24 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST GUNS IN PUBG RIGHT NOW! (2019 Updated)

  1. In MY opinion:

    10. Kar98k
    9. UMP9
    8. DP-28
    7. M16A4
    6. VECTOR
    5. AKM
    4. M762
    3. M24
    2. M416
    1. AWM


    10. A good sniper rifle above everything aside from the list, high damage but low rounds and slow reload…

    9. The UMP9 is like a close brother to the VECTOR, but less damage, slower firing rate, but higher mag capacity.. only thing going for it tho…

    8. Much better than the UMP9, is the DP-28. Like the M416 but a slower reload and higher recoil in standing postion.

    7. M16A4 is a great gut but it's not automatic, it has high damage and if you can click/ tap fast then your gonna shred in close range. Plus one of the only AR's that can be used as an DMR.

    6. The VECTOR is WAY better than the M416 in close range but has a really low mag capacity at 13- and can only upgrade to 24 rounds at a time.

    5. The AKM is a true competitor to the M416 and M762 but isn't as strong as both of them, it's iron sight is the worst iron sight of all the AR's as a bonus.

    4. The M762 is like a close brother to M416 as the UMP9 is to the VECTOR, it's just a little slower in firing rates. It also cant compete in recoil standards..

    3. The M24 is like the AWM but weaker in power. But it won't help in anything but Far range.

    2. The M416 is the god of all AR's. Controllable recoil, high firing rate, high power, good in all ranges, compatible with mags such as the extended mag. Which boosts it to 40 rounds…

    1. The AWM, it is the best gun. Good in far range but it's just a little stronger than the M416.

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