what we think is gonna happen I mean I know what I think is gonna happen based off of what people said they think is gonna happen but I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna say it I just think the volcano is gonna erupt shit's gonna go down that's that's the start of it okay it's just the beginning what do you think marksmen I just want Topher gun I thought of it I've been hoping that I wanted that for every event big-ass Ice King came on the map I thought he was gonna stomp over that he didn't do shit yeah we thought the queue was gonna roll over it nothing we thought the earthquakes we're gonna drop it off nothing but we might be here no no we don't just you the only one the party yeah over here over there where you are over here over here weird like tilted gone man I like my tilted yeah you're on controller it makes sense see settings of X put everything on epic dude what you gotta see the event in polo glory guys see the event in 4k or some shit yeah yeah turn down the sweat just a notch okay drop the frames a bit press the revs we know it's like using that taskbar stretch dress thing you're like one-third the screen seen some images I know what's going on that bad let me see ways it um hi epic 9 now my PC is gonna explode if I do that you can how long does it get the cube with the frames right now it's gonna start on the bus thank you yeah looks like what is going on here we team red or blue brietta blue right Dan we have the longer one oh well might people see it as we fly over here you're like 30 seconds 40 seconds till it starts I think I am thanking the bus driver E ministry shortcut about Mikey here says 159 ice is 157 mines right Devon okay good my mom pcs was a little fast I'm gonna lay in the dusty ain't havin nobody murder my ass we're going dusty I'm going I'm just gonna grab a couple guns and then a hoverboard or something we'll go like pirate camp then I remember ball balls are peeve in this modem shirt this game does look good on epic but god is it like oh shit I fly way lower than I thought oh my god I wasn't paying attention I'm so low way lower I thought it was not good I'm so on all epic so I need what we're gonna need some weapons so people don't kill us I had to assert dominance before when some of these events that didn't feel good about it I got a hundred and ten frames I think it's because I'm rendering a video pretty much I have 90 frames actually got 200 I usually got shadow body things like eye shadow bombs – nice two minutes nice I'm gonna make my little metal base right here so nobody hits me you guys got shield say what happened to my 50 use redeploy did you drop it to change on I didn't drop it well okay you need it K here there's only a minute left shit alright I got shadow bombs – I'm coming over quick I need some minis nice big pot we're gonna have some good of comms over here boom boom boom but dumb here they got a redeploy flying over now are we going on top of that big rock next to you I'm gonna build the street on the hello tilted I mean I'm going to the hill of tilted no don't tell me there's no hoverboards here wait you want to go far away son of a bitch if tilt was destroyed I want to be able to see it what do you mean tilt is gonna be this I want it gone just come I'm gonna go this is a good idea right here we're gonna build a huge metal base right up here I'm going to Mars oh my god what is happening I can't see my inventory No Oh fight there's no fighting in cinematic mode I don't how much mattes I have left this is not good 45 seconds where you guys at 45 that's a giant ramp of stupidity yeah I'm seeing a lake and all going up his stupid ramp trying to get over there yeah I'm gonna build now don't just shoot me down we're good I got redeploy anyway Oh giant these people are literally on like this and they're gonna die they'll fall through and gone in there yo oh my god I'm nervous please tilted please get deleted all these guys are blocking my vision did a little bit but when they all die it's all good oh my god 10 seconds well you guys have you guys thought metal over there do ya yeah I'm the brick look at me I'm jumping one second starting oh hey I'll see a sec where's the time right oh there s you know blah blah here oh I'm blind I'm blind it's zero Oh or not the vault is opening all their design dudes build just broke oh oh it's all the buddies are opening yeah there's like scheming yeah what though what's oh oh poor wood wasn't here but I can't destroy it I know if you bill up to the right maybe my yo should we go in I'll guard it Oh guardian no it's butter Conan it's shaking I'm not going in by the close I'm closer to sobering up more it is I can't see shit from here did I miss it oh I can't see what is this you got one in came inside you guys should have came inside oh I'm coming inside now I don't have a redeploy oh my god you could have both Oh vote I'm voting I want to be all get to vote now I bet I want the jump gun all we get to hold no please for the love of the drum go tumblr nerd grappling or jump gun I'm thinking bouncer is hitting it with votes is it I don't know don't go thank you smacking this thing is one does your vote yes sir damn it bouncer players vote drum good its effect nice you can hop over there they're all late I'm hitting the blade it's the drunk gun I'm so mad – look at me I'm pinning the blade right here oh my god is the freaking health on it's so much further down than anything else oh yeah the goal too / oh my god yeah look at the health on it it's actually going down like super fat is that oh wait the jump cuts by the way oh no they're going on it's going up that's cool is it yeah oh please God I'm gonna get some hate it it's alright come back come back come back for good we all did if I want to get something I'm gonna get something I'm not going for the bouncer anymore it's not going up enough bro to jump guns crack and look it's about to break open look it's all right fuck it let's just speed this up the drum I refuse I will watch these knives and console play let's break this thing let's go yeah it's about open up 240 DPS coming back baby let's do it the most games all you boss the can aim with shotguns in your wish oh nice nice good coms Can I grab it oh my god now we all spawn with 5 drum guns I'm so mad I don't even just game sucks oh please tilted please disappear since we've been waiting oh no no that's gonna retail that's gonna retail for sure that one's retail ok that's retail r.i.p Oh what was that you miss you suck and bloom nice hi kiddos bloom is no no no please not three five seasons I've been waiting for that five seasons thank you oh I think I just came I think I just came Oh let's go investigated yes get rid of it thank God although we got to finish the volcanoes John we got to take down this building but necessary we should probably get rid of it I'm finishing the volcanoes job no way are you serious getting rid of some of these box over here serious dude or what you know it wasn't in the vault that's so why wasn't I wasn't siphoning already you dirty bitch that's so dumb why would they do that oh my god rocks dude what I'm get rid of all these BOTS around here I'm getting so we can destroy this town no I'm about to go see the volcano let's get rid of this building Tyler we got we got we got all the bots out of here let's mine it out we gotta get rid of it now are you serious or some more I do want to take a look dude that is not fair it's really likes a hot drop now this is so not tilted thank God anything but tilted but yeah I'm still pissed about the drum gun all you fucking idiots you voted for it I denounced you forever you can no longer be friends with me dude let's go to volcano let's go to volcano we heard this building first we need all tilted gone I know I smacked the vault I know I smacked the drum gun too but it was guaranteed to win and I wanted to see tilted explode I was just hurrying up that problem you serious right now yeah we gotta hit the retail I'm going I'm building up right now I got 43 clients an accent it's not fair god this is amazing nope that was tilted is what makes the only other thing that's funny the world come for East Coast starts in an hour people literally because perm really invisible fuck him what night is ass I don't care dude there's nothing fun there's no Saipan there's no life on dude there's no Saiyans around here there's nothing this game is dirt booty booty it's all dollar fair it's so unfair I'm trying to get permanent invisibility Tyler I'm gonna do it you got Matt along with that uh uh yeah I've 600 breaking this light is for you yeah yeah we need we need a build up for retail dude this is so sad where the gliders Arnie gliders it's right here right here down here this is so sad Jodie look there's gliders missin X we both got something we wanted in something we didn't want all right you got your stupid Opie drum gun okay I did it they do it why would you want Tilton makes the game fun yeah oh it does I don't land there ever because it's ass it's annoying there's hot drop three peaking fights now there's no I got a glitch Tyler unfortunately I got killed and respawn ii lose my shadow bombs so now I just have an infinite shadow bottom city right now Wildcat we're gonna shot down and I'm going already I'm going to reach him oh my god blacktops is left holding the building no resi part is still there but the fucking black tops are going shot me down assholes we're here to lose e and how are SART team Lucy this is so unfair it's so funny that the building survived though the only building has perfect amazing the storm is coming we're not even gonna make it a volcano I don't care I get to see it a little bit a dying storm I can respawn other team isn't gonna kill for me perfect nice this is sad I'm happy I'm happy too I never liked retail I'd never like tilted so I think we're a perfect spot now this game just got a lot better nice dude I'm going volcano yo shoot at it go get your revenge oh my god the drum gun over here it's still erupting yeah what I'm supposed to do to that oh yeah look at that that's sick look what happens if you go in it that's what I'm saying investigate I don't know how there's not like a bunch of lava spitting out the side of it your bigs going right now oh I'm so disappointed in everyone who voted for the drum gun I am too bro lava is still a drop whoa there's loot in here there's loot in here this isn't fair that's because nobody landed there you didn't have 65 people dying there in the first 40 seconds of the game love volcano still a drive there's still loot in here and everything well the drive along huh what's underneath the lava I don't know I'm gonna go up to it though there's nothing is Lily just what it used to be I'm going up through it whew doesn't kill me at school are you serious dude hilted why I don't understand it tilts it made the game fun when people are gonna go somewhere now what happened roms gonna be now so that's pretty gonna have a lot more people the first drop of the bus is always gonna be lit pleasant pleasant the biggest place now the first drop off the bus is gonna be the hottest every time though there's no more tilted dude Oh having a fax on high is there's no more high kill games inside the fiery depths of hell look at this this is just great this is just great let me go back to the filters real quick game just got a lot better I agree what do you got well had everybody gotten worse it's what a drum gun just to fuck over everybody else while you've lost tilted console gang hashtag saying I need to go back to tilt it one more time apparently someone's saying so much Hilton yeah look at look at polar Pete so that one that missed tilted hit polar peak it like practice what yeah right there right there big Joker will fall over and then knock out the bond or whatever the lake and thank God I see that broke I was about to be pissed pull is my hot my drop how about it well we I'm surprised didn't vote for the sword then I like the sword back yeah what's sword again I was trying so hard for bouncers serious man this is so sad this is so sad I can't look at tilt it is not even tilted towers are we gonna change a thing there's not a tower don't worry X is like man top 10 anime betrayus level sure and honestly I can't believe it how did they do it single guy has a bow this is just enquired I don't want to play this game out does it really go to 200 yeah I know right wanna play just gave out either there's no more tilted oh we don't play in a game out then looking at the fault let's think it's cracked I hope it's just cracked like I hope it's cuz pull is my job that's why I draw for Lake I think it's safe I need to go take a look cuz we got a you had a drum gonna good news it does come right not better when I just love fucking us the event literally starts in an hour and if poll is destroyed I'm gonna be sad cuz now I need to think of it it looks fine it's just the mountain is cracked yeah it looks crack that day why do they keep making changes before an event because it's keeps you on your toes all right the best competitors can adapt adapt just build and we can have so many cool things back and said we get the fucking dumbass German I can't wait to have just little BOTS spring that up my wall and hitting bullets through it 450 damage of these if you ask me I would have agreed way uh grappler 4 movement for endgame I would rather have literally the drum gun is probably the one I wanted back the leaf at least the swordless funny the plains were good for content they were annoying grapplers also good for content balancers were like the best least annoying and good for content attack smg's pretty broken but cool don't like a summary remember spraying me that's the problem none of these people are even playing the game when the tag custom G was in it but hey this kid just try to trap come into LTM celsium players didn't work out very well i call them for you at all I'm literally just kind of looking around what a night just keeps getting worse and worse you're acting like your aim assist is gone you got it still you just got even more overpower of it I wouldn't even pick up a shotgun if I were you xD just double drum gun yeah right a hundred rounds of unbeatable aim assisted gonna destroy everyone he's not talking more I think he's depressed alright I'm not playing out this fucking game yeah well hey hey you happy about me losing tilta yeah but now if I see you ain't game and I have a donger and I'm gonna help to the fuck out of your head no no I'm not happy about that so who's really winning I'm leaving this fucking game ugh God alright that was the unball ting volcano event I'm very happy I'm disappointed in each and every one of you that voted for the drum gun I don't know what you were thinking but you're gonna have to live with the consequences of your actions and you're gonna get sprayed to death now from so far away that gun is so insane tilta God destroyed finally some justice that shit has been annoying for a year and a half now retail little sad retail you know but to be fair though it hasn't changed and also you know literally since the game has been a thing so almost two years yeah that one's pretty sick hope you guys enjoyed be sure to leave a like if you did and yeah that was awesome subscribe if you're new okay goodbye


  1. Nooooooo 😭😭😭😭 why didn’t they all choose the tac sub that things shoots soooooo much faster than the stupid ass drum gun

  2. Did anyone see the polar peak in the reflection? IT CONNECTS BITCHES! The polar peak monster is out already.. Godzilla is coming >~>

  3. Ex is so irritating. Complaining tilted is destroyed constantly. Then says polar is his drop…. also saying tilted made the game better. No. Tilted was trash.

  4. Community:finally tilted towers is gone
    Epic:and tilted towers won’t come back
    S9 comes
    Epic:introducing neo tilted
    Community:so tilted towers
    Epic:nope neo tilted

  5. Cmon bro why you hating on us consoles? I didnt even vote for drum gun i voted for bouncers its even on my video I livestreamed it

  6. Why did they have to have ex bitching the whole damn time for the worse place in the game goddamn shut the fuck up

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