Tory leadership debate highlights as Johnson makes first appearance

Tory leadership debate highlights as Johnson makes first appearance

Five men, one job, an
hour of your questions from across the UK. How they answer tonight
will help decide who becomes our next prime minister. We must come out on
the 31 October because otherwise I'm afraid we
face a catastrophic loss of confidence in politics. – We are in a room with
the door and the door is called Parliament and
I am the only person here trying to find the key
to the door. Everybody else is staring
at the walls shouting believe in Britain. – But we've run into that
door three times already, Rory. – What will happen if
we have a no deal? – Carmela, thank you
very much indeed. – My answer … my answer
– You had that chance to reassure her. – Boris, if we got to 31 October
and we were so close to getting that deal over the line,
would you at that point say Michael, we're almost there.
– I don't hear a guarantee. – 31 October is eminently feasible.
No, Sajid's absolutely right. – Let me answer Carmela's
question because your husband's in the property business so
he will know that the only way you get deals … – Mr Johnson, do you accept
that words have consequences. You are frequently careless
with your language. – Do you worry that you may
do more harm than good. I'm going to raise the issue of
Nazanin Zakaria Ratliff. – Well actually in that case it didn't
I think make any difference. – You all good guys? Shall we have an external
investigation in the Conservative party into Islamophobia?
They all agree. Rory, you agree?
Excellent. They agree. – Can you promise that the
environment will be your top priority if elected? – Absolutely want to put climate
and the environment the heart of everything we do. – I praised those people even
though I think folks should be in school. I praised those people went
to the Climate Strike. Erin, who's impressed
you the most? Well to be honest, none of
you have really impressed me in the way that I'm looking for. Climate change isn't an issue of
tomorrow. It's an issue of today and …

37 thoughts on “Tory leadership debate highlights as Johnson makes first appearance

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  2. So we are finding out that conservatives won't vote for hunt because his wife is forgien n … Will she be helpful for influencing Japanese trade? He now announces he wants to privatise social care after piloting it in Micheal gove Surrey constituency? What about the people who will never earn enough in their lifetimes? He refuses to reduce immergration, restore incomes for the severely disabled and blind, refuses to remove meanstesting to get the poor out of poverty, negotiate a new political settlement to a five party state and elected House of Lords this far right polition is trump on steroids without experience… Failure awaits and conservatives will split…

  3. Wigs picking wigs!!! This is not a display of democracy its an abandonment of it!! The people have the right to vote for there prime ministers. Why have the people been denied there right!!! One person one vote!! No taxation without representation!!!!

  4. And why was this debate televised anyway? The Labour party leadership contest wasn't televised. Nor were any others.

  5. Let's all sit and listen to the wise teeny bopper that knows everything, that works and pays the exorbitant unhinged level of taxes in the name of "climate change". Let's listen to the child that pays the energy bills and groceries and tax in the house..what a great idea!.. why don't we get more children online dictating the terms regardless of the money it's hitting every families' pocket?! The child can't even make up it's own bed yet, but she's allowed to preach to us how to engage climate change, smfh!

  6. They…Can't…Even…Say…Anything…Without… A….Pause…And….These…People…Are….Leading..Our…Future…

  7. Got to be the worst way to organize a debate. Everyone is criticizing the candidates but it’s impossible to be impressive with this format if everyone butting in only left wing questions from selected trolls

  8. You have to pay £150 a year for the privilege of watching the leadership debate for prime minister of Britain.

  9. "Do words have consequences?"… funny that question came from someone whose Twitter profile was filled with anti-semitic tweets 🤣

  10. Boris Johnson is the best Candidate! British industrialized Hong Kong, but Greedy China didnt pay royalties, Brexit takes Hong Kong back, UN moves Palestine to Hong Kong and Cantonese to mainland China. UN punishes China for creating Global Warming and stealing jobs from the whole World with its 1.4 B Population. Oh , how can I forget , Trump doesnt like when Chinese computer hackers steal blueprints.

  11. Poor journalism. This doesn't tell me anything about what was said. All we really hear is the TV anchorperson and some random "members of the public" more than the MPs. And why was this debate televised anyway? The Labour party leadership contest wasn't televised. Nor were any others.

  12. Eight seconds in and they all look like Thunderbirds.  And hisname in the middle looks like Joe 90.  "Dannng,  DowDow…."

  13. This debate was SO badly executed. Maitlis seemed completely petrified of taking control and telling people to shut up.

  14. Just get the clown in so we can kick him out at the snap election, the Conservative party is not fit for purpose and hasn’t been for three years now the public get they don’t.

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