21 thoughts on “TIME TRAVEL?! The Government might have already achieved this!

  1. I think Albert Einstein built a Time Machine but he probably destroyed it knowing that his invention can do evil

  2. I'd wager that if time travel exists, time travelers have already tried to "mess with" history and found out that they shouldn't have, so they had to essentially change it back.

  3. What if we could only travel forward in time but not backwards and if you traveled once than you could not return to your own timeline 🤔

  4. I'd go back in time when electricity was not invented, i'd take a photo camera with me and threaten ppl to give me their gold or i'd take their soul inside the camera, then i'd come back here with all the gold and be a billionaire. What evil thing would you do?

  5. Beyond Science is the perfect name for your channel. What lies beyond science? Pseudoscience.

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