Top 10 Deadliest Human Stampedes

Top 10 Deadliest Human Stampedes

Crowds at sports, concerts and religious events
can range from the hundreds to the tens of thousands. All it takes is a wave of pandemonium to rush
through a crowd for a terrifying stampede to occur. And all it takes is poor planning on the part
of event coordinators for a stampede to claim the lives of innocent bystanders. It doesn’t matter where you are — deadly
human stampedes can occur anywhere where mass groups of people congregate, as our worldwide
list shows. 10. The Lima Peru Stampede This tragedy occurred at the National Stadium
in Lima, Peru in 1964. Fans were there to watch Argentina and Peru
compete in an Olympic soccer qualifying match, where Peru would ultimately be beaten by Argentina
on their own turf. The drama began just two minutes before the
end of the game when a referee disallowed a Peruvian goal that could have cemented a
victory for the home side. After the referee’s decision the stadium
went insane. Fights broke out, and fans looking to exit
the arena were stuck. Many bodies were found in the exits of the
stadium, as those poor fans had hoped to remove themselves from the rush of violence. Terrible crowd and panic control measure decisions
made by stadium officials exacerbated the situation and a terrible stampeded killed
at least 300 fans and injured another 500 people. 9. The Hajj Stampede The hajj is the Muslim practice of taking
a pilgrimage to Mecca. Unfortunately, hajj stampedes have occurred
throughout history, resulting in thousands of deaths over the centuries. In 1990 a deadly stampede took the lives of
1,426 people, while in February 2004, 244 Muslim pilgrims were killed in stampedes on
their way to Mecca. Most recently a stampede in 2006 took place
during the last day of a historic ritual where devotees walk in droves past al-Jamarat, three
stonewalls with religious symbolism. Bags of luggage fell from nearby buses, tripping
pilgrims as others rushed forward. These tragic events are exacerbated by both
the amount of people who attend the hajj every year as well as the poor state of the roads
they follow on the way to Mecca. 8. The Ultra Arena Stampede In 2006, a stampede at a Filipino game show
took over 70 lives. The Ultra Arena in Manila, now known as the
Philsports Arena, was the site of the death of people who were trying to take part in
the anniversary taping of a popular afternoon game show called “Wowowee.” As potential contestants entered the Arena
an estimated 30,000 people pushed and shoved their way through the entrance, ultimately
resulting in 73 deaths. Fans were there because the game show was
known for giving away as much as two million Philippine dollars a day. Narrow exits, the absence of emergency exit
plans and poor contingency plans were blamed for the stampede. Network executives for the game show were
found liable for the tragedy. 7. The Station Nightclub Fire Stampede A 2003 stampede in New Jersey’s Station
Nightclub resulted in the deaths of 96 people and the injury of 187. It was the result of a raging fire caused
by the pyrotechnic light show of the rock band Great White. The fire and subsequent stampede is considered
to be the deadliest in American history. The fire began when pyrotechnic cones were
lit on stage — a shower of white flame from the cones ignited foam sound-proofing materials
that were on the nearby walls. The fire immediately engulfed people, while
other deaths resulted via stampede when people tried to use any means possible to escape
the venue, including jumping out of windows. The tragedy was also aided by the smoke that
quickly flooded the room, blinding people and blocking the exit signs. 6. The Chamunda Devi Stampede A 2008 stampede that claimed almost 200 lives
took place at the Chamunda Devi Temple in India. Located at the top of a hill in Jodhupur,
the temple attracts thousands of devotees celebrating the Navaratri festival. Early one morning some of the visitors began
slipping down a slope on the hilltop, triggering the deadly stampede. The victims were mostly men, because the stampede
occurred in the male portion of two parallel barricades that had been set up on the slope
to allow people to walk up and down the hill. At the time this stampede was seen by many
as being the worst temple stampede in history. 5. The 1913 Italian Hall Stampede This deadly stampede at the Italian Hall in
what’s now called Calumet City, Michigan took place on Christmas Eve. Copper miners congregated to continue a strike
that had been going since the summer. The miners and their families were singing
songs and exchanging presents when a stranger suddenly came into the hall and yelled “Fire!” The crowd of around 700 people immediately
rushed towards a steep staircase hoping to escape. Sadly, someone fell, triggering a chain-reaction
that blocked the stairwell — the building’s only exit. Though no fire actually existed at least 73
people were killed. No one knows who the instigator was, but the
assumption is that he was a strikebreaker. 4. The Baghdad Stampede The 2005 Baghdad Bridge Stampede took the
lives of almost a thousand Iraqis, making it one of the worst stampedes in modern history. This death toll is believed to be the largest
loss of life since the beginning of the United States-led invasion of the country. Hundreds of thousands of Shiites were marching
to a religious festival, and had to cross a river bridge in Northern Baghdad. Word soon got out of a supposed suicide bomber
and people start panicking, having already been put on edge by militants firing rockets
at a nearby Shiite shrine earlier in the day.People quickly tried to exit in all directions — most
of the deaths were caused by people on the bridge either suffocating or being crushed
to death, but others drowned after jumping or falling into the Tigris River. 3. The Hillsborough Stadium Stampede Dubbed Britain’s worst sports disaster,
this 1989 stampede resulted in the death of 93 soccer fans and the injury of over 200
more. The tragic match took place at Hillsborough
Stadium in Sheffield, where the FA Cup semi-finals were occurring between Liverpool and Nottingham
Forest (LINK 16). The problems started when local police decided
to open the stadium gates in order to alleviate some of the crowding occurring outside of
the stadium. When the gates opened a mass of people entered
the already full terrace and pushed forward, crushing people already in the stadium up
against the wire-topped safety fences. The riot control fences trapped people, resulting
in a crush of bodies. Because of recently introduced measures to
keep the fans of rival teams apart, there was no way for people to escape the section. Blame for the incident has been put on the
police, as well as the arena for improper ticket allocation. 2. The Victoria Hall Stampede This horrible 1883 stampede took the lives
of over 180 children in Britain. Victoria Hall was where a local variety show
promised to provide “the greatest treat for children ever given.” They also promised that every child in attendance
would receive free toys — children immediately began rushing into the aisles, blocking the
exits and toppling over one another in an attempt to get the toys. Though reports remain unclear, it seems that
the doorways at the base of the exit were bolted shut. This tragedy inspired the creation of the
push bar emergency exit. 1. The Phnom Penh Stampede This 2010 stampede in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
that took the lives of over 450 people has been called the country’s worst tragedy
since the rule of the Khmer Rouge. It occurred on a bridge, where huge crowds
of people were crossing in order to go to an island where a large annual water festival
was taking place. The suspension bridge went way over capacity,
and people didn’t realize that suspension bridges were prone to swaying in the wind
under stress. This swaying is believed to have fueled the
panic that caused the stampede. People were trapped and trampled underfoot
by those trying to escape. Others drowned because they jumped or were
pushed off of the bridge, and some were even electrocuted when the chaos jarred wires loose.

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  1. You said "New Jersey Station Nightclub" but I saw no reference to "New Jersey" in the name of the club when I Googled it.

  2. 2 million Philippine Pesos (PHP), not dollars. 1 USD = 50 PHP
    The Ultra Stampede was, according to the investigators at that time, due to the poor design (downward slope) of the stadium entrance. From what I recall, a crew member announced a cutoff since the venue is already almost full so people who are outside the venue started pushing to force themselves inside.

  3. You can work out how much this list maker values life from different countries. 97 from UK are more important than a 1000 Iraqis, for example.

  4. By comparison the last"Love parade" in Germany was relatively harmless with only 16 dead. The trial was complicated and I can't remember who was found guilty in the end. But it is still remembered as tragedy here.

  5. RELIGION seems to have a huge impact on these events. Atheists don't generally get trampled unless they're soccer fans. 😉

  6. I’m from the northwest uk and hills borough is something we will never forget and the families victims are still going to court for to this day, it took years to get the police to admit they messed up big time and the sun newspaper is hated by many in the northwest and people refuse to buy it due to the lies said in the paper and their pathetic excuse of an apology

  7. The Hillsborough Disaster was unquestionably one of the most horrific sporting disasters of all time. 96 Men, Women and Children turned up at an FA Cup Semi Final only to find themselves crushed to death by terrible crowd control by the South Yorkshire Police. What made things worse was the fact that the authorities tried to blame the fans for their own deaths (not helped by a certain tabloid newspaper fabricating a storyline, days after the disaster, that made monstrous accusations against the Liverpool fans, saying that fans "pick pocketed the dead," "urinated on paramedics giving the kiss of life," and "being consumed with alcohol,") it took far longer than it should have done to get to the truth, nearly 30 years. Thankfully, the Hillsborough Independent Panel, published in 2012, opened the door for the truth to be told and the initial accidental death verdicts to be overturned. All that's left now is to have the police officers responsible for the decision making, most notably the match day commander Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield, face justice

  8. Personally, I think Carl Prinzler’s panic bar was a better invention than Robert Alexander Briggs’ panic bolt. Prinzler invented his device after the Iroquois Theatre Fire.

  9. I was attending Donnington Park Rock Festival in 1988. During Guns & Roses set 2 people were crushed to death near the stage. My friend,who was a big bloke, plucked me out of the crowd as everyone surged forward. It was a horrendous experience. We were about 6ft away from where it happened. Nothing, however, compared to this list. How awful. R. I. P. To the many. X

  10. You listed Hajj stampedes but didn’t even mention the 2015 stampede which was the deadliest. The Saudis claimed that only 700+ people died, while the AP was able to estimate that 2,400+ actually died.

  11. Makes since that these stampedes happen so often at soccer games and religious events. They’re basically just a huge meeting of all the dumbest sheep in the area.

  12. The Station fire was in Rhode Island.. I dunno how New Jersey got confused with Rhode Island. Lol. No one gets anything right when it comes to this little state.

  13. The number 5, is that really from "Italian Hall Spampede"? Because it clearly reads "Suomalainen" and that means Finnish..

  14. I feel, as a top ten list channel, that if you're not doing them in any type of order, (most people dead, earliest to latest, greatest cultural significance etc) that you should specify that at the start. (Which I know you do for some videos, granted)
    But this higgeldy-piggeldy order today made no sense whatsoever, at least that I could tell.
    In my mind, top tens list are usually in order to smallest number to greatest. If you don't want to do that, that's fine, I just feel you should specify.

  15. The Hillsborough disaster wasn't a stampede, it was a crush. There was no initiating panic and flight.
    I think it's poor taste that you entered it in this list.

  16. Actually, there have been many other worse stampedes throughout history, but this video shows some of the more notorious ones during the past 150 years.

  17. The fire caused by the band Great White actually caused laws to change in the US as well as the changes brought on by the Victoria Hall Fire, because one of the biggest causes of death in that burn was the fact that all the doors opened inward, so the crush of bodies basically sealed the exits. It's why double doors and exits all open outwards on publicly occupied buildings. If you know of a public building that doesn't have door's that open outwards call your local zoning office, because they're a well documented safety hazard. Just random FYI.

  18. "Madness is rare in individuals – but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule."
    Friedrich Nietzsche.

    Also, the Khodynka Tragedy in Russia in 1896.
    1,389 people were trampled to death at a free banquet to celebrate the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II.

  19. What rank was the Cincinnati tragedy 1979? Obviously more important than any of these in subsequent (or previous) events, considering the consequences. This should have least been a "bonus fact".

  20. I REALLY hope they address the Station Fire location error! (Rhode Island not New Jersey). Otherwise, fascinating topic, thanks.

  21. I'm surprised you guys featured the Ultra Stampede. It just shows how most Filipinos are desperate for money given the poverty prevalent in the country.

  22. Laugh out loud so humans are only cattle that can only Stampede and can't think for themselves! Tabloid journalism come on guys do something better!

  23. The Who concert tragedy of 1979 claimed the lives of eleven people, injuring at least 26 others, when only one set of doors were opened to general ticket holders. The concert was evidently thought to be late in starting, as when either a soundcheck or music from 'Quadrophenia' was played, and people started shoving through the one set of doors. The concert went on, as the band was not informed of the tragedy until after the performance.

  24. I was at the 1 October shooting here in Las Vegas 57 deaths. 1994 I was in Rwanda working for the Red Cross. The Hutu rebels were trying to surround us they shot at us I felt and heard bullets wiz pass my head on my birthday. So that's just 2

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    No more no less

  26. The real horror for Hillsborough stadium injured was a visit from the she devil herself, Margaret Thatcher, trying to show empathy to the working class as she tried to crush them politically. Real cow.

  27. TopTenz is where 7/10 men living in their mum's basement go for their daily testosterone fix.
    At least I got my stapler…

  28. I wonder if these were supposed to be ranked in terms of death toll, because the order would be quite different if that were so.

  29. Crowd control experts want to do away with the term "stampede". What often happens is that, due to crowd pressure, one person will slip and fall, and the resulting "hole" in the crowd will cause others to fall into the hole, causing a domino effect. So people are literally piling on top of each other with no control over what is happening. Most people die from asphyxia due to a crushed ribcage, NOT being trampled. This is more accurate than "people trampling over each other without caring about anyone but themselves", which is what most people and the media still believe, in the face of all the evidence.

  30. Tightest outdoor crowds I ever experienced were at Mardi Gras New Orleans and Songkran Festival in Bangkok.

    I couldn't even choose which direction I was facing in New Orleans. Not unlike the front row of a big rock show.

  31. Still waiting on the video on stories from the koran since youve done it on everything else. Probably dont have the balls to do it though.

  32. Why is the picture from the italian stampede having a "suomalainen" text in it? Is it from a finnish colony in that area?

  33. At 5:16 you talk about the Hillsborough Disaster claiming the lives of 93 fans. It was actually 96 as the picture graphic rightly shows. Not a tough fact to check on, Simon. JFT96.

  34. I think the some of the stampedes here should be considered “crushes”. A crush happens when you have a large amount of people in a single area and a person can get “crushed” to death. A stampede is typically fast moving, whereas a crush is very slow moving.

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