Tim's Novelty Business Cards

Tim's Novelty Business Cards

business cards I have to give a lot of them for all the references and I usually keep them stacked like this and then at the end of five years start weeding them out and every trade fair yet or I have to take a business card home sometimes there's ones more durable when I flip them into albums with people I've got a long term relationship with and a lot of like stamp husbands but these ones are ones I keep a little bit longer but that's how business cards are kept and become aware they're over the years that are our business cards and calling cards which are a little more interesting and for these I really felt I actually keep them for good forever and these are my core collection of novelty business cards not really calling cards they've all got something very quirky about them here's the first section of well the materials are made up for instance this guy I love the octogenarian at the Nuremberg Toy Fair makes wooden toys he doesn't want to live so this is a piece of wood and it made this business card from it how appropriate how appropriate and sensible these people make leather goods so their card is made it's quite difficult reading so but that's litter so as the materials are making it from a wonderful fabrication for metals this one here has been cut by laser and that's stainless steel and to show steel I'll show another card which company make is magnetic plastic this is magnetic plastic but it will now pick up the steel because it's like the ties wonderful both those cards are relevant to the businesses that are being pursued when I was at a boarding school I used to have that name now my name tab but I never put my article clothing and caches have been doing it for decades in England this is a woven card it's been woven exactly how they make their tapes to show their artwork and if a company is making this curious form of plastic and it's a very very hard but general plastic they make the card off the material to show you can to show what it's what it feels like that the front out there making it sensible and one which will change colour with the heat of the hand it's got a bit hot in here so does it going to change much now but it's one of those ones which changes the greens and blues to reds and it's made of that material it'll display a beautiful one from Hong Kong of one that makes tentacle and when you move this up and down it's a business card it's called all the use of it but look at the action of thinking from that superb and if I put it into my wallet when I first received it great joy because it was a business card and the last to this company makes these little sachets with shampoos and things so the business card contained a quid in it I think is dried out now probably but it's a completely self-contained sell with the business details and an example of their work for it and this funny type of company solds those packets of these bubble plastics for children's parties and their business card the details on the back had two public bubble plastic on the front techno pop pop so that's one the first section of cards which are actually relevant to whatever they're making another section are ones where they've got what they does what service are giving on the back this one for instance makes micro map so that's example of what they do there's a micro map of central London with the Thames running through that's a lovely example of it the mock extend one of these which have done for decades and it is is the printer or something cheerful like a calendar on the back 1998 this was but it's quite common to have a calendar on the back of the business card and helpful to if you are a card maker and as people make playing cards then it's a quirky idea to put a game of poker on the back with the rules to it and scoring and a friend of mine from Boston who makes dice beautiful sets of dies bosses to put a little dice game on the back tells you how to play over together dice out of many well christmas lanco a bit like a puzzle friend of mine he's got nothing on the back of this one but he shows a nice little puzzle on the front way you have to solve the puzzle here and also this ones which are magic eyes at two examples of it these are working magic eyes and they give the detail on the back of the company but these are magic eyes we have to get your eyes parallel in and gets three-dimensional appearances the last one is a French company which produce for their business card this you had to put little bits of finger on it but it was a sore throat when it spun round you spell it fast you got the you got the bird of hearing of the cage but it was a business card so these are all relevant to what they're producing I like these ideas another genre would be very humorous ones this one is very silly but it's it to me it was fat funny and of course it was tongue-in-cheek it wasn't any retarded this one is even better this called inverse advertising it's a hospital I stayed for it in Devon that says louder this lousy that and don't drink so so but actually it's very pleasant place to stay in invert magazine of advertising the last section which I think is my favorite has wonderful cards where they really take sometimes take your breath away this one for instance it make offers equipment and it's a pop-up card I've had several of these but this is the best of them but a lot as you open it up there's wonderful action of there's office equipment performing their functions superb and another one I've this Court recently talks about cutting edge of media and marketing if it's like a razor blade it's not sharp of course but it's actually made of stainless steel and as a business card wonderful idea another one has a tape on the back of the record so you can play this I've tried doing it I need equipment for it but it would have lots of details on it but it's the same time the business card and a magician who I know does a long car trip so on the back of his key card of course he has to have the bicycle deck than those famous all the of all the magic cards on the back of his car this one here is like a magic trick a friend of mine who was helping the exploratory Bristol and you're it's already pre-cut and when you turn it like that I put it on the table you're asked to try and work out how that was made because it's got this curious property that it's six there but it's not thick so it's very strange well the answer is it to twist like that you don't twisting acts like that and it really becomes obvious what's happened but to make a business card like that I think it's brilliant even better was this one here which is just says how question mark this is a design company in the West End of London this one it's got thermochromic ink so when you wore it in your hands I walk hands almost immediately it starts changing color and then suddenly that message how becomes clear how are you it asks in a bit faint I think the actual details of persons of the designer but it's readable and the nice idea and when you put it back on the cold surface on the table it will eventually go back to black again magician a friend of mine who I stay with New York has got a marvelous card it's black all the way around but in it says his name is Marc Senter McCarty all in mirror writing but hang on there's the mirror so if I held it up like this I should be able to get this read his name Marc Cedric Artie he's magician based in New York what a wonderful idea a guy called Scott Kim does inversions that's his business car and it says Scott Kim this way and it's inversions which is when he's famous for that way he was approached by another magician up in Scotland his name was Douglas Cameron he did something very clever I think Douglas Cameron had the original idea for this but it's got him extra blue stood from Douglas Cameron magician out of days ago and his profession is it turns upside down and back to front magician ma GIC i n so the middle of this word here went up this upside down and back to front smells his profession what an incredible idea this one is produced by some card people and exhibit do this to me but actually when you turn it round they're looking at cars and another magicians card what I had for many years ago my own car this was was one where you sign like that to this person to sign the card and when you finished signing the car the top left-hand corners at Rober sitting outside it says the fan to be fooled would pull it out give it as a person and when they looked at it they saw our name but when they turned it over the birds gone inside the cage beautiful little trick to play on people in the latest card I've got which I've had a lot of fun with is this peculiar thing here which is anamorphic as a say on both sides you have to hold it up to eye level and then you can read timro at the time any long stretched letters there telephone number address website brand of the is all there like that so my appears to people to find interesting ways of doing things with business cards even when they're finished you can do interesting things these american business cards for instance which are a certain size 7 by 4 but when you do that you can leave the new to this sort of thing so you don't need to tear them away so i had to do a talk once of my business club about business cards and my plea was try and be more inventive with the business cards you've got and see if you can get more customers to pronoun trying to make them is um throw away a ball as possible these ones i have to throw away because after at five years so finished but these ones i can't stray away though they're too interesting they've got some very very clever ideas Oh

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  1. Wait. Did that one card really say Ambridge co? I live in Ambridge, Pennsylvania which is the home of the American Bridge Company a.k.a. Ambridge co! And my grandfather worked there once! I'm Indirectly linked with Tim!

  2. 5:24

    I believe I am not the only person here to think of Tim slicing his fingers up thinking the business card was not sharp.

  3. Buddy of mine got arrested for selling pot in college . He had some business cards as a gag printed out saying the good time guru. Cops used it as evidence of his drug empire lmfao

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  5. That card at 5:40 can be used with your normal computer cd-rom. Some trays even have a specific shape to accept those but any drive will do.

  6. Thats very respectful of you to keep people's business cards. Most of us take them and throw them away when the other person isn't looking…. or use the really thin ones to get shit out of your teeth before you throw it away.

  7. i cant help but watch these videos before i sleep because they are so wholesome and calming to watch

  8. "here I have this business card from a fellow in the US military. it's actually, as you might have noticed a fully functional Desert Eagle, with the word 'business' etched on the side."

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