100 thoughts on “Three presidents speak out in one hour. Hear what they said.

  1. Why can’t you guys defeat Trump? The reality is he is the king of popularity, may it be based on fear or hope… Candidates in democracy are all mediocre to be honest, the only person why can him is Obama… think about it

  2. Thanx Don for the stark contrast. We love love Pres Obama and this country is indebted to him for his integrity and grace.
    Peace and love to all of you.

  3. Barack Obama: "His life validates the things we tell ourselves about what's possible in this country."
    Bill Clinton: "He believed if everybody accepted his broad, endearing, inclusive definition one America…everything would work out okay."
    Donald Trump: "Fuck Elijah Cummings! I hope he's sucking on worms six feet under."

    That's why we love Trump!
    TRUMP 2020:)

  4. dan seems like a robot who just loves talking smack about the president!1 by the way the democratic swamp is being officially criminally investigated… please dan shed some news on that!!

  5. President Obama and President Clinton is a real President and Trump is a JOKE and our Government and country is a laughing stock under the Trump’s administration

  6. It's unspeakably sad, after hearing President Obama and President Clinton speak, honoring a great man who has passed, and then to hear the petty, insipid, self-absorbed comments of the pathetically despicable president, who one way or the other holds office. After intelligence and greatness, to hear pettiness and a total lack of self-awareness, makes me grieve, and as to trump, want to puke. How we as a Country have fallen!

    What a disgrace this corrupt prick is to the office of the President, to the Country, and to the American people. I pray that this piece of shit will soon be removed from office and allow our Country to heal.

    Fuck you, trump. May you rot in hell, forever.

  7. well Trump, release the full transcript of the conversation and clear up any confusion. why did you lock it up in the top secret server anyway?

  8. Listening to President Obama, remembering when we had a President with intelligence and dignity, makes me cry. Why did we let this incompetent joke, rapidly becoming a ruthless dictator, into office???

  9. Trump didn't go to the funeral and the leftists are saying that he didn't care about Cummings.
    If he would have went to the funeral, the leftists would have said that Trump is only pretending to care.

    How does Trump win with you pussy-hatted libtards?!

  10. One great President that beats all off the rest when it comes to performance and accomplishment. USA is at it's best today than ever, except that no one ever in the DNC and the left is happy of what the USA has achieved by far.
    Trump is the most obstructed leader of the most powerful country in the world. Yet he was able to deliver beyond expectations even if No one in the DNC recognized the fact that Trump is mandated by the voters to lead the country.
    One question is all it takes: WHAT HAVE THE DNC HAS ACCOMPLISHED FOR THE PAST TWO AND A HALF YEARS OF BEING IN OFFICE, except from being frozen in a bogus witch hunt for believing a mentally ill person who sees things things that other don't, from believing he has incriminating evidence about the Russian collusion yet never able to present it in spite of the long and well funded Mueller investigation… and presented again an accusation based on a parody whom he personally wrote… maybe he needs to present his crystal ball live at CNN so finally if the camera man is lucky will have a glimpse of the shadow of the whistle blower. Without such, given that he has not presented any truth of the evidence about the Russian collusion, his funny act of making a fool of himself by presenting only a parody, then it is proper to say that by all this facts at hand: THERE IS NO WHISTLE BLOWER!

  11. As much as I hate to say it, I think y’all are being unfair to Trump. He wasn’t in attendance so he was doing his own thing.

  12. Lol At 8:50 which it was almost the End of the video anyways Mr president Barack Obama said a "Sucker" I Hope People not gonna make a big deal because the Former President used "Sucker" on the other hand Donald Trump Running around butt naked and people normalize it and support it like no others.smh anyways God bless America . 😥

  13. Trump is always the victim, he always has a personal grievance. He never praises anyone unless they are one of his sychophantic ass lickers. The man is deeply flawed and so are those who worship him . Until he he leaves the WH , America has no hope of regaining its former prestige in the world. Trump is a disease.

  14. Under Donald Trump's Presidency America is NOT for the American people, America is FOR Donald Trump HE, HIS SELF AND HIM ALONE AND NO ONE ELSE.

  15. How do you go from attacking him and then speak about him been a good man fighting for the low prescription and health care for all🤗 e.t.c….

  16. After uttering 5 words with his annoying yappy voice that's bad enough as it is, you get this landslide of repetitive, jumbled, borderline incoherent rhetoric.

  17. I will never, ever forget Elijah Cummings!
    He was a loving, caring, supportive, understanding and extremely giving, Respectful Godly individual.
    2020 won't be the same without him.
    But I am confident that everything will be alright.
    As Elijah Cummings is still doing what he needs to do.
    He may not be here with us to cast his vote but he is casting it from heaven!
    He's in Heaven with Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcom X, and a host of other civil right Activist guiding to us, here on earth, their assurance that
    everything will be alright!

  18. Trump is in a world of make believe and thinks he is entitled to us all just kissing his ass and respecting a disrespectful ugly nasty thug criminal who has taken this country backwards and has nothing come out of his mouth but broken promises and lies. Trump is a dick trying to be a dictator. Go to Russia and take your base with you. This is our country.

  19. I miss having a president who could complete a sentence.
    Hopefully he’ll end up with a much longer sentence than he ever expected.

  20. When the Barr-Durham-Huber investigations are completed, high level officials of the Obama Administration and its CIA, DNI, DOJ, FBI, NSC, State Dept., leading Democrat members of Congress, together with their conniving members of the mockingbird fake news media, will surely be indicted, prosecuted, tried, and convicted for TREASON and/or SEDITION/SUBVERSION by the Military Tribunals already being organized. GITMO will definitely be very busy in the next few months.

  21. Fcuk his "perfect conversation" wif the president of ukraine.
    Heres an idea.. just try for 1 week noone broadcast either in newspapers, tv, social media about dumb trump.. not 1 reporter to cover him on his rallies or things like dat.. not 1 reporter on the lawn of the whitehouse.. dumb trump will loose his mind when he realises hes not in the news.. he go crazy when he got no limelight.. cos all he ever was.. was 1 overgrown attention seeking bitchy orange baby buffoon.

  22. When we leave this world will people speak of good character ! In the end that's all you have "the content of ones character". Obama and Clinton elegantly reminded us great moral character! RIP Mr. Cummings!❤🙏🏽

  23. Islam dictates that god test all mortals. Some are given wealth as their test. The rule is that those who have been granted more in this world has a duty to ensure that the wealth is distributed. Hoarding wealth is a sin if poverty exist. There is just enough extremely wealthy people in this world to combat poverty in the entire world. There is not a single rich person that became wealthy without the support from human beings. No person got to generate wealth on their own. Even a lottery winner needed human beings to buy tickets for that pool of money to be won. Every millionaire and billionaire got to where they are as a result of people investing / buying what they have to offer. Human beings are co dependent. Without human beings paying for your service or goods etc, rich wont be where they are. So islam dictates that wealth must be distributed. Basically, pay ur employees a salary that gives them a decent life aswell. Contribute towards ensuring that education , food and tax is less for people who are not wealthy. It is not admirable that jeff bezos is rich, he built his wealth by tramping on people trying to earn an honest living. The path u take must be honorable for u to be rewarded with admirable respectable status. At the end of the day, bezos will be roasted in hell while the people whose lives he destroyed , will reap the rewards of being oppressed. When u as a person with more wealth, use ur wealth to oppress people , ur spot in hell is confirmed according to religious constitutions.

  24. Trump has whined from Day 1 , my children acted better than he does when they were 3 years old! I'm sick and Tired of Trump , Trump should have attended that funeral! Impeach the loud mouth Mother

  25. Why don't you stop ragging on president Trump everyday and pinning him into a corner where he has to defend him self? That's what you're doing anyone with a brain can see that.

  26. Look how they frame this. They are disgusting. Not surprised. CNN's lead anchor Anderson Cooper is an admitted CIA Agent in plain site.

  27. So terrible things happening in u.s.a.is that orange clown is still president without any good qualities and he is not resigning .he is wasting people’s tax money.he is makings Usa name down in world.he is really disgusting person in whole planet.he needs to leave WH.

  28. Bury him already, and stop using him for your political garbage. I'm sure you'll get another clown shortly to sit down and trash the Constitution.

  29. As I listened to Presidents Clinton and Obama and Rep Cummings’ eloquent wife celebrate the life of the Honorable Elijah Cummings, I also thought how much we have missed intelligent, articulate leaders who continued and improved our dedication to the Constitution and democracy here and abroad. It was shameful that the current administration sent no one to Rep Cummings’ memorial service.

  30. I wonder, who will attend T funeral….and what will be said about him. “A disrespectful man….a self centered person….a racist bully, a bigot… a criminal, disgrace to mankind….the shame he brought to this country“ are words that come to mind.

  31. Obama turned Libya into a slave market where black people are sold by Arabs on a daily basis, doubled our debt, created ISIS, started the Arab Spring that caused havoc in the middle east, and sold us out to China. Clinton sent American jobs to Mexico when he signed NAFTA and screwed an intern in the oval office with a cigar. What a couple of traitors.

  32. Oooo he didnt talk about Cummings long enough. If he talked too long they'd say it's fake. Fuck don lemonhead. Fuck the soft PC pussies.

  33. Obama: it doesn't matter what he says…as soon as he start to speak we know this is the president of the USA, what a voice, what an impact. Clinton always sounds like he was just having a nice time with his secretary and his wife, sitting next to him, hadn't discover it yet. Trump sound like he had just bought that noisy thing in the background, it should give a fresh blow but it isn't working like an air conditioner….. while somehow it did work well, he was in the air and then the seller said that it was working so well. Trumpy didn't believe it and then the seller said: well I'll put it of and you'll see how fast your temperature is rising…
    It did, so Trumpy bought the air conditioner but somehow it didn't work as in the air.. .

  34. Trump/Pence. Get used to it snowflake lemmon head..dark days for the Democrats..you all suck ass..Cummings is better off..f.him.lol

  35. His ugly stupid face and ridiculous clown hair, babbling like a spoilt baby, yelling himself more orange over the noise of a helicopter engine. It was a perfect call – we get it. Perfectly criminal.

  36. Trump is a fake president, he will go down in the history books as Americas Hitler, hope he's gone soon! Obama was one of the best leaders we ever had!

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