40 thoughts on “Tray Deee on the Government Purposely Planting Boxes of Guns in the Hood (Part 5)

  1. Same up here in the Bay Area , my uncles used too say mfs be hitting them trains in Richmond for guns

  2. Vlad im PRETTY SURE you've watched bait car. Why wouldn't the govt purposely set my ppl up? Come on homie. 🤦🏾

  3. Yeah and what about all those YT's dressed up in black face murdering all those innocent people in Chicago? Cracka ass Crackas

  4. So you really expect me to believe your "enemies" GAVE y'all free guns for nothing? Smh. Y'all believe anything.
    Next thing you gonna tell me the bloods and crips get together every Sunday for dinner with jesus himself.

  5. Receipts? All these folks lore, nigga tells…. Are worthless, we as black always blaming others for our own fuck ups; no accountability.

  6. The fact that Vlad (Said Colin instead of Colion) picks up an full auto weapon and immediately thinks “I cOUld dO dAmaGE wiTH DiS” is the real problem. Who thinks like that? Gun owners don’t

  7. As long as I can remember my dad's friends and my cousins friends would talk about how they just found guns like that in there smoking spots sometimes and I always called bulshit like nah man no fuckin way you find some shit just laying out. That is unsettling.

  8. We already know they did this shit. Guess what, stop promoting gangbanging,set claiminh and denounce your gangs. Now we know they did that try not shooting each other over some bitches dirty pussy.

  9. I know in Richmond California them ni66az hit them trains and had heat like a muthafucka! I believe it was no mistake that they were where they were when they were.

  10. They want gang war n race war so they can justify gun confiscation and martial law and open up the hundreds of concentration camps here n America

  11. Same thing occurred (exactly) in Richmond CA. So I know this is factual. Guns at the train tracks. Let’s be honest… the U.S. Govt. wants the ghettos to be drug infested killing grounds so the black and brown communities and families become portals to fill their corporate profit prison systems with black and brown men.

  12. And the black gangs that suddenly had a huge influx of cash were the ones bringin in large amounts for firearms.. it's because they could afford to buy lots of them from their high up connects.. by robbing gun stores etc… Don't believe the "RUMOURS" that the "government" was dripping off huge crates of automatic weapons in the hood so speople can kill each other .it's one of the dumbest conspiracy theories I've heard..

  13. Gun control doesn’t matter. U Take the guns away from law abiding citizens & then what? People act like guns are going to go away if they make stricter gun laws. It’s laughable. I don’t know the stats but I’m sure illegal guns probably out sell legal guns. The chicken are out of the cage. It’s the Wild West out here

  14. The government has really put a dent in the Native American population, killing off blacks, and deporting Mexicans, but there is to many of us so good luck!

  15. facts I also believe the government (CIA) are planting guns in the hood look at Chicago its so easy to get a gun

  16. I've heard about this gun crate shit before too. A Narfer (North Richmond) told me the exact same thing that BG just said. North Richmond is known as the "Iron Triangle". You can't enter without passing them train tracks. I freaked when I heard him say that about those guns…

  17. How silly! So the "government" leaves these guns and black people Have to kill each other with them.
    The blame game never stops!!!!!!!

  18. Why would the gov't provide expensive free guns to people? Why would they provide free guns that could then be used against the local police officers? The police would want gangs to have less fire power not more for them to deal with.

  19. The homies dad used to tell us stories about trains breaking down in areas like Watts and Inglewood with crates of guns. That's how poor kids who couldn't even afford beer came up on straps. I wonder if that's' why George Bush lived in Compton for 6months? To scope out neighborhoods.

  20. Vlad is a zionist shill. Black people need to stop empowering this sellout by doing interviews on his show. If I ever see Vlad, I'm challenging him to a smoke fest right on the spot for being a sellout. He's not even black! He's Jewish! His loyalty is to the Jewish people; not to the black community. Vlad is the police, and the fraternal order of police are loyal to the star of Israel. That's why the police emblem is the Israeli star. Let that be known.

  21. well how in the fuck could the keep the police department employed if there weren't any guns on the streets ?? Niggaz grab the mic and said they'll shoot it up so the government said ill help you shoot some shit up ..aint nobody told them to get those guns and aim them at one another they made that decision so at the end of the day you still cant blame nobody but yourself

  22. you cannot have AUTOMATIC weapons in CA.
    The State of CA has banned all automatic weapons since waaay back.

  23. I remember those days throwing rocks on the train tracks growing up in Brooklyn. That took me back when he said that. Those were the innocent years before things switched.

  24. Fucking enforce the laws that we already got, we dont need no nee laws. Maybe after theres a shooting at a place other than a "no gun area" we can talk about new laws. Fuck that shit, until theres mass shootings around armed crowds, I'll stick to this mantra-"an armed society, is a polite society."

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