Now to sports with Meredith Shannon Good afternoon from the 7 News room.
I'm Jacqueline Felgate What? Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump's
record as a business man and casino owner during a speech
in Atlantic City, New Jersey today. "Donald Trump" There we are I don't know what's going on, do you? Gay F#ck!ng $h!t Good evening, I'm Van Tieu you may have seen our newest.. ..A.J. on.. ..North Dakota news and help me join
the weekend news team as my co-worker Tell us a little bit about yourself, A.J. Thanks ma'am, I'm very excited I graduated from West Virginia University and I'm used to uhm.. you know, from being.. ..from the East Coast. What? – You're on Right now? Douglas is there is live in D.C. with the update on all of this Doug, good morning Good to see ya I guess 6-3-1 pretty much the way it breaks down, hey? Maybe? Hello Doug? Hi Doug? I guess not. I don't know where we're going neither does Jim I can't get this f#ck!ng in there! We apologize for that What is that?! That's because it's hot outside stuff like that happens Was that live? Are we live? Oh, brother (Ukrainian language) But something that you cannot prepare for something that is so horrific it's affected so many people from those Oakland parents up to the strangers and felt compelled tonight
in Walnut Creek to come together for the vigil. Business still not completed here Chris Hewton, the manager is still here on sight. Fred Hoiberg is still the mayor of Ames, no doubt about it Right off of Old Jefferson highway I was
heading to (old tigerbin?) The problem that we're seeing is it is literally bumper to bumper traffic between here and there and it's weird to be talking about traffic on a sunday but that's what we're dealing with Car break-ins are down 28% this year.. Now following her victory speech Kim asked her and her supporters
to say a prayer for Gina Robertson who remains hospitalized for stress related illness Kim says her and Gina will remain friends and work together in this Harrisburg community. working for you today in Harrisburg.
Marcheskie – ABC – 27 News. Thank you Dave, thanks very much Don't think that teacher should be alive back at school in Lake Station Indiana, Roseanne Tellez the time he decided, it was already too late and they were stuck so that's what we're seeing now and we're seeing people trying to get out of this area we're seeing people trying to I don't have some (..) trying to sightsee but that's not a good idea because you don't wanna be an impedance on any traffic that might be coming into the area and you don't want to put yourself at any risk if you don't have to travel down you just stay home and if you need to evacuate if you have to ask yourself that question it's probably time to evacuate but we're keeping on eye on things right now on Old Perkings road American Football up here Yeah, but go ahead I'm not gonna get in trouble It worked in practice Thousands of traditional skateboarders.. Be careful with the cord Oh my goodness Hang on, hang on Here, I'm sorry Grab his hand Are you okay? At the community game What's wrong with you man? Sorry We'll send it back to you
– What are you doing? We'll send it back to you What are you doing here? Sorry about that..
– It's a boat show Are you okay? No, I'm not okay! And my watch is dead Just go.. Back to you So I'm at Carmel if you're using US-31 south.. Your average speed is 43 miles per hour Oh Wendy.. I wanna get there by the time everything tips off so I'm gonna hand the microphone over to my buddy Danny here and Go Wild Cats! All right Paul Catch you inside and enjoy that game we'll see you back here at 10 o'clock thanks so much And what will it mean for uh.. for the wider region I think one of your children has just brought in I mean shifting, shifting shifting sands in the region due to relations with the north may change? I wouldn't be surprised if they do ..that uhm.. pardon me My apologies My apologies Sorry North Korea South Korea's policy choices are North Korea,
but it's severely limited in the last.. that any North Eastern grinds up the sand Folks from the community of Mammoth have been this.. F#ck! Holy F#ck!ng $h!t! FU bug Well F#ck that a$$hole and we're back and rebuild from the ground up 5 4 3 2 1 Bus! Get out of the way bus! $#$%! $#$%!#@ $#$%! Now we'll have the weather forecast in a minute of course it will be 100% accurate and provide all the detail you can possibly want and I'm just seeing Thomas (..) like eh.. preparing for its.. OMG I'm gonna adopt her Okay Charlie, I'm gonna sit here and just hangout
with my new best friend, Bettina Really? Oh yeah I think you should You two should get a uhm.. a hotelroom or something there's alot of action going on over there Oh Charlie..! Probably the most action you've had in months, huh? and they're very friendly from the (..) county fair Linda Carsson, ABC Seven Would you not eat my pants? I'm being joined right now by Mickey, the baboon and we're going to be he's trying to (..) feel a little bit We're gonna be talking a little bit about The Lodi Grape Festival that is happening
this weekend, starting today. Right there, in the middle of your screen and you can see there are that one dog is is chained up right now It's kind of sniffing everything Man, that's alot of slobber What, where is this going? They always say "Animals and children on TV.." Privacy, please.. Are you okay? Ashley? I got.. lost for words here I vote for umbrella's on erection.. on election day Allrighty there This is the season that matters and despite the fact that they've had
a tremendous amount of sex during the.. uh..success during the regular season They could get a new poop..pope sooner than expected Also, if you have a telescope Uranus is visible too Uhm, just near the.. Did I say that? Near the horizon I'm gonna stick with uhh.. weather This is a dif.. Well, a very very heavy.. ..tonight We had a very.. Wait, we're gonna interview Erik Weihenmayer who climbed the highest mountain in the world Mount Everest but.. he's gay I mean he's gay.. excuse me he's blind so we'll hear about that coming up Okay, as we head into the break… OK And unfortunately it's starting off ..but you do have some rain Did you guys just hear that? I've been drinking The deals are.. Well, that was tasty Here's the big pic.. Excuse me, big picture We've all had hiccups before, right? When my son was teething he used to take the big fat rubber end of my vibrating toothbrush and put it in his mouth on and he would just kind of sit there like "oh yeah" "that feels good" "that hits the spot" "my gums are itchy" Watch out man Starting at Hoten Avenue and going all the way to State Avenue drivers are down to the single lane in each direction It arches up when high pressure is building in and it deflects and falls downward
when you have a low pressure in the area It's just going straight up because yesterday we were kind of in between so it really does work It does All right, let's turn over to the weather center right here She smells like a broken record this morning but honestly, I feel like this is like the best song ever You got it daddy I like calling you daddy Well, thank you I kind of like it ..will be an US Airforce F22 the Navy's FA-18 superhorny The superhorny? Is that supposed to be horny? I said horny I don't know.. I don't know.. And then we'll see temperatures dropping to
around 11 to 12 degrees Celsius as we go through into the morning I'll hand you back to Hugh for now, and I'll be back with more for you
in half an hour. Hugh Not just 1 Helen, but 2 Helens frankly I'm happy with 2, 3, 4, 5 Helens And one person is dead after a shooting in south west Alberkerky is at the scene of what we know Apparently we don't have that story,
but right now astronomers at the university.. ..University investigation in south west Alberkerky.. ..and there's 2 of me …has been indicating heavy amounts of rainfall
across south west Iowa Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10,
what should I do? Don't you love it when that pops up? Anyway, over an inch has fallen.. And the NTSB has confirmed these are the names
of the pilots on board of flight 214 when it crashed.. It's that Windows 10, right? That's what people are gonna say..
"Don't do it!" Let's have a look at the commutes and we have a couple of issues on the go this morning
as we take.. This is my phone, not my clicker That just happened This is terrible.. Right.. Over a million.. excuse me Over one million citizens of Moscow
are forced to move out Entire districts in the city are going to the ground because the goverment wants to demolish a big number of residential blocks from the Soviet-time We are just gonna try.
Apologies. Many citizens cannot accept that. They bought their apartments and want to decide themselves when to move out. But in Putin's Russia they don't have a leg to stand on .. I can't believe you said that Sattelite radar Clear skies 73 92 sunshine Hot & Humid We gotta get serious, cause we gotta get the news to do Nathalie? Now, let's get the weather update Here is Louise Lear Thank you Simon, good evening everybody I'm trying to keep it together,
because it's not a laughing matter with the weather in Scotland It's been pretty wet and windy with the storm and the gus wind across Scotland and Northern Ireland In fact we've seen Galeforce gust into Wales Let's move back to this area of low pressure that's been sitting across the north-west We have been giggles.. Thomas Thwaites had a set of prostetic legs built and spent 3 days living among goats in the Alps. He did it because he he wanted a simpler life and he says it was fascinating a little bizarre though Thwaited won a IG Nobel Prize for Biology
with another man who tried living with several different animals The IG Nobel Awards The IG Nobel Awards on a research
that may seem bizarre How amusing but actually provokes thought I need a cleanex And an F F? and a F F as in Frans Yeah, Frederik You've been watching RTL News from 7.30 pm Our next broadcast will start at 11.50 pm Hope to see you then.
Have a good evening. And once again, apologies Good evening

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  1. Most the ones with the animals i don’t consider fails 😭😂 I find it so adorable 😂 I wish the news incorporated more REAL life accidents happening lol! It lets us know that these guys are people too. It’s nice to see people mess up every now and then

  2. Ik weet nog een newsfail van Jennifer Faber:

    Jennifer: vertelt over het weer en zegt iets wat ze niet wou zeggen
    Jennifer: fuck!
    Jennifer: dat wilde ik helemaal niet zeggen sorry
    Jennifer: hmmmmmm

  3. 16:50 I think these are the last word they said as they about to crashed. LMAO!
    Sum Ting Wong : "Something Wrong!"
    Wi Tu Lo : "Way Too Low!"
    Ho Lee Fuk : "Holy Fuck!"
    Bang! Ding! Ow!… It's the sound as they crashed..

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