23 thoughts on “Tony LaRussa yells at reporter in Chicago 1991

  1. Here is the link to the Dave Stewart transvestite prostitute story.

  2. Back in 1991 ESPN was great! I remember it being great from 1990-2000, then it started declining. I was too young to remember ESPN from the 80’s.

  3. Reporter Robert V. Glass. 1926-2006. Here is an article after his death.

  4. Wow, I was at this game in the right-center bleachers. SO far away from all the action. I remember it being a warm Saturday night in the summer.

  5. Bunch ofmillionaires who would probably all be working fast food if they could not hit a ball yelling at an old man for doing his job.

  6. Larussa was 100% right to be pissed. Everyone in baseball at that time remembered that Dickie Thon had his career ended on exactly that type of pitch. All star career–gone.

  7. Mcwire and Canseco would've made an excellent pro wrestling tag team, and still could have called em The Bash Brothers

  8. You don't think this was a tight group… You drop Steiny and if you see Rickey sticking up for someone you know they are tight! Loved this team!

  9. I've never understood why Teams don't just Ban Reporters who make an Ass of themselves? If You BAN Them They're Out of a Job!

  10. how does this happen unless you wanted it to happen…i pitched and never hit a single batter… too much spit? these children and their games…if anybody threw at my head with intent all bets would be off…yet it still happens why hasent any batter thrown the bat oops it slipped the pitchers way? CRAZY!

  11. Let me tell you…..there were some dudes on this A's team that you didn't want to pick a fight with. Not just Dave Stewart, but the juicers like Canseco. Roids users are loose cannons. Roids Rage can actually put someone into a psychotic state. You add that to a guy as big as Canseco, and you're asking for danger.

  12. Ah… Back when players could be human and have emotions without social media there to make a big deal out of it

  13. That reporter did nothing wrong he asked La Russa a question La Russa said I'm not talking about it. The guy said ok don't yell at me he's trying to do a job but bully La Russa smarts back then the hell broke in locker room cause La Russa was a jerk to the reporter. I normally don't side with media will here though.

  14. Canseco didn't have the cajones to go after Frank Thomas. And LaRussa ought to think twice about getting in Fisk's face.

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