43 thoughts on “Top 10 Times The Race Leader Crashed On His Own

  1. I have forgotten how hard were crashes in the 80's ! Just look at Prost's head during his crash, must have been scary as hell !

  2. watch hakkinen and schumacher, neither say there was a loss of grip on the rear tyres bla bla…they simple say "i made a mistake"..

  3. 99のハッキネンは2回もやらかしてよくチャンピオンになれたな。

  4. You didn't even show Brabham's crash. Why? I can find it on YouTube fairly easily (though it is black-and-white). It's somewhat anticlimactic, despite being a last-corner crash.

  5. Vettel crashes while leading with old tires in harsh wet conditions … f1 community : Ohh What a Shit driver … So overrated …
    Mika hakkinen crashes while leading in normal conditions .. f1 community : great driver , F1 leggend …

  6. I would switch Senna with Vettel (Senna had huge lead) and put Mansell at the 10th (conditions were terrible, it's easy for mistake)

  7. I would actually be fine if F1 was commentated by a Murray Walker impersonator.

    F1 was never the same when he retired. Plus, I'm sure he wouldn't hold back on the current state of F1.

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