Hi everyone welcome back to my channel! It’s me again, Sanly! and in this video I’m going to talk about hair transplant because there are still many confusions and misunderstanding about hair transplant and this video will end with my overall surgery cost since all of you always ask me for the total cost in the comments, so I will let you know in this video! Before diving into hair transplant, I will answer some questions about how to get surgery in Korea Right from the start, including how to get there from Jakarta So the only thing I did was contacting Beautique Korea and they took care of every single detail Things like hotel, doctor, clinic, and they will also accompany you during your visit to Korea so they can translate from Korea to English, and Korea to Indonesia Now, before we start, if you haven’t watched the first and second part of my plastic surgery journey I recommend you watch those first, the link will be put in the description box So, let’s now get into the QnA about hair transplant! There are so many of you who may not understand what Hair Transplant is since I still get so many questions, one of which is “why isn’t your hair long after Hair Transplant?” and also “why it took so long for me to update this third part?” The third question is “if hair transplant means taking hair from the back of your head, that means your head is bald?” I would like to explain all those miscommunications 🙂 First, hair transplant doesn’t mean moving your full length hair from the back to the front it actually moves the hair root, which will in turn supports the hair growth at the front of your head that is why the hair does not become longer instantly, it needs time to grow from the roots the growth will progress naturally from bald to full-length hair Now, why can’t you move your full length hair directly to the front? well, I would love to do that if possible, but if you do that, your hair will fall off anyway and the new hair will grow in the transplanted area That’s why if you see in the second part video, you can see hair of this length in this area that was my old hair which eventually fell of within 1-2 weeks so that area will be bald, then the new hair will grow. This new hair will then stay permanently I will show you my hair growth progress since I did the surgery, which has been 9 months Now you can see the section where my hair is shorter, this is the transplanted hair that is still growing These are all hair transplants the hair will be thicker, unlike the normal baby hair here as it is taken from the back of your head and it is a natural growth, so it is still this short even after 9 months Now you see that Hair Transplant is not like an extension or instant longer hair the transplanted hair will naturally grow according to your usual hair growth as you can see, my hair only grew this long in the past 9 months… you can do the maths for how many year it will take for the transplanted hair to be as long as my other hair This is also why I am updating the third part only now, so that at least you can already see the progress since the first 2-3 months, the hair was still so short The last question: “so the back of my head is now bald?” and the answer is no 🙂 I will try to explain and hopefully you guys can understand here is how it works: imagine this to be my scalp, so the doctor will take this section out for the transplant and the gap will then be stitched together, leaving no bald section but there is a stitching scar around this length but it is completely invisible as it is covered by hair even when I asked my friend to look for the scar, it is quite hard to be found because like I said, it is all covered by my hair, so the scar is not a problem for me unless may be you want to go fully bald then the scar will be visible but if you want to go bald then why bother doing hair transplant :’) For the fifth point, I want to talk about the pain level, how painful it is to do hair transplant as this is one of the most frequently asked questions every time I get a surgery done Even though I’ve mentioned in my surgery video last year that it was not painful, only swelling occurred but every time I meet my followers, they will ask whether it was really not painful is it that hard to believe? :’) I am telling you now, my past surgeries are really not painful If let’s say I wanted to lie, I wouldn’t lie only about the pain level. I would not make this video at all and not tell anyone that I get surgeries done, if I wanted to lie… hahaha, so my nose job, eyelid surgery, etc were really not painful I lost count on how many times I told people that those surgeries were not painful, like only 2 out of 10 painful but for hair transplant, it was indeed quite painful like 7-8 out of 10 kind of pain this is because the wound post surgery is at the back of my head, and so it will hurt when I sleep it’s like putting pressure on the wound when you sleep while the wound of nose and eyelid surgeries will not be in contact with anything when you sleep, so it’s all good taking off the stitches also hurt, just like the nose and eyelid surgery. Taking off the stitches is the most painful process as compared to other steps, I would say As I said before, it has been nine months and my hair has grown this long if you want to follow my further update, I recommend you follow my instagram because I update my instagram more often than youtube so you can really see how my transplanted hair grow So those are the frequently asked questions about hair transplant, I hope you get the idea of now if you want to know more, you can google it I did my research prior to doing hair transplant too, and I got all my answers from google Now is time for the most awaited revelation, which is the total cost for my surgery So these are the surgeries that I got this time Alar reduction is to make our nose wings smaller now I have to tell you that the total cost for me will not be the same for everyone else so you might want to take it as an estimation, not the fixed price the price will depend on the patient and difficulty level but at least you can estimate how much you should bring to Korea to get hair transplant or rhinoplasty done so the price for rhinoplasty and alar reduction is 7.760.000 But… it is in Korean Won, not Indonesian Rupiah (hehe) It is around 92.500.000 IDR, which is about USD6,590 For hair transplant it is 8.800.000 KRW or 105.000.000 IDR, which is about USD 7,480 so the total for all surgeries is around 200 million IDR Again, each patient differs, it can be more expensive or cheaper so just consult the clinic directly I will put the contact of Beautique Korea below so you can ask them first Beautique Korea is super helpful and they will answer all your questions The price I mentioned has not included the flight ticket, hotel, food, etc. But if you go there with Beautique Korea, you don’t need to worry about transport fee while in Korea They will cover the transport to the airport, clinic, etc It will save so much money so I highly recommend them There will be the next part for this video, but it will be about Korean skincare treatment there so if you are not into surgeries, but you are into treatments like PRP, filler, botox, and acne treatment then you really have to watch my next video I was out of words because the technology in Korea is so advanced as compared to Indonesia I tried the skincare treatment there and my face instantly became so soft I will go to Korea again soon, and I will do skin treatment again because it is that good No wonder Korean idols’ faces are so smooth, because their technology is so advanced so please wait for my next video 🙂 Thank you so much for watching this video, I am sorry it took so long to update I had to wait for my transplanted hair to be at least this long otherwise it will be hard to show you guys Hope you enjoy this vidoe, don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment 🙂 Bye and see you in the next video 🙂


  1. Kak kalo mau translate tourget nya tuh yang bisa ngejelasin bahasa korea ke indonesia dan sebaliknya ada kak? Terus minta kesiapa kak?

  2. 😭😭 aku baru tau kalo tipe rambutnya beda, ada yang baby hair ada yang tebel.
    Pengen, tapi ngiluuu…
    Bibir Sanly lucuuu banget 😍😍🤗🤗

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