka… etc. Gowdy needs to be very careful, Or he will be as lefts hearing the powerful voice "Lock him up". Republican is being cleansed to be 120% unconditionally loyal to King Trump. Or will be kicked off the train and locked up.

  37. Point on DOCTORED VIDEO… Those criminals want this up front and in your face; so they can claim video evidence of their crimes are DOCTORED VIDEOS..WATCH 👁️👁️

  38. Again all talk no action and wait. We the people still have to "struggle" everyday while the resistance democrats their words keeps going. How long do we wait while all their corruption continues? Wake up people- Trump 2020

  39. Without due process there is only Tyranny.
    How fitting the left is pushing for tyranny.
    There true colors are showing.

  40. It needs to be made treason for any government official or worker to lie.
    They have little to no consequences as is.
    Made hanging will make them think twice.

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