24 thoughts on “Top 10 Influential Communist Leaders

  1. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro Afrikans will always love you for your helping hand in our libaration movements pity imperialists are still sucking our blood and our leaders are cowards puppets or maybe they are not if they stand up against imperialists trade embargoes will collapse our economy and they will take a blame

  2. Trotsky was not seen as the obvious successor. Stalin was not a dictator. Even if he was going to be, it would have been impossible. Stalin had limited power. The reason why people think he was one is because of the massive amount of propaganda spread by Western nations and the people of the USSR's love for him. The government had to actually outlaw the naming of cities after leaders. The people loved their democracy, yes they did have one before Gorbachev. And the people loved the leaders. Marx was more of an economist and philosopher than a leader but, yes, he was influential.

  3. The only communist leader I see on this list is Lenin (and maybe Trotsky). All the others were authoritarian dictators masquerading as communists to stay in power.

  4. You forget Shahid bhagat Singh on this list from India . The greatest Martyr who sacrifices his life for his Nation only at the age of 23 .

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