Tory Lanes | Before They Were Famous | UPDATED Biography

Tory Lanes | Before They Were Famous | UPDATED Biography

Before Tory Lanez would become one of the
most successful artists to come out of Canada Before he would have tracks with Meek (Mill),
Lil Wayne, Rich The Kidd, Casanova, Chris Brown, T-Pain, Trippie Redd, Bryson Tiller,
Gunna, Bhad Babie, 69 and many more. Before Tory would have more than 750k likes
on Facebook, close to 2 million followers on Twitter, over 2 million subscribers on
YouTube and 4 million followers on Instagram at the time of this recording
And Before Tory would give himself the title of best rapper alive challenging basically
every rapper in the world to come at him, and actually getting into lyrical warfare
with the likes of Joyner Lucas and Don Q In an old interview, Tory said:
I never want to put that in my head, like I’m this famous guy.  I’m just like everybody
else, and there’s nothing that separates me except that I do something that might be
different from your hobby or your passion. But I’ve learned so much about calculation,
management and making moves at the right time. I’m patient. And this past year, we’ve definitely seen
just how calculated Tory Lanez really is. If you’ve been online in the last year at
all, then you’ve seen Tory Lanez trash talking somebody. But the dude has backed up pretty
much all of the talk he’s done. Tory is the same guy who has said in interviews for
the past 8 years that one day he wants to be the biggest artist in the world. And in
order to make that happen you need a lot of self-belief, an insane amount of talent and
you have to be able to beat the best. So Tory has decided to treat the rap game like Mario,
and is trying to level up with each battle in hopes of one day reaching the bosses like
J. Cole and Pusha T. And honestly, at this point I’m starting to believe. And whatever
you want to say about Tory, he had an absolutely massive 2018, and.. forget soulja boy for
a second, Tory’s hairline definitely did have the biggest comeback of 2018. So, Hey Jeremy… Uh, I know you filmed this
video a few months ago and were really excited about who Tory would battle next, but a couple
months after you filmed this video… Tory tweeted saying that he was done with all of
the negativity and that he wasn’t really in his best head space. So just letting you
know. Also, cool beanie bro.. Was it cold in there while you were filming? In the spring
in LA? Yeah… That’s what I thought. But I bet you were having one hecht of a day while
filming right? Alright, I’m gonna go attend to future business. I’ll see you guys later. But before all of the rap battles and before
all of the success, Tory was the son of a preacher who lost his mother at 11 years old.
The tragic event left Tory searching for answers and using music as therapy. But his anger
and frustration was taken out in other ways also, getting suspended from school over 100
times and eventually ending up homeless in the cold streets of downtown Toronto. He would
work minimum wage jobs and hustle to try to provide for himself before eventually, working
on music full time and catching the attention of some of the biggest names in the industry.
But his journey was long, and since so much has happened in the 2 years since we did our
last video on a young Tory, he definitely needed an update.
What’s going on good people in the comments? Shout out to the people watching at home,
at school on their lunch break, at work while they should be doing other things, and anybody
else out there. My name is Jeremy Hecht, documenting the life of fellow Canadian, Tory Lanez prior
to fame, here for you on Before They Were Famous. And although I am a new host for this
channel, I am not actually Michael biological son regardless of what the comments will tell
you. That’s just my non-biological brother. We’ve done other bios on The Weeknd and
Michael just did an incredible 20-minute-long video on Drake that goes through his entire
journey to the top of the game from 0 to 100. You have to check that out after you finish
watching this video! And let us know in the comments down below who you want us to document
next. But enough talking, let’s get into it! Daystar Peterson was born on July 27, 1992,
in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. His mother [loo-EL-ah] Luella immigrated from [CURE-a-sow] Curacao,
and his father Sonstar came from thee Barbados. Tory’s dad was a preacher but before spreading
the good message of the lord, he was actually a part of a traveling breakdancing crew. They
even performed at the Juno awards, which is basically the Canadian Grammys. In a 2011
interview with the standfordartsreview, Tory said:
My name, Daystarr, comes from when my mom was in the hospital, she was pregnant with
me, and my dad was praying and put his hand on her stomach and said, ‘May God grant
my son longevity and long life till the day dawns and the day star rises,’ and he said
God stopped him in his prayer and said, ‘That’s his name, that’s your child’s name.’ He says the name means “a revolutionary
light of progression for my generation.” Damn, that’s high expectations for a baby.
My last name is apparently just a type of fish. Daystar’s family moved when he was still
young. He grew up in Montreal and was the youngest of four brothers and two sisters.
When he was only 7, his family flew to the States and created a new life in sunny Miami
Florida where Daystar began rapping around the house at the age of 9. But, we have John
Madden to thank for Tory’s rap success. He started rapping for real because of a game
of madden. Daystar was losing to an older cousin in a heated game and since he was too
small to fight his cousin, after the game, he started writing diss rhymes in his garage
to take out his anger. Both his father and mother were missionary
preachers so they would listen to gospel music in the household. But their job also meant
that they have to travel all over the country for work to heal people. When Daystar was
just 11, he was travelling along with his parents.
One day his mother, who was anemic, wasn’t feeling well and went to the hospital before
Daystar went to school. By the time he came home from school that day, his mom tragically
passed away. He says the passing of his mother influenced him to create music more seriously
and to properly put down some of his thoughts. Confused and angry by the sudden loss of his
mother, Daystar became a troublemaker with no respect for authority.
A year later his father remarried and moved to Atlanta Georgia where Daystar was still
getting into trouble. It was in Atlanta that he met his friend Hakeem, who was working
as a janitor at the time, and would give nicknames to all of the kids in their ATL neighborhood.
Hakeem gave Tory the nickname ‘Lanez’ since he was always running, skateboarding
or rollerskating across the street, with no regard for oncoming cars or, traffic lanes.
His behavior kept getting him expelled from school and Tory claims he has been suspended
over 130 times in his school career. His teacher Mrs. Thomas even told Tory that he would never
make it, and that another girl in their class would eventually be writing his checks. But even though his behavior at school wasn’t
top notch, music was always a consistent way for him to take out some of his anger. He
started writing punchlines down in a notebook and one day he battled someone at the movies.
He recalls the battle as a slaughter. Doesn’t sound too different from how he describes
his current battles on IG live… But eventually his dad had enough, and Because
of how much trouble Tory was getting into, he was sent to live with family in Queens,
New York. His NYC stint didn’t last very long and shortly afterwards, he moved back
to Toronto to live with his grandmother. In high school, Daystar kept up his rapping
and called himself Notorious, in reference to one of his favorite rappers, Biggie. One of the top comments on our last before
they were famous video on Tory said that in Florida Tory was a really popular guy and
even performed “I Know I Can” by Nas at their 5th grade talent show. But when Tory moved back to Canada, no one
liked him at school very much. He came off as a cocky rapper who lived in America and
who didn’t care about the people around him. He later said in an interview that today,
he only makes music with people who he would have hung out with in high school.
He was continuing to get into trouble and became a little too much trouble for his grandmother
to take care of. She kicked him out of the house in the 10th grade and he dropped out
of school. When Tory was 14, he became homeless, and
for a while, he was sleeping on park benches. And I hope it wasn’t in the Winter, because
if you have been to Toronto in January, it’s coooold. I’m talking like, scraping ice
off of your windshields every morning cold. Tory moved to downtown Toronto and had to
learn how to fend for himself, and quickly. He was living with a few other guys he didn’t
really know and was constantly fighting them. He was only 14 but the dudes were 18, 21 and
24, so the fights were a little uneven. But he said that having to fend for himself is
what turned him into a man. He had to buy his own groceries and pay for his own stuff,
so to fund that, he started hustling and selling drugs in the streets. This is documented on
his debut album “I Told You” through all of the skits. He was getting into trouble
with the law, at one point facing four court cases, all in the same week.
He recalled a story in a 2013 interview where he was so fed up with the court cases and
thought he was about to get locked up, so after walking out of court, he went straight
to the mall and robbed a gold piece of jewelry, in the middle of the mall. Him and his friend
even robbed two other kids that same day after school.
But he told HipHopDX that he realized shortly afterwards, that wasn’t the life for him.
“This is not good. This isn’t what I want to do. This doesn’t make me happy.” Yeah,
I got change and I got money from people’s pockets, but this isn’t what I want to do. To escape from all of the hardships going
on around him, he’d freestyle battle constantly and started performing songs at local outdoor
concerts. He started recording himself and would sleep in his friend’s studio, selling
his mixtapes in the local malls to try and gain a buzz. The
security guards at the malls started to recognize him because of how many times he would get
kicked out of those malls for selling his CD. Tory says that he EVEN sold model Winnie
Harlow his first mixtape. He was also mislabeled, whether it was intentional
or not, as Drake’s little brother at one point. There is even an old video of Tory
betting 10k that Drake would like his music: In terms of jobs, Tory worked at a lot of
different places. He flipped burgers at McDonalds and Burger King, he worked as a telemarketer,
and: Tory was working at Denny’s but when he
was 16, he got fired from the restaurant after sleeping on the job. And that was the last
job he ever had. At that moment he really decided that there was nothing else he was
going to do with his life instead of music. Then when he was 17, Tory learned how to sing,
without any training, and experimented with different music styles. He would practice
by singing “Each Day Gets Better” By John Legend while riding on the city bus.
He released his first mixtape in 2009 called T.L 2 T.O and started posting self-directed
music videos and freestyles onto his YouTube channel.
He came up with th e term Swavey to describe his sound, which doesn’t box in his music
into one particular genre. He says that Swavey describes his music, which can sound like
straight bars one day and a Jamaican rhythm the next.
But it was in February of 2010 that Tory would get his first big break. The Take You There
and Beautiful Girls singer Sean Kingston was on YouTube one day looking for a video from
Akon when he stumbled on Tory’s freestyle over Lloyd Bank’s “Beemer Benz or Bentley”…
and he was impressed. Sean asked Tory to meet with him on the Toronto stop of his tour with
Justin Bieber, and even got him to perform live.
And apparently Justin Bieber is even the reason that Tory got verified on Twitter?
He signed with Kingston’s label Time Is Money when he was turning 18 years old. At
the time, he would post his music to HotNewHipHop and release videos through WorldStar to help
gain some buzz. He released several more mix tapes including Mr. One Verse Killer and Mr.
Peterson, and after 3 years he went independent. The first time I heard of Tory was his Mr.
Peterson mixtape and was actually blown away, I’m surprised it took him so long to get
to the top of the rap game. While he was signed to Sean he was actually
banned from the states for 6 months though because of visa issues. Trust me, I know all
about visa issues being in the states and coming from Canada. It’s no joke.
In a 2014 interview with he says of the time:
All of my networks were in America. I lost a lot of relationships because I was only
able to be in Canada before I got a visa at the time. I couldn’t do anything, and I
remember after a while, all that stuff started dying out. People didn’t really answer calls. After falling out with his label, he began
to grind on his own. And on the song Loners Blvd Tory documents the story of how he met
his manager Sasha, who later brought him out to a showcase in Texas for a big performance
opportunity. But Tory says he almost got booed off stage and it was his worst show ever.
Even Bun B was in the crowd, and Tory was talking to him before the show.
Sasha gave him some tips on how to structure his set and how to perform, and the next night,
he performed better. Since then, Tory has been one of the best
live performers in the game. He kept dropping mixtapes and like he says
on Loners BLVD “and another mixtape and another mixtape” until people finally caught
on. His manager helped him get a major label deal with Interscope and Tory would finally
get the push that he needed with his first single from his debut album. The song went
platinum and the video ended up getting more than 220 million views on YouTube at the time
of this recording. His three label albums have all been very
successful as well with “I Told You” now being certified Gold, 2015’s “Memories
Never Die” selling 54,000 first week and “Love Me Now” selling the same amount
first week and landing at the number one spot on Billboard’s hip-hop/R&B charts.
Recently, Tory almost died in a plane crash as he was on a Jet heading to HOT 97’s Summer
Jam A couple of years ago, his dad moved to Kenya
and had two children so Tory has a new little brother and sister who get to witness their
older brother’s massive global success. Tory also recently had a child himself and
says: But in terms of beef, Tory is no stranger
to conflict. Him and Travis Scott almost got into a physical altercation backstage.
At one point him and Drake were trading shots on records,
But the two have since become cool, taking some pictures, and Tory is even going out
on the road with Drizzy for the European leg of his Scorpion tour.
But it was 2018 that we really saw a new side of Tory. It was a war ready Tory who wanted
smoke with basically any rapper who was willing to throw shots his way.
After calling out every rapper in the game and being so confident in his skills that
he said he can outrap ANYONE, Joyner Lucus’s name got thrown into the mix and the two went
back and forth on record with Tory ultimately becoming the self-declared winner. Although
it’s still up for debate. Next was New York rapper Don Q who took shots
at Tory on the records “I’m Not Joyner” with Tory responding on “Don Queen.” Don
replied again but just like the Joyner battle, Tory felt no need to reply, or at least not
at the time of this recording. Rapper Dream Doll got thrown into the mix after she caught
a stray bullet on Tory’s Don Q diss and letting loose some of their private information
on a diss track of her own called “On Your Head.”
Other rappers including Mysonne, Merkules, JR Writer and Dax have all come for Tory with
no reply. But Tory must have been somewhat offended by fellow Canadian Dax’s rhymes
or the way he handles things online, because Tory pulled up on him in person
Tory’s real goal is to get to J.Cole though and he said that he is willing to take on
the whole Dreamville crew to get there. Dreamville artist J.I.D. isn’t having it replying on
Twitter, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.
Uh, hey, me again… Um, from the future. Yeah, like I said, Tory says he’s done with
the Negativity… so nothing else really happened here. Love you though
As for the future? Tory is planning on dropping a Spanish album at some point in time but
as for the rest of the story? Well you know the story because this, is before they were
famous. But that’s it for this video. My name is Jeremy Hecht and as always, let us
know who is up next in the comments down below. Hit me up on Insta @jeremy_hecht, subscribe
to this channel, Dream Good, Live Better, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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