Top 10 SNL Weekend Update Characters

Top 10 SNL Weekend Update Characters

these larger-than-life personalities ensure the news is never boring welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten Weekend Update characters from Saturday Night Live before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more great content for this list we're focusing on the most unforgettable Weekend Update characters from nbc's famous sketch comedy program number ten the girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at a party shock you but most americans only use 10% of my brain this was Cecily strong first recurring character on Saturday Night Live and we all know someone like her the well-meaning girl with off base hot takes on societal issues she's a valley girl type that speaks in slurs and whose points are always forceful even if her facts are most often flawed for every time people there are 20 people this gal can flip any topic to her advantage leaving the understandably confused anchor struggling to keep up as she navigates world politics like a pinball the girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at a party might not be smart in the traditional sense but she sure understands the art of owning a conversation close your eyes open them close them open just the left wink at me congratulations that's assault number 9 Jacob sills portrayed by Will Ferrell this gentleman speaks with clarity thank you God unfortunately for the Weekend Update anchors Jacob silk also speaks loudly and without normal inflection due to his condition voice and modulation syndrome he covers a variety of topics mixing politics with unfortunate facts about being Jacob soldier yes I'll get to religion Tina but first Taiwan can be quite rude to having proven that he's quick to get hostile when his voice is brought up his brilliant improv skills Farrell manages to get Jacobs personality across while maintaining that distinct monotone pitch much like another classic update character Harry Caray oh you made a wise choice my friend it's all about vocal inflection and whether or not barrel can get a laugh from the anchor it's just couldn't you take a deep breath lower your voice how dare you I cannot do that number eight Bennett Brower that's right Bennett Brower here with another commentary here's a man who doesn't understand modern standards of fashion hygiene or propriety performed by Chris Farley Bennett Brower struggles with self-confidence using air quotes inappropriately to accentuate his perceived inadequacies he is awkward painfully self-aware and way too willing to share with the audience well maybe I'm not the norm I'm not camera friendly I don't wear clothes that fit me taking into account his hygiene and hairstyle one could safely assume that benek uses his own sweat as hair gel which is both gross and unfortunate with this character Farley relies on repetition and physical comedy with brower's biggest moment arguably coming when he flies over the live studio audience all of whom were likely concerned maybe even terrified [Applause] number seven Tommy Flanagan thanks but I'm not the president anymore no I am I'm the founder yeah spontaneous and sly this pathological liar knows how to spin and tall tale portrayed by Jon Lovitz Tommy Flanagan makes up stories on the fly I've been repeating the same points to make sure you know he's a big deal he's not of course and his fidgety mannerisms hilariously complement his erratic storytelling he's another relatable character representing that one special friend who seeks attention but ultimately fails spectacularly whenever they open their mouths to speak Tommy will lie about anything and so by egging him on the Weekend Update anchors are to use him as a source of endless entertainment as for Lovitz he absolutely kills it with the cadence and improvised wordplay what do you thinks gonna win this Philippine election oh oh I am yeah oh oh and easily fact fact I've already won number six Jacobs the Bar Mitzvah boy Jacob you know what I can't imagine you being fresh to anybody because you're so sweet endearingly performed by Vanessa Bayer this Jewish teenager sees the glass as half-full he comes prepared and he's got jokes too but Jacob is usually skeptical of SNL anchors resulting in some hilariously one-sided attempts at conversation on the part of Michael che launched right into it huh it's a gender-bending role that emphasizes religious traditions and adolescent obedience Jacob is a timid character with a heart of gold and Bayer sells the performance with her trademark smile and comedic pacing whereas SNL performers improvise from a script Jacob the bar mitzvah boy is fully locked into his own and therein lies the comedic paradox shabbat is the traditional day of rest lasting from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday I mean I've heard of recess but this is ridiculous number 5 Garth and Kat with these obnoxious characters to SNL legends do what they do best improvised portrayed by Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig Garth and Kat are indeed a hot mess but they emit positive vibes their questionable style matches their performances which are typically erratic and full of flair ok you know what i I just don't think that's gonna work out Garth and Kat always show up with purpose but never actually come through it irritates The Weekend Update anchors these two have a special bond one that speaks to the undeniable comedic chemistry between these two performers unpredictable and peppy Garth and Kat were born to be stars just not on the news number four Roseanne Roseannadanna Roseanne Roseannadanna if they can make a coffee you like without caffeine why can't they make a hamburger you like with North Tony we're trade by the legendary Gilda Radner and based on real-life anchorwoman Roseanne scammer della this intense character is a real piece of work she comments on current events but Roseanne Roseannadanna ziggo and blunt personality proved to be the main focus started to lose my appetite with her edgy style and no-nonsense approach Roseanne Roseannadanna embodies a typical Big Apple elitist with Radner providing depth through her remarkable diversity as a performer Roseanne Roseannadanna will gap and exaggerate until the anchor calls her out and then she'll gab some more Roseanne Roseannadanna is a big fan of Roseanne rosannadanna but hey so were the viewers present just how serious is an aneurysm Oh number three opera man [Applause] crack so give someone hamster frigate with this expressive character Adam Sandler seriously flexed his comedic muscles opera man looks and sounds the part singing the news with a satirical slant mixes and matches words creating his own version of Italian complete with that buffoonish edge that fuels so many classic Sandler characters he's a traditional vocalist with an unorthodox style of delivery allowing Sandler to have fun and comically exaggerate his singing voice opera man helped Sandler further develop his gonzo brand of comedy while functioning is one of SNL's more unique Weekend Update commentators [Applause] number two drunk uncle we got Black Friday now birth wasn't February enough performed by SNL veteran Bobby Moynihan drunk uncle is your foe friendly family member that steals the show with questionable commentary he's a sympathetic figure as he's perpetually bruised up which makes his political rants both mildly disturbing and entertaining drunk uncle takes exception to politically correct dialogue and while he may not actually be a horrible person he does reveal troubling thoughts from time to time Oh drinker jury well guess what we already got tricked it's called Pearl Harbor for a physical comic like Bobby Moynihan this character allows him to accentuate all those little things that make drunk uncles everywhere so memorable though drunk uncle may arguably be his crowning achievement Moynihan has brought us many classic characters like Anthony Crispino and Riblet a new study finds that people who like grilled cheese sandwiches have more sex this according to a grilled cheese sandwich I just ate Akshay's Mama's house before we unveil our number one pick here are some honorable mentions it sounds like it has all the classic elements of a Nic Cage film one hot lunch is served daily and two in between meals soups were provided Thank You Dennis home oh very simply the nc-17 rating means the movie contains serious mature adult themes hot sexy number one Stefan if you're headed to NYC the Big Apple the city that never sleeps the Thrilla in Manilla and I know just the place for you New York's hottest club is flamboyant and modern this character is a true New York City insider as the weekend update' City correspondent Stefon tourist recommendations stray from the norm as evidenced by his bizarre yet fascinating commentaries on the surface SNL's Bill Hader infuses the persona with a distinct personality but Stefan's absolute best moments come when hater breaks character Club is twice you agree at the door by a rabbi that looks like Joaquin Phoenix after all SNL is a live show and the cue cards occasionally change between rehearsal the air as a result Peters reactions are often genuine and all in the name of improvisation in the end Stefan's comedic banter with Seth Meyers transcends the usual guest anchor relationship seth has told me so much about you keep my man's name do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from watch mojo and subscribe for new videos every day

46 thoughts on “Top 10 SNL Weekend Update Characters

  1. This seems like it may have been thrown together quickly. Tommy Flanagan over Annoying Man representing the Lovitz catalog? I'm also guessing this list predates Don Jr and Eric; may be time for an update.

  2. Make sure to thank John Mulaney for changing the cue cards on Bill Hader to make him break during Stefon segments.

  3. Rebecca Larue, flirting expert (Kristen Wiig) should have been on this list. Fred Armisen's Governor Paterson is also a hoot.

  4. This list may be a reflection of the age of the rankers. I agree Roseanne Rosannadana should have topped the list and Emily Litella is strangely missing. Does anyone else remember the hilarious depiction of Jan Brady or Dana Carvey's "Grumpy Old Man"? The latter was way funnier than Drunk Uncle.

  5. Anyone notice how strong Will Farrell stares into the camera, never looking at the cards! He doesn't need any help remembering his lines! Owns it. Most of the best host don't look at the cards much. Though you can still have a good performance using the cards the performance won't be elite. Not using the cards is just one more addition of skills that takes the performance to the next level. Without it the performance will remain tier 2 compared to the top tier

  6. Where is Joe Piscopo doing the sports, and Dr. Jack Badofsky? They were way better than Drunk Uncle or the girl you wouldn't want to start a conversation with at a party or Stefon. Mr. Subliminal was definitely top 10, rather than honorable mention. This top 10 list doesn't even make honorable mention on Mojo's top 10 SNL lists. (P.S. — maybe the narrator could shut up long enough so we could hear/see some of the performances?).

  7. Stefon definitely deserves a top spot, but you missed a beloved character by Wiig…
    Judy Grimes… and deserves a top spot

  8. Kristen Wiig’s best update character, hands down, is Rebecca Larue. Although she only did it once, it was so memorable and so funny!!

  9. What about Grumpy Old Man? I would literally be in tears whenever Dana Carvey performed that character, or what about Jon Lovitz' Annoying Man? They couldn't be Honorable Mentions? If Subliminal Man was an HM, why not Grumpy and Annoying?

  10. Cecily Strong didn;t say one funny thing in this clip and she never dones. Great job WatchModjo

    3:05 some of his worst. Thanks Watch Modjo . Retards

  11. Nassim Pedrad's Arianna Huffington, Kristen Wiig's Judy Grimes, Kennan Thompson's Willie, Taran Killam's Jedediah Atkinson, Kate McKinnon's Olya Potlavsky and Cecilia Jimenez, Vanessa Bayer's Dawn Lazarus and those are all from the last 10 years, so there must be more. I smell a sequel to this list coming up eventually.

  12. The "historical figures" best friends from childhood.
    The one dimensional female character from a male driven comedy (aka, Heather from work)

  13. You people who thought Stefan should be number one…have you ever seen the first 40 years of the show? Lisa Loopner, blues brothers, church lady, Wayne’s world, Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood, Gumby. Etc. etc. Acting…thank you!

  14. You…have….got…to…be…KIDDING ME!!!! have you people EVER WATCHED the SHOW?? The only one that belongs on this list is Roseanne RosannaDanna. Stefan #1? Take out Roseanne and this is the 10 WORST list.

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