Top 10 IT: Chapter Three Fan Theories That Might Be True

Top 10 IT: Chapter Three Fan Theories That Might Be True

Unlike The Hobbit or The Hunger Games, Stephen
King’s IT was actually long and dense enough to be split into two movies. The novel was packaged to perfection, with
the end seemingly finite. However, there are so, so many elements from
the novel that were excluded from the movies, that could potentially make up an IT: Chapter
Three. So today on Top 10 Beyond The Screen, I’m
going to be counting down our list of the Top 10 IT: Chapter Three Fan Theories That
Might Be True. Before we begin though, be sure to stick around
until the end of the video where I’ll be responding to some of your comments. And with that, let’s jump in. 10 IT’s Perspective 
As we learned from IT: Chapter Two, Pennywise has feelings. Considering The Losers Club managed to defeat
him by bullying him to death, quite literally. Now, in no way should we sympathize with IT,
but considering there seems to be some human elements below the surface, it would be cool
to explore them in some way. In all variations of IT, we strictly follow
The Losers Club, but wouldn’t it be nice if we got a spin-off that is from the perspective
of IT. I mean, look at Joker. Dude’s a bad guy, and began as a side character,
but his movie has raked in millions. Give us a Pennywise standalone, it’s what
the people want! And by people, I mean me. 9 Bob Grey 
Now, in IT: Chapter Two, there’s a scene where Beverly visits her childhood where an
old woman is now residing. Although we all know that isn’t a woman,
it is Pennywise. However, in the scene we spot a photo on the
wall of the house, of a circus performer who looks identical to Pennywise with no makeup
on. I should state that in the novel, IT is simply
a monster, always has been. However, the movie gives us a different interpretation
— almost hinting that there was a human component to IT. Perhaps back in the day he was masquerading
as a real clown, or maybe IT was inspired by a real life version of Pennywise. So many possibilities. In the book however, IT will often refer to
itself as Bob Grey, is her perhaps the man in the picture? What is his story? These are all things we could find out in
IT: Chapter 3. 8 The Loser’s Club 
Now, both the novel and movie end with the grown-up Losers Club triumphantly defeating
the evil Pennywise and going on to live their lives. But what I want is a follow up. What happened to the Losers Club after their
final encounter with Pennywise. Could you really live a normal life following
something so traumatic? Has the terror of the human experience just
begun for the losers club? Perhaps. And how will the town of Derry look without
the evil entity feasting on the young. More importantly: are we really free of IT? 7 Remake 
Yes, I know, Chapter One and Chapter Two literally just happened, but as we know, Hollywood LOVE
remakes, and IT made a pretty penny at the box office. It would be no surprise if they decide they
want to cash in on the profit by revamping the series once again, with new actors and
a new pennywise — or, even an entirely new story. I imagine it won’t be long before some cruel
Director will come along and decide we need an updated, shinier version of this classic
story. I dislike them already. 6 The Macroverse 
Now, the Macroverse has been explored numerous times throughout Stephen King’s work, particularly
in The Dark Tower series. King has been patiently hoping for a sequel
to the movie, and Amazon Prime are working on a series adapted from the books. Therefore, if The Dark Tower series takes
off, perhaps we can explore more of The Macroverse in greater depth, and it is very possible
that IT will play a huge part in this. Because, as we know, when IT isn’t out eating
the children of Derry it’s existence as some spooky effects. 5 Crossover – IT/TheShining/DoctorSleep
Now, as I’ll state in our next point. A lot of Stephen King’s novels are connected
in some way or another, in most cases the novel’s taking place in Derry, Maine. Leading people to believe that they all exist
in the same universe. Meaning that perhaps IT, The Shining, and
in turn, Doctor Sleep all exist within the same universe. Now, there is evidence to support this theory,
hear me out. Now, in the novel IT, we meet a character
called Dick Hallorann, an army cook and member of the Africn-American army nightclub in Derry
called “The Black Spot” which was burned down by the Legion of White Decency in 1930. Now, Dick possesses The Shining, which in
turn allowed him to save the lives of several other clubgoers, including Mike Hanlon’s
father. Now, Dick Hallorann exists in The Shining,
in which he worked as a cook at the Overlook Hotel, and even attempted to rescue the Torrance
family after Jack Torrance becomes possessed by the hotel. Now, Dick remained close friends to the remaining
family, even into Danny’s teenage years, meaning that he also exists within Dr Sleep. Could we then perhaps have a crossover between
IT/TheShining/DoctorSleep? I need it! 4 Shared Universe 
Now, if you’re a fan of Stephen King, you will know that he loves to overlap his stories,
linking all of his stories stories creating a shared universe. However, some people have pointed out similarities
between IT and Stranger Things. An ancient evil that a group of kids having
to take down. Not just that, but in season 2 of Stranger
Things, Bob states that he was once afraid of a clown in Maine. Pennywise perhaps? Could IT and Strangers Things exist within
the same universe? Could we maybe even see Bill Skarsgard’s
Pennywise joining the world of Stranger Things at some point in the future. It’s feasible, that’s for sure. Perhaps, Pennywise will get his own solo series,
kicking off with one epic IT/Stranger Things crossover. Just spitballing here. 3 Pennywise’s Kids
Yeah I know, but please just hear me out.I promise it isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds. In the original mini series starring Tim Curry,
The Losers Club ultimately Pennywise — whose true form is that of a Spider — and then
we watch on as his body and soul break apart. However, in IT: Chapter Two, The Losers Club
essentially bully Pennywise to death — I’m not joking. They yell cruel things until he shrinks and
turns to ash. Now, what isn’t addressed in the film is
the fact that IT is likely a woman — we call IT Pennywise and often refer to it as a He,
but that’s not entirely correct. In IT’s true form, aka, the spider, he 
is a woman, meaning he could have laid eggs. Left behind more evil for The Losers Club
to attempt to take down. 2 Pennywise Origin Story 
Now, there is so much opportunity for a Pennywise origin story, or at least some kind of prequel
that tells the story of Pennywise pre-Derry. It has been referenced in IT: Chapter Two,
as well as in the novel, that Pennywise has been around for millions and millions of years
— so, saying that, what went down during that time? How did he become Pennywise the Dancing Clown,
because as we know, Pennywise isn’t the clown, he’s an entity from the Deadlights. Not only that, but we also learn in Chapter
One that Pennywise embarked on a 3 year reign of terror, with 300 in Derry Maine going missing
in the 1800’s. It would make for quite the prequel. 1 There’s Still So Much Left To Cover 
Ok, now hear me out. I understand, more than anyone, that the book
was pretty finite, and IT: Chapter Two stuck to the source material pretty closely. However, if you’ve read the book, you will
know that there was a lot of material left out, material that could make up chapter three,
or even a standalone movie. As we know, Stephen King can pretty much get
away with anything at this point, there is literally a giant turtle in the novel, which
of course was never included in the movies. What I’m saying is, there is so much going
on behind the scenes within the IT universe, that we sadly never got a chance to see in
the films. Not just that, but there are so many characters,
and so much cosmology of the universe that the movies never even touched on, they didn’t
even scrape the barrel. So, perhaps if there’s an IT: Chapter Three,
these elements could comprise most of the meat of the movie. Just saying. Well, there we have it! Do you guys agree with our list? Are you crossing your fingers for an IT: Chapter
Three. You never know! Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
the comments down below. Before I go though, I just want to respond
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    Even songs of books like Carrie (Hell in the Hallways)

  2. To get rid of Pennywise once and for all, send down Lucy, give her 1 hour and a few snacks and that evil clown is no more

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