100 thoughts on “Translating News Headlines Into Fox News Headlines

  1. Trump lost more money in the 80s and 90s than the vast majority of people make in their entire lives.

  2. Trash segment, stay out of politics, stay away from bashing anyone in segments. Can we just stick to your fluffy singing bits and stop trying to demonize people? Cool hot button topic buddy, get some new writers, you used to be different and now you are just the same as all the other late night hosts.

  3. It’s actually embarrassing that this guy used to be a legit comedian. Now his joke vocabulary is lit. Trump and can’t go an episode without satire. Actually nobody cares, can we leave the media to either slating him or licking his areshole. Meanwhile, you can invent comedy genius like you used too.

  4. I think you made up The DailyMail headlines (all British people will hopefully understand and James Corden will definitely understand)

  5. "If you consider a billion dollars a lot of money"

    I wish there were words to express my contempt for Faux News.

  6. You ever read FoxNews? If you don't, then just mind your business and keep your mouth shut because the most hilarious thing here is how stupid Corden is being.

  7. I think there is a video of a guy that brings his camel to the pet store on a regular basis. He has an animal rescue or petting zoo I think.

  8. 🤣🤣🤣😀 Spot on! This is exactly what fox news does everyday! Especially when it comes to Trump! As long as he keeps their ratings going, they will say anything to try and make him look like a human being with integrity! Even though he has none.

  9. or you can just go with the catch-all, fox blames liberals, minorities, environmentalists, and immigrants FOR EVERYTHING… and we don't bother with facts.

  10. hey they have to make a living somehow…..they have a fan base that just eats it al up so….the show must go on!

  11. Fear is the root of bullying, misogyny, homophobia, racism, bigotry and greed.

    #DeportMeToo #BanMeToo #SomosUno

    Bigots may find some of their family and friends don't speak to them anymore, but at least they'll still have Fox & Friends…

    Fox/Faux/Fear News and GOP fear-mongering are largely to blame.

  12. dumb people….Trump didn't lose million every year for ten years, the IRS allows corporations to take a large loss over several years instead of all in the same year.
    BTW fake media called this news?? It was over 30 years ago and trump wrote a book all about witch actually was news 3 decades ago.

  13. yikes… tell the dude with the windswept bush broom in a fit to use some hair gel to calm it down.. fuckin scary

  14. I love how she touches her nose while saying that on purpose to clue people in that what she is saying is a lie !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I think some people take too lightly the number 1 billion. That is a thousand million guys. You could give away a million dollars to 999 families and still be a millionaire.

  16. If I understand things right USA, Fox News has a lot of viewers. Fox News doesn't even try to pretend it's actual news any more. Anybody who cannot see that it is just right-wing/Republican propaganda must be very gullible or feeble-minded. There will always be gullible and feeble-minded people among us – otherwise advertising, religion and politicians would fail totally. But that means that all the rest of the people who turn to what is clearly a propaganda channel must be just plain stupid. Harsh, but it has to be said. Very many, too many, Americans are just plain stupid.

  17. i play this game too except what crime is trump attempting to coverup or distract from today.
    whatever hes blaming democrats of doing is what is on his mind because he is doing it or trying or tried and failed to do it.
    i like how the judge lady is always dressed like shes broadcasting from the hunger games capital

  18. Faux bullshitters:
    "Impressive what you have done in your life"


    – Six times bankrupt
    – > One Billion in loss over ten year period
    – Several ex wifes that hate you
    – Immigrant as a wife because no U.S. citizen would date you
    – Thousands of lies each month
    – Dozens of investigations into criminal conduct
    – Spending more time eating "hamberders" and going golfing than running the office of POTUS
    – Love child of hate groups and other bigots
    Tax fraud
    – Grasp of the english language below a third grader
    Can`t read, write or speak properly
    – No education/certificates/diplomas that haven't been paid for
    – Skin colour outside of human spectrum
    IQ below that of a trash can

  19. To trump supporters, the worst part of being stupid, not having enough intelligence to know your stupid.

  20. yeah it's beyond what most of us will ever do. most of us won't get a shit ton of money they don't deserve only to lose it.

  21. You’d think that the people at Fox News would realise that people are laughing at them, but instead the Fox News people actually believe it’s a serious news channel!

  22. Meh.. "if you consider 1 billion dollars a lot of money" was still the funniest and most outrageous line.

    I seriously don't envy the writing staff on comedy shows in times like these. How do you parody or satirize a political reality that already is a parody of itself?

  23. * * * "Oh Canada,"
    The USA will trade you a T. for a T. Please, Please, Please ? On second thought I have many friends in wonderful Canada and sending 🐷 Trump 🐼 there in exile would be dreadfully cruel as Donald is the "ANTI-CHRIST"
    PS: Also Trudeau is handsome and possibly dishonest, while Trump is definitely a dreadful, lying, bigoted, racist, psychopathic, BUTTE UGLY CRIMINAL MAGGOT.
    OI vey !
    Impeach Trump at: Change. org
    * We MUST do this for our children.

  24. Do more and more of “OUTFOXED”!!! So frighteningly true… Put Trump and ALL Friends out of “Our Misery”!!!

  25. To be fair it is incredible and impressive that someone can have so much failure in their life in such a relatively small period of time.

  26. Yeah Fox. Trump has failed at a lot of things, including being president. Make America Great Again

  27. Check out the documentary The Brainwashing of My Dad https://youtu.be/S8PIZrCA3tA It explains how Fox and right wing propaganda has brainwashed Americans for decades.

  28. I do hope that another "beloved Fox viewer", who proudly boasts of how killing endangered animals is his mission in life, will soon become lion poop as well. As many payed helpers pursue and then corner exhausted and terrified animals in prepared spots, until they are completely helpless, so Don Jr. can pretend to be brave, shoot the trapped animal (while protected by many guns around him) and then feel like a real man for a minute or two, let us hope some of those beautiful creatures will find their way to freedom and make that "sport" really fair for once.

  29. well… apple lost feew billion dollars in just 1 year so.. no big deal for peope who can afford to loose that much

  30. There are two newspapers in my city. One is a reputable news outlet, and the other is a tabloid. Two reporters get a scoop: "Government statistics show crime rate is down". The good paper says: "Government statistics say crime is down". The tabloid says: "Lazy cops catching fewer criminals".

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