Town Hall 13 AND BEYOND ANNOUNCED! Clash of Clans UPDATE - Developer Update Video!

Town Hall 13 AND BEYOND ANNOUNCED! Clash of Clans UPDATE – Developer Update Video!

hey clashers I'm community manager Darien and I'm game lead aina we are back with another developer update video it hasn't been that long since last developer holiday but we just couldn't help ourselves we had some really cool stuff for you before we get into that we have one really big surprise for you guys we're back so let's try this again I'm community manager Darien and we are here we're their brand new game design lane what is going on fellow fans of clash of clans it is your game lead gala Don here with another developer update video and we are here to talk about some real change going into clash of clans stuff that you've been asking her for a long time as the game lead it is time to make sure that things come out more quickly and more significantly starting with the renaming of the Giga Tesla based on your feedback and your request we are now renaming the Giga Tesla as the gamma test and that's not all we've got some significant changes coming to the heroes we know your tighter of those old models are out of date out of fashion we're gonna make them even cooler how are you doing it going on all getting brand new faces on the king the Queen and of course the grand warden and we're just getting warmed up Town Hall content not fast enough as the game lead here for clash of clans more town halls coming out criterion we're gonna be doing five new Town Hall level that's right tunnel 13 14 15 16 and Town Hall Peter $70 how is that for new updates I think that's all we got for this developer update any final words do I have any final words how about your final words during the future of clash of clans is in you technically it's in my hands but now is the time subscribe to the channel and maybe we'll both be back tomorrow for more full attacks security sold blood hey well I'm glad that we have a community manager that's actually gonna get things done around here

44 thoughts on “Town Hall 13 AND BEYOND ANNOUNCED! Clash of Clans UPDATE – Developer Update Video!

  1. 5 more town halls? Seems a bit much… maybe they should make upgrades cheaper and less time consuming so we can upgrade faster

  2. darian uncle is waiting for the news th13 soon. And bring th13 and further townhall before the year 2019 expires .. Keep the update of th soon. This game has gone ahead. So you have to stir up some updates. Then darian uncle will take care of the game's feature ahead. These games should go out at No 1. So by bringing enthusiasm to you all supersell….

  3. We are know about th 13 is coming and it's coming 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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