Trapping - Making Pogo Anchors

Trapping – Making Pogo Anchors

all right so we're gonna build a pogo anchor today I did a video a couple years ago I'll build them but I guess the audio shot on the video somehow remake the video here so for those of you who are new to my channel this is the type of anchoring system that I use on on basically all my traps it's really cheap really effective you know this is the Pogo right here I use two inch fender washers I have actually pulled out my four-wheeler by cross taking two of these and hook it up to him they will hold anything the pogos that I make are the cable itself is 18 inches long this works fine you know I trap everything from clay cornfields down to you know real loose sand in the creek bottoms you know I said I use it on everything it's a consistency thing so 18 inches works well for me the tools that we're gonna need are our real basic I've got a pair of bolt cutters here to cut my nails a way to cut my cable either a j-hook tool or a pair fencing pliers works well for closing your J hooks I have a Bob custards trap bender here this is what I used to make my J hooks and my a sucks you know you can either to come up with your own pattern or use this there it's both a good way and then I have a swaging tool here if you don't have a swaging tool you can just as easily you know smash them on an anvil or anything as far as your your Farrell's either way you gotta have something to crimp them now whenever it comes to the nails I use 20 D nails but for those of you that are getting into it you can see the difference here I've got the two nails this is a 20d bright common nail this is a 20 80 coated nail you can see the difference in them these coated nails are a lot thinner they Bend a lot easier so if you're going to buy nails I've sent the box out by the bright common nails don't buy the coated nails you won't be won't be very satisfied with them the coated nails they you just they're just a coated a coated sinker I like the four inch nails you know that you got a lot of lot of room to work with so anyway we're gonna get set up here and we're going to get started making making a Pogo anchor I'll go real slow and and I'll show you how it's done as far as cutting my cable I've tried many different methods as far as cutting you know cable cutters what I have you I make hundreds and hundreds of these a year so I mean I go through quite a mess of them and and make them if you can see on my little league table all I've done is puddle up a big bunch of weld bead I've cut a groove that the cable lays in here and I've cut another groove the most efficient way I found is take a big cold chisel lay your cable in there and hit it once whether with a hammer it's with hammers for it goes real quick I'll show you the video but you know to each his own we'll get set up here and we'll make a pogo so the first thing we need to do is we need to cut our cable boy like I said my cables are 18 inches and by the time you lose you know you loop in your feral I cut all my cable 21 inches so you I've just got a mark there well just uh you know lay the cable in there cut it you can see how that chisel works nice and clean end we're gonna go ahead we'll put it through the ferrule I'm using three thirty-seconds cable so you have to use the you know the according Ferro we'll just stick it in the swinging tool here I double career all my Farrell's it's just way I do it it might not be necessary but it never had a problem with it so I'll stick with it so we'll get our cable that's ready to go see – nice loop bands on it all right next we'll need to make our J hook for our washer this is like I said Bob custards track bender all it does is take these nails and make J hooks I'm using two inch washers you can use inch and a half inch and a quarter or whatever but you still need to make your J hook so we're going to put it in the bender here we're gonna bend up a j-hook one little twig trick if you're doing this stop your J hook about right there slide your washer on slides on real easy and then you can you can finish your J hook up simple pair of bolt cutters and on these nails I find it closes real easy see where those uh those crimps start on the nail just cut straight across all right and then by the time you close that J hook it'll make a nice circle all we've got left to do but J hook through the cable are fitting pliers or nines or anything just close and there you have it there is a 18 inch Pogo they're easy to make they're very inexpensive and they'll hold anything so go ahead give them a try I hope this helps

24 thoughts on “Trapping – Making Pogo Anchors

  1. thanks for vid. been trapping a couple years love your Vid. have leaned a lot on fur prep. I'm in Ohio with a numb knee right now . keep up the great trapping

  2. Your videos are great . i would like to know how you would make a gadget to pull them out dont need to be fancy .. I really thank you for iy

  3. That's cool your using a Bob Custer j hook tool. Bob was my shop teaching in High school years ago he had one in our shop that I always used.

  4. I made theses last year but when I put them in the ground the j hook rips out any suggestions. and I love ur videos lern a lot every time I watch them thank u

  5. Hey buddy, as always, love the videos. Still waiting for some follow up to your tanning. You spoke of maybe doing some garment and hat making; really interested in seeing that. I have a roll of 1/16" aircraft cable; I think it's a 7×7 twist, pretty strong, decently supple. Will that size work for pogos  or is 3/32" the smallest you would recommend?Jason

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