Top 20 Best Civs and Leaders in Civilization 6 [Civ 6 Strategy]

Top 20 Best Civs and Leaders in Civilization 6 [Civ 6 Strategy]

I've taken a really hard look at every leader and civilization bonus so far in the game and here's my top 20 best civilizations and leaders upon release for civilization 6 so let's jump right into this with Gilgamesh from Sumeria now don't get me wrong here I think he's gonna function great as an AI but just to play as I don't think he's all that impressive his leader really offers the sharing of pillage rewards and combat experience as well as his special ability offers tribal villages whenever a barbarian outpost is cleared as a player these bonuses really don't offer that much but as an AI I think Gilgamesh is going to be a lot of fun next up Movember of the Congo now I feel like I kind of had to put him at the bottom of this list because he does get a debuff where he cannot find a religion of his own but his special ability will offer the founder belief of any religion that has established itself in a majority of the Congo cities and he will definitely be a unique experience to play with in Civilization 6 at number 18 France now Katherine is going to be a great cultural sieve as well she's going to offer a few bonuses for building wonders but I'm just kind of unsure how viable wonder building will be on higher difficulties as well as I'm not a super huge fan of the gossip system I found it to kind of be all over the place and I don't typically use it that much maybe in a more peaceful game where you have to play diplomatically it might come in use but I don't see a lot of civilization players go that route at number 17 China now I love the fact that these builders get an extra action point so instead of the default 3 they get 4 and they can also haste in construction of ancient and classical wonders we also were seen a switch where the great wall is not a world wonder but a unique infrastructure in Civilization 6 this does gear China for a cultural victory but besides that I'm not seeing any other bonuses like in their special ability they are only really receiving more benefits to the Eureka and inspiration system so I really don't see a lot of late-game boost to tourism or culture so I have to put them kind of towards the bottom but I still think China is gonna be very fun early game next up on the list we have har old of Norway now Norway is really cool because it feels like a fusion between Civ fives Polynesia the Celts and Denmark and they're going to be a fantastic domination sieve if you're playing on a continent or island base map they'll be meeting other leaders sooner also since their special ability allows them to cross the ocean when they research shipbuilding but on a Pangaea map I'm not exactly sure how viable some of these bonuses will be either way norway is going to be a great domination sieve at number 15 we have the Aztecs now the unique unit the Eagle warrior reminds me so much of that movie apocalyptic oh I don't know why it's a replacement to the warrior unit it's more powerful than that warrior unit and here's the key part it turns enemies into builders so once you defeat an enemy boom they become builder and then right there just early war you can send those dudes back start improving some tiles for you and combine with their special ability those very same builders can speed up the construction of districts I think this is going to be a great Civet if you don't get off to a good start you might find yourself kind of stagnating towards the middle to late game pedro ii is next up and brazil is going to have a great time going after a cultural victory because this Civ is geared towards attracting great people going after those great artists writers and musicians is going to add a lot of tourism if you choose to go this route with Brazil but I'm not exactly seeing any other bonuses that really help Raziel stick out I think if you want to explore the new great people system Pedro is definitely the way to go at number 13 we have Satan gandi gandi I met Gandhi sorry I think that this is going to be a great personality again just like Gilgamesh to play against but Gandhi himself doesn't receive the greatest of bonuses his special ability allows the player all follower beliefs of every religion present in their cities I mean that is pretty cool as well as opposing sibs will suffer happiness penalties for fighting wars against Gandhi I think the best strategy for choosing Gandhi though is just so that Gandhi doesn't show up in one of your games and nukes you cities into oblivion frederick barbarossa is next up or otherwise known in the civ community as not Hitler you know here's the thing I underestimated Germany I actually did a playthrough at Germany and it really opened my eyes just how powerful first of all unique districts are because normally civilizations can build districts at half the time but also guys don't care if you go to war city-states anymore they really don't even mind even if they're the sues rent an ally of the city-state the +7 combat strength is really useful especially in the early game I think Germany is underestimated I consider putting them a little bit higher on the list but I think this is a fair enough spot Cleopatra of Egypt is coming in at number 11 and I actually almost put this sieve a little bit lower and I don't think that's a fair assessment because of this single special ability she will build districts and wonders faster next to rivers now I realize this is you know highly situational you might not necessarily be next to the Nile River but if you are this is going to be a significant boost to your production of very crucial buildings throughout the game she also get the buff to her trade routes but I'm not a big fan of the trade route bonuses so far that I've seen in sub 6 again without the special ability she probably would have been in like the 16th or 15th spot but I'm loving the bonus next to rivers for districts and wonders worth the halfway point in this list and at number 10 Japan and Hojo throughout the game the sieve is going to receive a significant combat boost whether it's fighting along the coast or fighting in shallow water this is a pretty big bonus because it will last the entire game which allows Japan to be an excellent savour a domination strategy his special ability I haven't found to be all that useful in my own Japanese series you know building tightly I know that they want the AI to build tightly but for the player it is kind of difficult because it's already a lot of things to manage in your head so I didn't find that to be all that useful Japan though is definitely the single most powerful sieve if you're looking for a naval domination game next up we have Peter the Great of Russia now if I was ranking this list of top sibs for advanced players Russia would be way up there as well as they easily have one of the most powerful unique units in the game it's a cavalry replacement with increased attack stats as well as with the ability to move after attacking these are very reminiscent of the Arabian camel archers or the Mongolian keshiki in Civilization 5 and I think Russia is going to be an excellence 'iv for deity number eights timorous of sathya i want to say this is my favorite Civ in all civilization six for domination victory their leader ability combined with their special ability is just so powerful so her armies are going to get a bonus when they attack wounded units and they heal a bit when they defeat an enemy then her special ability allows her to create two units instead of one with building light Calvary or their Sokka horse archers my experience so far with Cynthia even the AI itself is able to double its military strength in about an era or two it is terrifying here comes philippe ii in that seventh play spot and i don't know why i love the fact that he's given out churros but seriously spain is one of the best religious in the game their leader ability gives them extra combat strength when fighting opponents from other religions as well as our unique unit the conquistador gets a significant combat boost when other religious units are nearby and if their adjacent to a city that's captured they will automatically convert it to your religion anyone that thinks that a religious victory needs to be achieved through peace and diplomacy is dead wrong you're gonna have a way more fun and easier time if you go to war and spain is the sieve to do it as just barely missing the top 5 Victoria of England she's one of two SIVs that just gets so many bonuses it's hard not to put them at the top of the list she's perfectly capable of taking over the entire world whether that be on land or in the sea and if you find out you don't want to go for that domination victory she's also geared towards a culture victory in her special abilities she also gets one of the biggest combat bonuses I've seen so far in the game +10 combat strength for the Redcoats when fighting on another continent Victoria is completely stacked now we're getting into the really powerful sips Pericles of Greece I knew as soon as the SIP was announced it was likely one of the best sips in the game Greece's special ability gives an extra wild card slot in any government type throughout the game I mean this is needless to say one of my favorite new features of Civilization six and getting that extra wild card slot means so many things in terms of variation of your play style and Greece is naturally geared towards a cultural victory so the unique building is perfect for going after those additional adjacency bonuses but what makes Pericles different from let's say another leader that also leads Greece we'll talk about that in the future while Pericles gets more culture per allied city-states this will definitely force the player to always check on some of those quests each city state is offering trajan of rome fills in our fourth-place pot and the sieve is all about rapid expansion his leader ability offers a free building in the city center and his special ability offers trading posts to every new city as well as a road gets placed down automatically I talked about how big of a change it is that traders now lay down infrastructure and having Rome just automatically lay those roads down it's incredible laying down anywhere between 12 to 18 cities as Rome is a very viable strategy here in civilization six and at number three and my personal favorite Gordo's Greece Gorgo being the Spartan queen that she is gives culture every time she defeats a unit allowing her to be more aggressive this is definitely a theme with a lot of the civilizations so far announced where they're geared towards a domination victory but at the same time get extra culture for a cultural victory Gorgo is going to be the best leader for this out of everyone else because on higher difficulties the AI is going to have a ton of Units out and even if you don't take any cities over getting culture per kill is just going to be tremendously helpful getting down the civic tree and rush into some of the more advanced civics like social media at number two America this is kind of the same situation as England where America just gets so many bonuses it's it's hard not to put them at the top of the list there's special ability lowers the time it takes to gain government bonuses America gets a 5 plus combat strength when fighting in their home continent they have 2 unique units the Rough Rider and the p-51 Mustang their national parks give more cultural output and finally their film studio is a unique building which offers additional cultural bonuses with all that in mind America is great for a domination victory but can quickly switch gears if they want to go for a cultural victory instead and finally at number one Arabia this is the main reason why I'm loving what I see from the sieve the last prophet is their special ability which means Arabia will always receive the final prophet in every game you won't have to enact the god-king policy in your chichen government you don't have to worry about holy sites you don't have to worry about shrines or none of that but you still get all of the benefits because you'll eventually get a religion his leader ability is a perfect combination because it will buff up this late-game religion by lowering the cost of religious buildings as well as giving bonus output like faith science and culture they also might have the second best unique unit in the game only behind Russia's Cossack this horse unit replaces the knight and it heals at the end of each turn whether it moved attacked or did any other action finally they're one of the only SIVs in Civilization six that has a building that offers additional science healed that's how you know the sieve is buffed up Arabia is the only sieve in the game where I can look at each individual bonus and I'm impressed by every single one of them this is why they're my number one in Civilization 6 now I tried to look at leaders and sibs with bonuses that give them easily for a certain victory type no matter which victory it might be but of course this was just my opinion and I'd love to know what you guys think in the comment section down below who's your favorite sieve there's gonna be definitely a big this this gonna be a wide range of answers there but if you also want to see me break down every single leader and sieve I did a huge playlist that was part of the reason why I was able to put together this big video because I kind of knew you know exactly what their bonuses were gonna do for them before the fact but anyways guys hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you for watching and I'll see you guys next time

24 thoughts on “Top 20 Best Civs and Leaders in Civilization 6 [Civ 6 Strategy]

  1. Germany, aztec, sumer, ottoman,
    Those are the best OVERALL, civs most well rounded, and can fallow any way to victory, this cuts are resilient and can adapt to any victory scenario, it's not about "unique" ability , is about being the most well rounded player, when you play deity you got to compete in all fields, or get taken ovef,
    This guy, is bias in his videos, I seen many of his video,
    He doesn't full understand game mechanics, as he doesn't play the game, his videos are simulated,
    Emperor is the best, it's well balance between the player and the AI, I've play deity, but only to loos, all the civ s gather up against the player in different fields, you need to maintain, and then push back, I usually focus on money, and production, and start pushing for victory some where, or right after the industrial era

  2. I just bought the game and decided to go Norway on my first game because why not. I looked up the best Civ's and in most rankings Norway is literally the worst.

  3. "I have taken a really hard look at every leader" I question that. This list is a mess and seems to be poorly researched. My suspicion is the "reviewer" has just looked at the civs on paper without playing them and seeing how they perform in-game.

  4. If you get Russia with a ton of tundra and get the dance of the aurora pantheon, they’re broken lol, I was up to around 115 faith per turn by the late classical era in one game

  5. wheres macedon, i was expecting him to be around top 10 or even top 5 bcs hes so op when u go to war, I still cant forget when I used mechanized infantry against SWORDSMEN when fighting Indonesia and Japan though I am stuck in my current game against australia and north america bcs its a historical moment for me to see them using air force properly

  6. im playing rome when im still a noob with my two of my friend that already play this game i almost domination them but i lose in tech

  7. Mansa Moussa is the best ! When coupled with Petra this civ is unstoppable and a lot of fun to play with
    Buy buy buy !!

  8. gotta say the more i see of civ 6 the more it seems MUCH more geared towards war/conquest victories, still really wanna play it, even if its not my preferred playstyle.

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