Tories prepared to vote down their own PM over no deal Brexit!

Tories prepared to vote down their own PM over no deal Brexit!

hello there there appears to be a dirty dozen of Tory MPs who would support a vote of no-confidence in their own prime minister in order to stop a No Deal brexit defense minister Tobias Elwood told a panorama programme to be aired tonight that there are some Conservative MPs including ministers who could support a vote of no-confidence in their new prime minister if it looked like a No Deal brexit was on the cards when asked if there are enough Tory rebels to stop the new PM mr. Elwood said I believe that absolutely is the case I think a dozen or so members of parliament would be on our side would be voting against supporting a No Deal and that would include ministers as well as backbenchers so before the Tory Party leadership vote is even complete Tobias Elwood is content to try and hem a new prime minister in forcing them to take any terms that the EU deign to offer for the UK and that is more likely than not to be their usual take the withdrawal agreement surrender treaty or not approach what he is doing is taking the No Deal option off the table or trying to before any negotiations have been restarted or even attempted just sheer idiocy or worse how on earth do these Tory MPs think their new PM whoever it is will be able to strike a hard bargain with the EU if they're being perpetually stabbed in the back openly but remember that back in January to bias Elwood published a tweet that appeared to say that article 50 should be extended in order to get a deal in the tweet he said cooked a banana cake yesterday told my son it will be ready in 20 minutes according to the cook book it took 30 it was a big decision honoring the cookbook or taking more time to get the right result my answer to that is the banana bread should have been made and put into the preheated oven far earlier which is what did not happen with proper brexit preparations from even before the vote to leave occurred I also suspect that some Tory MPs haven't quite gotten done yet that many people will blame them individually and as a party at the next ballot as much for the lack of No Deal planning as they do for delaying brexit thus far the best way for these Tories to save their own political skins and their party from oblivion is to get their shoulders squarely behind the No Deal wagon and put their backs into it that would give brexit real momentum even at this late stage but one suspects many of them will do anything but that now in case you haven't heard the brexit party is taking action to challenge the result of the recent Peterborough by-election where its candidate Mike Green came second just behind the winner Labour's Lisa Forbes by just eight hundred and sixty three votes but where suspicions over electoral practices especially regarding postal votes have been raised with the police the brexit party leader Nigel Farage who is no fan of the blanket issuing of postal votes says that his party plans to issue a petition under the 1983 representation of the People Act this allows the result of an election to be challenged over mistakes or corruption talking about this at a press conference Nigel Farage said I know people will say oh but it's sour grapes it isn't actually as far as I'm concerned this is about a lot more than Peterborough it is about a system that is wide open to corruption to intimidation to bribery to abuse on a whole number of levels I have mentioned this a number of times in the past the brexit Party Chairman Richard theis said that not only was there rumor and speculation about irregularities but also that there is evidence emerging and that it's only by having a full petition that we can truly get to the bottom of what may or may not have happened here but also the lessons for the broader system and he also said why were there rumors that morning that the Labour Party had won by 500 votes there are so many questions we need answers and the only mechanism available to us to give us those answers is to lodge a petition under the representation of the People Act 1983 so we will be doing that this week well in my opinion an investigation into the general use of postal votes does need to happen but I'm not sure that doing it via the Peterborough by-election will bear much fruit anyway what do you think please share and comment and thank you for watching please do like and share this video and also subscribe to my channel and when subscribing please do remember to press on the little bell next to the subscribe button that way you're getting alert every single time I put up a new video thank you very much for watching

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  2. Even people who wanted to leave know deep down inside that is not the rite way, but wanted to show the politicians who is the boss…

  3. I don't believe the 31st of October wel leave I've lost count of days weeks months they said and never left so what's different ay nothing nothing will be different cuss the sum remoaners in the torie party and labour and lib dems tossers all there doing is putting the hairs up on our backs we should dragged the lot out and trail them by a horse through London and then around the country till they become nothing but bone shards

  4. How on earth can anyone get brexit when there fellow party members ate on your back and are supporting the eu and remoaners well they keep digging that hole if you just think of it why would labour and tories do everything to collapse there party's well when your working for the eu has a demolitionist this is what you get , the eu hate democracy so the only way is to vanish it off the face of the earth so when we don't get brexit it's all in place to take over the country and then the pound for euros and a dystopian world and change our flag and punish brexiters unless they walk the way they want you to there way or the highway and hotel california to remain forever it's coming slowly but surely I'd rather die than be apart of it even a 64 yrs old woman at tescos said she's glad she's not young today having to live in the mad world

  5. So what is the point of another pm can't do shit with the anti English non English mps in parliament fire the lot wankers and let's have an election fuck the tories eu puppets

  6. then that is fine and the tories will go into melt down so lets have their names these so called patriots they have had 3yrs and still cant get it up, now it counts get boris in if not then brexit will be the next government

  7. Supporting or abstaining on a vote of no confidence results in an AUTOMATIC withdrawal of the whip and deselection.

  8. NAME & SHAME THEM. Make a list of who NOT TO VOTE FOR.
    List every MP & local Councilor on 2 columns.
    So that people make NO MISTAKE who they are voting For.
    Sack Every REMAIN MP in every LEAVE Constituency.
    Standing for Election with DISHONOURABLE INTERESTS, ANTI DEMOCRATIC. & an ENEMY & TRAITOR to the Nation.

  9. If Conservative MPs are aiming to kneecap Boris over ‘no deal’, they really are gluttons for punishment. Would they not do much better to sit down together and dispassionately listen to Mahyar Tousi’s 5 minute explanation as what is the objective meaning of the expression, ‘No deal’ ? They could analyse Mahyar’s brief but brilliant disentangling of the reigning confusion over the term, sentence by sentence, and issue a public statement, explaining in what way, or in what respects, his reasoning is faulty. And yes, EU 101 means.Boris will be taken out at the knees – so bad for the nation! A repentant Remainer? So good for future prosperity and possible social healing. See

  10. Spot on Jeff. Peterborough is a wake up call, I wondered why the remoners desperately want a second referendum, so they can rig the vote!!

  11. The fact is that virtually none of the political class can be trusted to be moral or honest, as they have vested interests, and that is not the public's interest !!! The voting public have only themselves to blame, as they seem incapable of thinking outside the box, and continue to put liblabcon traitors into power, when the chance for NEW and trustworthy politicians is thrown away. UKIP was that choice for CHANGE, but the public blew the opportunity. SAD.

  12. Sounds rather like the fanatical Japanese who tried to stop their Emporer's broadcast, to overthrow their government and refuse to surrender. Japan would have suffered far more, their god-Emporer would have been killed and their country devastated by more atomic bombs and an invasion by superior and very angry and determined forces.
    Voting down the UK government would probably not succeed in stopping a No Deal Brexit, because this is the default option; there isn't really enough time to hold a general election, form a new government, recall parliament and pass legislation that would stop a No Deal. The EU are very unlikely to kick the can further down the road. If they do, but on terms that restrict the UK's full participation in all EU affairs, there is no reason why we should pay the EU more than a token membership contribution.
    Hardly likely to smooth the way to an Agreed Deal Brexit!

  13. This is no surprise to me, the majority of the Tories in our parliament are not conservatives, they are a bunch of back stabbing globalist, open boarder, pro EU shills, please don't ever trust them and never vote for them.


  15. Simple answer No. Some Tory MP's maybe disgruntled, but in the end they wouldn't vote down their own Government, it's all bluster and they wouldn't be that stupid, they know their job is on the line. However if they do, the Tories would be wiped out, leaving the Brexit Party with the most to gain.

  16. Who could trust the judgement of an ex-army officer Tobias Ellwood who was a godfather at a lesbian christening of a baby. I have his letter here.

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