Trackers Are Some Of The Most Hated (And Powerful) People In Politics (HBO)

Trackers Are Some Of The Most Hated (And Powerful) People In Politics (HBO)

[Applause] as our target tonight Dino Rossi he's running for Congress target target is that's that's who we isn't official lingo I am a tracker your tracker I'm a tracker what's what's a tracker a tracker is someone who is paid by a campaign to go to that campaigns opponents public events and record what they say break down the messaging get it back to the campaign what's that conversation like like you come up somebody at a party is like hey what do you do I follow politicians yeah they say something racist that's one big misconception is that we're trying to catch the bad thing that misconception started with something real in 2006 George Allen was running for Senator in Virginia he was up 16 points in the polls but then during a routine stump speech he singled out his tracker everywhere the person he's pointing out is a young Indian American college student who's born in Virginia Allen lost the race and with it his entire political career other candidates learned to avoid having their own macaca moments one of my biggest strategies is to show up about 90 seconds before the events supposed to start that lets me get in get a seat sit down without too much time for anybody to come and and escort me out how are you good it's a public building it's an open meeting you're having a PCO meeting you need to be in a certain area you can stand no no problem good no worries no no that's good and if Dino's not coming I can bounce too is he standing you up again this is twice because of you if you pay a tracker with the expectation that this is an investment in getting my opponent to say something dumb it's you're wasting your money so what is the point of paying the track of this so if you want to follow their message so you want to know what they said in the Rotary Club in a small town versus what they said to a union hall in a big city because a lot of times that's different zach has been trailing Dino Rossi for eight years he's kind of like a spy for the Democratic Party except everyone knows him this is Zach's daily routine get up early watch some Fox News and then hit the road for a political event it's not glamorous and it doesn't pay much either last time I was here you had a different car I did I did I've added three different cars since the last time you were here I buy them just for a couple of hundred bucks on Craigslist hoping that I can squeeze it a few more months or hopefully years out of them you spend about the same amount if you were to like keep diligent maintenance on a car you know with a good payment I keep my drivel a membership I get the premium that gives you like 200 miles and towing and it's not what I want to hear when Zach is headed from Seattle to Pasco to record cathy McMorris Rogers the highest ranking female Republican in Congress Democrats have targeted her ahead of the 2018 midterm elections she might not show up tonight we're driving for hours yeah over the mountains yeah in the snow yeah lady might not be there yeah yeah do you mind dude later Zach is so prolific that it pretty much any Republican events in Washington people recognize him the moment he walks in so we hired a new trainee named Rachel to go in and run the camera for him so this will be a one that I would that they probably won't let me into because I've been tracking them for a long time so we're gonna have you go in okay I'm gonna have you working with the the handycam should probably be further in the back of the room okay if you get asked to leave if someone comes up to you and says hi are you here for a political purpose you know yes I am well you know what it's a private room and we're just gonna go ahead and ask you to leave leave sure enough cathy McMorris Rogers was a no-show she was stuck in DC as Congress struggled again to keep the government open instead she sent a pre-taped video message I join you in celebrating the American farmer tonight and thank you to the Washington Policy Center for your friendship your leadership on so many public policy issues how'd it go inside there it was boring yeah that's it's gonna happen yeah it's got some video of it got good video I got the whole thing about 15 minutes awesome cool it's all we need great you you feel good about this hey we got we got the captured most people who do the work that you do a lot younger they do it for a little bit yeah out of college they get of the game huh why are you still here I love it I mean I love what I do I like the chase when I can put that puzzle together that turns all my lights on you just don't see yourself getting out as long as there's still people who think that they could just walk into a room and lie to whoever's in there when they're saying one thing in one room in another I'm still willing to show up in the room and stick a camera up their nose you

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  1. VICE News rode along with Zach to find out what life as one of the most-hated people in politics is really like.
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  2. Like that guys turret …wonder if he has a nest of fledglings in their ……no …it's a bees nest how green is that …….eco warrior

  3. I can't take that hair seriously, it's epic but, as an interviewer, the hair takes the stage not the interviewee

  4. Thug. No one should be spied on in anyway when speaking to the people. We can see liars without thug help. STOP THE SURVEILLANCE STATE!

  5. They aren’t that smart. They don’t have to use those big cam-corders, they could just buy a pen camera/glasses camera/hat camera/button camera

  6. But, dude, You would far more income working for the Republicans, The Socialist Democratic Party have been lying out of their faces for over two years.
    Pencil Neck Adam Schiff lied to us all, claiming he has seen the evidence that Trump worked with the Russians, and now we find out it as all been a lie for Political Postering.
    The Socialist Democratic Party have long lost my Vote and I'll be voting for TRUMP in 2020,… Drain that Socialist Swamp.

  7. Democrats are shitheaded sumbitches that love to screw people of integrity. Should be hung from a tall tree for all to see.

  8. People are running to earn money that comes from nothing. Money that comes from nothing makes people to think of people who are something to be as if they are nothing. They that love it will not want ask and receive world wide. They as a result will want animal and human abuse and planet abuse too.

  9. Gawd, though I DemExited after Bernie was cheated and did nothing but sheepdog, I lived in NE WA for a dozen years for work as a planner/grant writer. McMorris Rogers is SO worthless, so ignorant re so many things, always standing just to the side and behind the Repub Big Boys at the podium. It sickened me to know she was representing the district where I lived. I hope "trackers" can contribute to bringing her down, bringing Biden down, etc. A pox on the evil pol houses.

  10. There are trackers for Hilary Clinton. It's called CNN, CBS, ABC, and Fox News clips from the 1980s, 90s, to today lol

  11. this a immoral devisive, thing vice is right into, democratic, crap,yeah nice hair too, vice is so bias, it makes me not subscribe anymore.

  12. Wait… Democrats want people to make a “living” wage yet they can’t even pay their own trackers well? 🤔

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