20 thoughts on “Top 10 OneDrive for Business Tips and Tricks

  1. Can you please explain how can I make Onedrive look like this?
    Currently mine is like sharepoint with a ribbon on the top of the page.
    Or is this driven by the system admin?

  2. Exactly what I was looking for. Have been using OneDrive for a few months now but using Chrome and not Edge. Will use Edge from now on. I learned a lot. Thanks very much!

  3. I cant find anyone that can help… I am sharing a powerpoint via Onedrive so my reps can edit the pics everytime they visit a store, problem is that the 1st time they had no problem but now it wont let them edit on their phones,
    I made sure to set it as "sharing this link can edit" but nothing yet! help, what they see now is a document that can only zoom in and out, no edit.

  4. Thank you for the tips. I will definately try them all out. Can see productivity on the rise at the office 😉

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