Top 10 BEST Mythical/Event Pokemon

Top 10 BEST Mythical/Event Pokemon

what up guys my name is Stan for random tens and it's officially Pokemon and without further delay let's look at our first countdown of the month the top 10 best mythical and Avent pokemon of all time before I start though I want to make the criteria as clear as I can in order to avoid as much bias as possible each Pokemon was ranked in three main areas these include design and creativity impact on the series as a whole and finally strength and ability which can encompass anything from being powerful in the meta game to having a unique typing combination or fighting ability it's by no means perfect but I wanted to make this list as fair as possible for every event Pokemon and this criteria seemed to make the most sense at least to me and with that out of the way let's do this hopefully your favorite makes the cut number 10 there's going to be a lot of folks upset at this gen 3 pokemons placement on this countdown but the truth is that despite being admittedly adorable Jirachi doesn't have a whole lot that separates it from the other mythical beings now I'd be a fool if I didn't give this wish pokemon full points for creative design as the wish upon a star motif absolutely shines through and definitely makes this creature stand out to me and many other fans of the series it's also worth pointing out that Jirachi has a unique typing combination that in terms of both event and legendary Pokemon is unique to only it which along with its signature move doom desire adds up to one impressionable pocket monster but I do think that it also has a few things working against it for starters its overall impact on the series and popularity in general is pretty low especially considering the most recent Pokemon games were remakes of Gen 3 don't get me wrong Jirachi has many fans around the world but with zero real impact on the games seriously it's one of the only event Pokemon without an actual in-game event and a pretty mediocre movie as it's one real showcase this psychic steel-type just doesn't cut it among some of its more accomplished peers I imagine that this placing especially will prove controversial and may even get a few nasty comments but even though I personally love Jirachi quite a bit objectively it just barely makes the cut number nine I'll be honest depending on the next few months this mysterious Pokemon could eventually go much higher or much lower depending on how its perceived by audiences and with a new movie on the horizon it's about time we finally talked about volcanion now I've got to say for the record I hated this Pokemon when it first leaked two years ago I honestly thought it was bad fan art drawn by someone who loves Naruto just a little too much but lo and behold volcanion is officially the 720 first Pokemon and after a few years myself and I think many others as well have warmed up to this steam Pokemon right off the bat it gets huge points in this strength and ability department by simply being the first firewater hybrid Pokemon ever this is one of those typing combinations that diehard fans have been wanting for years and personally although I think it could have been done a lot better volcanion at least does stand out and has a design that's as unique as its typing also I think its ability water absorb makes perfect sense as it basically uses water as fuel to power its attacks and movements on the other hand though volcanion x' typing is fairly exploitable making it look more intimidating than it actually is at this particular moment in time volcanion has become a poster boy of sorts for the Pokemon franchise and so it's hard to accurately place it on a list like this however there's no doubt in my mind that if it can deliver a solid film and really make an impact this summer it could go on to become one of the most popular mythical Pokemon ever made number 8 for whatever reason I've always found gen-5 to be the most polarizing generation throughout pokemons 20 year history some fans absolutely love it well just as many despise it to the same degree however when it comes to the first pokemon in the u nova decks everyone seems to be on the exact same page Victini has one of those timeless designs where it's simple enough that it practically looks like a throwback to Gen 1 and yet still has enough detail that it could belong in Sun and moons lineup beyond its design Victini also has a sizable impact on the series overall being one of the first gen 5 pokemon ever revealed as well as appearing as the main star in parallel films during the black and white series unfortunately however in terms of strength and ability Victini sort of has a rough time as there's nothing beyond its signature move and victory star ability that helped it really stand out also being a psychic fighter type comes with a large amount of weaknesses and can leave this creature helpless against many diversified teams it's not bad in battle but it's by no means great and when coupled with its lack of uniqueness even its stellar design can't save it from only capturing the number 8 spot number 7 I'm not sure why but for some reason gamefreak became increasingly fond of alternate forms for Pokemon in later generations this applies to everyday run-of-the-mill Pokemon mascot Legendary's and yes even mythical Pokemon like the next creature on our list so it's a little shocking that despite being relatively new to the series Hoopa along with its unbound form brought a need of fresh air to the whole mythical Pokemon concept with not one but two very interesting designs personally I thought it was brilliant to give players both a cutesy and powerful mythical Pokemon all in one package and overall I truly believe Hoopa is one of game freak's best designs in years being based on a genie Hoopa brought something new to the table in terms of origin and theme and with Hoopa can find players also got their first taste of a psychic ghost type Pokemon in fact both of hoopa's forms have pretty insane typing and once mastered Hoopa is a decent addition to any team the only place it's really lacking seems to be impact and truth be told this Pokemon didn't set the world on fire with its big screen debut and since then it's only faded more and more in terms of popularity as Pokemon continues to expand its roster still though Koopa was a refreshing addition to the mythical Pokemon family and in my personal opinion you should check it out for yourself if you haven't already number 6 sometimes when I make objective lists like this one my opinions and choices can slip through the cracks and inform decisions I can't deny this fact and at the end of the day I'm human and sometimes my prejudices and subconscious sway me in a direction that might not make logical sense but I promise I really do try to make these countdowns as fair as I possibly can and it's for this reason that putting Celebi in the number 6 spot hurts so much for those who don't know I would easily put this bug-eyed forest Guardian in my top 15 Pokemon of all time just outside of the top 10 I love time travel and all of the stories it creates and for me Celebi is an adorable embodiment of all of that however even though it's appeared in two films and has one of the cooler in-game events as well as an entire communal website named after it going by the rules I've said Celebi doesn't crack the top 5 sadly too many in the Pokemon community it will always be overshadowed by the original mythical Pokemon and for some reason this psychic grass-type just never caught on the same way in fact there's even a recent Japanese popularity poll where Celebi placed below other event mainstays like Shaymin manaphy and even Keldeo now I know that polls don't mean everything but besides popularity Celebes also not the greatest fighter in the Pokemon universe and it's not nearly as strategic as other creatures like the aforementioned Shaymin and Keldeo so although I personally love it and I know many others do too I can't justify putting it any higher than sixth on a countdown like this even if it has a memorable design and one of the bigger impacts on the series overall number 5 quick question what's the most neglected typing in all of Pokemon now to be fair you could make an argument that both poison and of course ghost types are grossly underrepresented across the series but for whatever reason I always thought that bug types got the Rost end of the deal however that was alleviated a bit when black and white were finally released and with that generation we also got our first bug type mythical Pokemon in Jennison of course I can't bring up this science experiment without making them you to comparison and in many ways that's fair they're both powerful man-made Pokemon created by the evil gang of their respective generations and they both shared the screen in the 16th pokemon film however I think genesect does have enough that differentiates it from its Gen 1 co-star for starters it's very creation and design leaves players with far more questions than Mewtwo ever did with logical theories that genesect may even be revived Kabutops with cybernetic enhancements it's the sort of pokemon that has some weight and mystery to its backstory kind of like mute and I think fans of the series really enjoy that kind of thing on top of that as mentioned before this is the first mythical bug type Pokemon and it's as good in battle as it is unique having the same typing a scissor gives this purple insect an incredible lineup of resistances and only 1/4 times weakness to fire however it can also use its signature move techno blast to become an adaptable weapon in four different typings including both fire and water and finally and possibly most surprisingly remember that popularity poll I mentioned earlier well apparently in Japan at least genesect is incredibly well life because it plays sixth out of every single Pokemon that's higher than requisites higher than Mewtwo and that's even higher than Charizard genesect is by no means perfect and at the end of the day there are still both more creative and powerful mythical Pokemon out there but with the compelling history of versatile move pool and it's surprising popularity it would be a crime if it somehow didn't make the top 5 number four I'm not too sure about how gamefreak and the Pokemon company feel about this next entry but if there's one thing I do know is that it's fans adore it maybe it's because it's just designed so well or maybe it's because it was the star of one of the best Pokemon films ever made but either way Darkrai is one of the most glorified mythical Pokemon to come out of the entire series it has a simplicity in its design that gives off both the sense of foreboding and loneliness and I believe that's where a lot of its support comes from Darkrai is sort of like that really big guy in high school who everyone's terrified of but actually has a heart of gold it gets a bad rap just for looking a certain way and I think a lot of folks can relate to that sort of thing beyond aesthetics though it's fairly generic for a mythical Pokemon as it has the standard 600 based at total but no alternate forms or game-changing abilities to help increase its prowess on the battlefield it does get a few points however for being the only dark type legendary or mythical Pokemon we had at least until Gen 6 and of course this is one of those rare Pokemon that really does leave a huge impression on people it's flawed that's for sure but in a way I think that's sort of the point of a creature like cry and regardless of Game Freak chooses to promote it to the world or not it's clear that the world can't get enough of this pitch-black Pokemon number three I won't try to sugarcoat this one deoxys is a very controversial choice for number three on a list like this there's no doubt in my mind that both Darkrai and even Celebi have made a greater impact on fans over the years but let me at least try and explain my reasoning for putting it so high whereas most of the mythical Pokemon on this list have made their greatest impressions on audiences via the films and the anime series the oxys has been an innovator of the games think about it for a second before Game Freak went crazy giving every special Pokemon some origin for more primal evolution the oxys was the first legendary or mythical Pokemon that could switch its forms therefore making it more specialized to battle however the player wanted sure technically Castform came first but before it became just another routine part of legendary and event poke on the oxys form changes were a pretty creative way to give it some personality now I'll admit that in terms of popularity it's got nothing on many of its mythical fears but by being one of the most unique pokemons ever created and being a pioneer in terms of battle strategy I think this Pokemon is vastly underrated in terms of what it's done for the series and might I add that to this day deoxys is the only event or mythical Pokemon that actually has a real in-game story and weight behind it being a catchable pokemon in omega ruby and alpha sapphire is it ever going to be voted prom queen absolutely not but does it deserve its spot as the number three best mythical Pokemon it's certainly up for debate but I think so number two well considering the criteria and all I suppose figuring out the top two probably was a no-brainer some people will claim that this is just another boring countdown but if I'm being objectively fair there's no way that these next two pokemon wouldn't come out on top so the only question remaining is one of placement and with all the criteria laid out I think it makes sense that you would take the number two spot now this is a tricky one because not only is Mew one of my favorite Pokemon period it's also the og mythical so how could I give the oxys so much credit for being innovative and then only ranked Mew second when it's almost guaranteed that many of the creatures on this list wouldn't even exist without well despite being deeply ingrained in pokemons lore and critical to the overall success of the series Mew just isn't as powerful or as strategic as the number one on this countdown it's got a fantastic and let's face it iconic design that puts every succeeding cute legendary to shame it's malleable as heck with the ability to learn almost every single move in the games and its impact on the series is up there with the likes of Pikachu itself and yet would you believe that in the popularity poll I've mentioned throughout this video Mew only finished third in voting so which two Pokemon beat it out to take the gold and silver medals respectively well in first was greninja but what shocked me the most was which mythical Pokemon out placed the original number 151 so as it turns out Mew is an incredible Pokemon and basically as perfect as you can get when it comes to mythical designs and yet what's perfection in the face of a god number one full disclaimer this number one Pokemon has a lot of ways to pronounce its name and I'm just gonna go with the one I feel most comfortable with capiche so yeah as surprising as it sounds the Sinnoh creator of all Pokemon Arceus actually placed ahead of mu in not only that popularity poll but also this countdown so how could that be well essentially Game Freak set the impossible task of creating an embodiment of God in the Pokemon universe a creature that both look to end affected players as only a die T could and from everything I've seen they succeeded when wielding one of its seventeen plates Arceus is capable of becoming any type of Pokemon that the player wants which unsurprisingly gives this Pokemon unparalleled depth while playing competitive you add in the fact that it also possesses a ridiculous 720 base stat total and a very deep move pool and there's no denying that in terms of strength and ability Arceus comes out on top its design also has a certain reality to it that makes it stand out as something special immediately and I would argue that Arceus is to the powerful looking of n Pokemon what Mew is to the cute ones and although personally I think my mom would be way more likely to recognize Mew than Arceus I can't deny the global impact and appeal it's had on the series and even though Mew will always be the creature I imagine when I think of mythical Pokemon there's tons of evidence that proves that Arceus is at least for now the most popular of all its legendary and event brethren worldwide and so despite all of the entries on this countdown being incredible additions to the Pokemon series in terms of the criteria Arceus is hands-down the strongest most adaptable and best mythical and event Pokemon ever made well I hope I didn't offend too many people with that countdown and I really hope that you guys are especially excited for this year's edition of Pokemon please let me know your favorite mythical or event Pokemon in the comments section below follow us on twitter at random tens if you feel so inclined and as I always say happy hunting baby rhinos hey guys Stan here I just want to quickly apologize for the lack of content the lack of uploading on Saturday mornings like our you know under our name on our channel banner says we will do basically what's been going on is some really great stuff has happened and some really not so great stuff has kind of happened to me my personal life over the past month or so I would say and it's nothing crazy crazy bad I am perfectly fine I'm perfectly okay healthy happy things are good it's just been really really tricky to edit and deal with all of that stuff that's happening as well so I've had to cut some corners and unfortunately I've had to delay some things so if Pokemon does end up going into a little bit into August then it's not the end of the world but I just thought I owed you guys kind of an explanation as to what's going on behind the scenes but starting officially like right now I have already begun work on the next episode for Pokemon and hopefully you guys will get to see that next week so stay tuned for that and thank you so much for watching this video and take care

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  1. The things with Groudon/Kyogre creating the continents/waters , Dialga/Palkia creating time/space, Arceus creating everything are false, they are just mistakes that Gamefreak made in its edgy period with stories that don't make sense.

  2. Maybe if they did something with jirachi it could be higher up like tf they didn’t do anything with it in the original games then made a remakes and still did nothing with jirachi smh😡

  3. The HG/SS Arceus event creeped me out royally. Real life images. That music. It did not feel right in the moment, and then just SHOCKING you back into the regular game, with the victory tune as you recieve another pokemon.

  4. I agree with your pronunciation of Arceus. After all, the original Japanese katakana (アルセウス) is transliterated as Aruseusu. It’s not アルケウス (Arukeusu)

  5. What i mean is in one episode of Pokemon there is a mewtwo with a girl voice when the first one sounded like a boy

  6. Poison was the most comon typ in Gen 1. Not even wather.
    What is whit Zorua? The first Event only Pokemon who can be catcht in later games? And had a Evoltion.


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