Thug Life காட்டிய RJ Balaji - Latest Funny Speech | Nadigar Sangam Election | Nettv4u

Thug Life காட்டிய RJ Balaji – Latest Funny Speech | Nadigar Sangam Election | Nettv4u

money babies honey I will do it mama now I'm getting kinda bleep ugly exacto masala on a nigga was already almost for a note Pema Pacifico repair a election I will classy in India the polar underwater photo move all of my community ever left own election learn about to pull line up now and a member in TV lavaca Modena Italy they woke up and trying out the throne it's a camel a peaceful non-indian donning a petticoat that will work on the comedy etiquette so now I activate Roma character Novation cilinder Vivek sir nari oppression Erica namul and art allah so allah la ilaha ilallah importance could it laughs either way of Eldon Ibaka most comedy America and our communication is Allah if I seminal apart in Aleppo Toto error one-party leverage about la so I think we're in all fuller 24 power seven life go together in the contender move okay if I could get my charm so Makka pakka yeah oh ah first you are in the Opera is an article room Batavian over there del in the pier delle Mele AMA not legal in a capital reverse I a girl pretending a spherical put GST or a cuppa tea land at least murray / – the Patiala 3p in the row so not too much Colicchio any game whatever our Madrid burger Jenica in the promoter / you Lenovo for today okay say Oh too far away as an idea Sango European arriving every oil color paella in order cut away another pan am ia villain Anka like nom de la Carrera now no remember amok like a like wrong is it evil oppositely you to blur positive only so miracle on Lanai only a non-english a like Raja right empirical in re-election other 3 P 3 P alarm a solar Azhar as it goes new will appear a new Idol and I know the non-aggression lavery someone gotta go up teen drama really see this so allah for the entertainment jolly argan even ollie illa billah' see you know to find another and if an iron and you get in England anagen our journalism student a nun Amelia land no Enrique see what ratio am IM producer e the linear array not a partner who produces already now Ramos and America is a nanny powder you know the period is it again on in the Canada Lamanna and I knew repeat and I touched a parabola then dial turn your fear canal little pond today calm you get a project bundle of cash to one every single you know tiny plates Nikita give me some of the money England us all learning every week certain area nigga to recruit young area are the Lau coverage Bangla Ning abandoning an area purpose anybody know para cambiar la immediately and I get an England yeah the live coverage money partner Singapore adore under Ganga when the visitors here under conga if any governing law what any wanna have been soul tuning up on in there you know everything about where bangle a yellow what do you need to and America along with this I mean I the media home Moodle run for a climax marrying a target thank you so much Robin angry you

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    High Class😎Vs Low Class🤪 –

  2. seruppadii badhil to media…rj rocksss…media munnadi media've vechi seyyura paaru anga nikkura thalaiva nee…😘😘😘😘

  3. Kandippa mediava mattum solla mudiyathu because nammalum theva illathathukku than importants kudukkurom.

  4. ஒத்த செருப்பு இல்ல இரண்டு செருப்புல அடிச்ச மாதிரி இருந்துச்சு mediava

  5. மிட்டியவுக்கு செருப்படி குடுத்தும் ஹிஹின்னு பள்ள கட்டுறனுவோ
    விபச்சார வேசி ஊடகம் திருந்தாது
    நாம்தான் திருந்தவேண்டும்

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