Top 10 Moments in Michigan Stadium History (as voted on by the fans)

Top 10 Moments in Michigan Stadium History (as voted on by the fans)

throw on first out it's tipped in the air it's intercepted by John Thompson back the other way 1510 with a carboy the five touchdown Michigan do you believe there at Michigan is our top 20 to 19 opening up the middle breaks a tackle for Abel he may be off to the races to the morning 35 keeps going carries tacklers to the 25 guideline war no run by me I'm gonna to handle emotion ears on and off to the Aqua demonstrate ahead touchdown it's fishing and 30 Ohio State 15 I just sent her his Wagner at the 45 he goes back he's looking for his every anyway we are another under here to make sure that football is played go back to fire for Oh Oh Reston's slot right many m wide a van to the left penny dropping to throw looking right looking right fires for the ends of touchdown Mario Manningham comment on the phone and Michigan will win 27 to 25 on the last play of the game 2:38 on 44 kicks this year nice high kick a little wind under it here's heading back to throw any look and he's firing at a post up every 10 10 5 touchdown there is garbage crawl it is not three two 24 oh hi Oh state 12 don't push her though and he booms another one would sit back back grabs this one on his twenty three races to his left to the 25 spits two men reserved for the phony 35 and there is yours Charles Woodson down the sideline he's gonna go touchdown Michigan Facebook you

36 thoughts on “Top 10 Moments in Michigan Stadium History (as voted on by the fans)

  1. I can’t believe they didn’t have Lloyd’s first win against Virginia in 1995, coming back from a 17-0 hole to win on a Mercury Hayes catch in the corner as time expired.

  2. Love the choices but top five should be Howard punt return, Woodson punt return, Carter catch vs Indiana in '79, Howard diving catch vs ND, Edwards catch vs Sparty, and a bonus six, Manningham catch vs PSU.

  3. Ok. what about Robinson against ND the last 1 minute 41 seconds and one of the greatest wins ever…???

  4. Roses are red violet’s are blue Michigan is blue and that are yellow to 😁 please like I worked hard on this

  5. Why do you guys forget your school has gotten in trouble for racism a few times? GO BUCKEYES!

  6. That diving catch, at 1:50, by Desmond Howard, WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING…….PERIOD. 🤳✌☝️🏈🏈🏈🏈

  7. Was at “The Catch” game and “The Pose” game. Absolutely Electric. 100k plus losing their minds. I will always have goosebumps.

  8. Seems as though there hasn't been too many good moments for this "team" in the past decade- just remember 14 of the last 15

  9. As great as Charles Woodson's TD run was, the #1 moment in Michigan Stadium history has to be the '69 defeat of National Champion Ohio State when you consider all of the circumstances surrounding that game. It changed Michigan football forever. In the preceding years Michigan had trouble putting fans in the stands. Since then, the stadium has been full and Michigan is always considered a top-tier football program. All because of one game. It has to be number one.

  10. This piece should be titled, Top 10 Moments in Michigan Stadium History WITH A HAPPY ENDING. (Kordell Stewart to Michael Westbrook?)

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