Top Hilarious moments in Australian Politics 2017 | Funniest Aussie Politicians | #auspol

Top Hilarious moments in Australian Politics 2017 | Funniest Aussie Politicians | #auspol

if he files you'll be next you're gone do you go back there he comes up here you go over there it's all gonna happen it's all about to happen you never really worry so you go back I mean is this it really doesn't matter we just see what's happening you're done and dusted I'll make the manager of opposition business point of order on a point of order mr. speaker I refer to page 505 of practice which reads although there was no specific rules set down by standing order the house follows the practice of requiring members speeches to be in English careers suits shag will marry Malcolm Turnbull Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott I want to shoot anyone don't marry anyone what was it one no now I'm boring the gentleman in the middle there is it something I said or instead it's a big week in this fry was it be a fish this weekend or what I was a back show okay please don't give us any details sorry these lights went out okay all right he's had his own energy crisis there's always Red Bull okay any other questions put anyone asking questions here what is happening to mainstream media we plug identity titles and license with this honestly if anyone takes emissions no one on anyone's behalf with the Prime Minister and the live the opposition up in North Queensland there's no journalists for the press conference obviously there's been a lot of speculation today in regards what was happening at Buckingham Palace it's one of the reasons I'm back here tonight and I was happily on my way back to Tamworth till my media closet told me to happily kill my my way to Canberra and now I'm not very happy well we booked the Blue Room but um he ended up bringing in the bell in the car door but so did it de-escalated Labour Party is doing everything in their power to stop helping Labour's are you gonna stand up for your vibrance are you gonna stand up for the people of central Queensland alright and study Deputy Prime Minister who was you say manager of opposition business I don't really have a point of always sorted you take a breath you are constantly interject on your ill-mannered approach is just amazing no wonder they threw you out as well now senator McKim would you please leave I will not lyng on you to ask any questions not henceforth be leaving to the last likely lave mate I'm not going what are you gonna do about you are a tortoise this energy title apply to you now just same from your rolling chair and I'm not going anywhere I've been advised by the clerk that I do not have power to evict anyone or to prevent anyone from asking questions yeah yeah it's always a hard work tackling your own captain a little bit game it's not great the timber up but up we're talking about that dream train that is costing you too many points well the moments short note I'm Tony's a quality player you will know that every time he grabs the ball he kicks it off and my job as coach is to simply physically turn him around 180 degrees and make sure it's keeping the ball in the right direction once he nails that we'll be back in the winner's circle and there's no I in liberal with one eye it's winking exam upon once to know if you are going to grant or pair the terminology of the the greens to votes or they try and fill the vacancy so my question p.m. this morning is are you going to give the Greens a pair because they clearly need it yeah yeah well my okay Karl thank you yeah hello oh you think the motor neurone office this is where this is where I end up you know in post politics I'll be on the keyboards who will be the minister that you serve do you think no I'll probably be in like David Jones doing taking complaints down the street and I said excuse me to the director I said before we go on I said could I have the fluffer and and he looked at me and said you wouldn't what and I said the fluffer he said oh he said this is a family entertainment show so it's not the sex industry what's you're talking about and I said I know what the guy who was coming on to take the fluff off my mic my jacket and he said look just so you understand that it's not what a fluffer is and that it's not what a fluffer does and I left the studio number wise wise it was told afterwards that actually I don't know whether you know a fluffer is somebody who comes on and between shots in an adult entertainment show to make sure that the male star is ready for action for the next step once it's explained to me I was absolutely clear I wasn't asking for a fluffy will the Minister update the house on the importance of protecting the Australian community from dangerous non-citizens the manager of opposition business reflections on the deputy Prime Minister's we made by direct motion not sure they should be a motion on the priority is gonna be in this where you from their shows next question don't come and ask us any question like that but what I could also tell you senator Dean of taillight is that with the announcement is loaded what of order some of the data of order now I know senator Brandis prides himself on his diction by name is dinner thali not dinner Tali so he would like to refer to me by my proper name I'd be most appreciated senator Dean Nepali that's just the way I pronounced English language I'm sorry that's senator wish Wilson Thank You president my question is to Senator brand ass representing the Prime Minister oh sorry with Brandes that's just how I pronounce it mr. president no but they don't care about workers rights of public housing they just want a cafe that says wheatgrass shots with free Wi-Fi that's your constituents you got to think about them and of course Tony Abbot there's more guys walking around your electorate than there isn't the young liberals well that's not true you're moving down today I plan to come out last night car wouldn't start the best to be dead but rather go go tell Bob you know people are entitled to their sexual proclivities yeah I mean let there be a thousand blossoms bloom stop good sir yeah but I ain't spending any time on it because in the meantime every three months a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in North Queensland can I first apologize to the chambers my attire Casa Grande is mixer size they're all laughing at me behind me I'll remember that me and the man of principle that well may I please Matias I'm in my tractor so can you just let me talk we were closely together we both we both know how to master cattle we both know how to build a fence we both know that manual labor is not a Mexican bandit both Donna as the temporary agriculture minister I am your return I'm doing my best don't stop it up I don't know pressure but we're all a little little nervous leading into the announcement the feeling in the rooms afterwards I have to tell you was electric now as a homosexual battle so here's a heterosexual thing that is actually died didn't mean to do that as a headrest why not you would moment you

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  2. I’m baffled how Australia hasn’t gone to shit, everyone’s crazy there! But I love it! You have got to ❤️🇦🇺 From your British comrades 🇬🇧

  3. De Natale is a weak arse moron. How he ever became the leader of the weasel party is beyond me. Oxygen thief.

  4. You missed the best one!
    Julie Bishop at press conference “and if a labour gov was elected in NZ I’d have trouble trusting them”
    Tony Burke in question a time: “if the foreign minister won’t be able to work with the New Zealanders…. how will she work with the deputy prime minster”


    That rant from Barnaby Joyce though. That exact same thing happened to him when he was forced to resign and went to the backbench

  6. POLITICIANS are nothing but PARASITES who think their shit doesn't stink but their farts give them away

  7. Whose that labour bitch next to that little drowned rat Bill Shorten? God can we just blow up parliament already?

  8. I really like Bob Latter he's such a Character and good policies too and cares about Australia's interests. I couldn't care less if he didn't support gay marriage, and when he makes a bit of a fool of himself, like the adds, I just laugh and like him even more.

  9. Thanks for the gift of laughter. Happy Christmas to NBG too.
    Just wanna say, political correctness seems to missing in the halls of parliament… only residing in msm.. et al?

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