28 thoughts on “Tips For Business Success by Diddy

  1. Hi there,

    Awesome Video.

    What other hacks have you got?

    Currently I am looking at other good tip videos



  2. 37.50 my answer from a white boy asked to combs about the future of black culture i would not say focus on hiphop. I say buy into other industries evolve not with just great music and great clothing but great construction companies, health care
    and shit. diversify like the Spanish who owned so much treasure and gold in ancient times are now owners of the largest construction company in the world ACR. I know because i worked on the side of a highway in qld Australia and the money filtered through 5 companies to the Spanish company.

  3. Diddy, you looking greasy and fine. I don't want your money, I want you Bae. Who loves you Diddy. Diddy, your name, Diddy makes me hot. I want you to love me.

  4. What do you believe is a better approach. As my budgets low to compete at a high level, do you recommend building from my corner out to build success into a higher competitive stage, or keep reaching out to the people who inspire me at the higher level to build with the winners. A balance of both? I hope it's worthwhile your time to answer, thank you for inspiring me daily Puff. Blessings

  5. Puff,
    I am praying for you night and day. I am grateful to God for your strength.
    Apostle Corleder

  6. What do you guys want? There is no secret formula to success. He gave you all the advice you need. 1. Surround yourself with like minded people. 2. Get up early and work harder then the next man 3. Educate yourself because we lack knowledge. His success will not be the same as your success. 4 Most important dont give up🤷🏽‍♀️Its a simple formula he cant give you your own success. Education is so important.

  7. I here you, I can feel where I want to be it seems like It's just right here like I can just can just move my foot one more step literally and My business and work will that I have been doing I can See it. I'm a Little afraid but, I will strive to be Greater at what I do. Reality and Trying to get it. Your words have Inspired me I will Make me a team and Stop being solo.

    I will continue to strive to my goals and let god give me the increase because the increase is given by god. He gives me the money and I'm working on my increase with god.

  8. Idk every time I see diddy I think to myself this is the man that's responsible for having a great man killed, someone that could of uplifted our people, he just seems evil to me I don't care how rich he is he'll never be a better man then pac,

  9. Thank you for this bros maybe I be wrong thinking its easier than real to succed make sacrifice, do thing make you feel like you wanna die, do a lot of thing you dont like … I know its hard but nothing easy gonna make you bece better chose the hard way its the way to upgrade your levels, to make your brain work cause if the brain dont work that what happend you go on sleep mode but escape that mode the brain have no limit theres nothing we can't face nothing we can't do to that hearts still believe you have this power you don't see don't know your blind everybody deserve this feeling when you see the real potential of brain so plz make it work harder way no calculators use head, no phpne app to show you answer no map use old school materials do your own fuck the tv listen music god bless rap they try to make people afraid of but rap is the reason i still fight the reason i still breath rap save me when i try suicide… nobody on top are criminal or gangsta if they gangster they get shot or arrest direct on the stage when they make show … Wake up fight rap nobody gonna shot you or fight you cause you got flow so fight and listen to puffy yalll joy to world

  10. Entrepreneurship is not the only thing that can save us economically, actually. Most people just aren't cut out for business life. It is irresponsible for him to put that out like that.

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