100 thoughts on “Three experts testify Trump committed impeachable acts, one dissents

  1. These so called experts are just repeating the same garbage the Democrats have been telling us. Leave it up to Congress to find stuck up university professors to push their agenda.

  2. Learn the Original US Constitution, the US Bill of Rights, and get your own Law books before attending College; so you know the difference between education and indoctrination.

  3. This is a joke. Republicans could find three “expert” idiots to get up there and grand stand too. They words are useless if they have a history of partisan support for a particular party and their testimony advocates for that party. It looks to me like a prerequisite for working in the house and labeling yourself a Democrat or republic is that you must have contempt for thought

  4. These are political hacks. Only triers of fact in a jury or bench trail can determine this ultimately.

  5. This so called professors just laying against president Trump because they so called lawyers are against president Trump

  6. The worst-kept secret in Washington is that House Democrats have already made up their minds about impeachment. Despite the far left’s relentless push for three years to undo the 2016 election, Democrat leaders are trying to make you believe that their process is a fair and nonpartisan one.

    No American is buying that sales pitch.

    It’s little wonder why. After two weeks of testimony from “fact witnesses”—most of whom had never even so much as met President Donald J. Trump—public support for impeachment has only fallen. So today, Congress called on four “legal experts” to try to give some Constitutional cover to their scheme.

     Bombshell moment: This would be the first impeachment in history without evidence of a crime.

    You won’t be shocked to learn that three of these four witnesses turned out to have a lengthy history of animosity toward President Trump:

    Prof. Pamela Karlan is a Democratic donor who suggested the 2016 election could be “illegitimate.” She first raised the prospect of impeaching President Trump in 2016—before he even took office. She’s also argued against the Trump Administration in court.

    Prof. Noah Feldman has spent nearly 3 years calling for impeachment—for any reason you can imagine. Less than two months after Inauguration Day, Feldman was arguing for impeachment . . . because of a tweet. He even called for impeachment because he disliked the President’s (perfectly Constitutional) use of the pardon power.

    Prof. Michael Gerhardt spent years working for Democratic officials and campaigns, repeatedly helping Democratic senators fight to block the appointment of conservative judges and justices—including now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

    Zero self-awareness—that’s what it takes for House Democrats, in the midst of an effort to persuade mainstream Americans that Democrats are being fair, to call in liberal professors who are just as partisan as they are.

    But there was one expert that Democrats probably wish wasn’t on the House floor today. Legal scholar Jonathan Turley, who says he isn’t a Trump supporter and didn’t vote for the President, highlighted everything wrong with Democrats’ sham process with just one line.

    If you impeach this President, Turley said, “It is an abuse of power. It’s your abuse of power,” he told Congressional Democrats.

    “My personal views of President Trump are as irrelevant to my impeachment testimony as they should be to your impeachment vote,” he said to the House Judiciary Committee panel. “I’m concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence and an abundance of anger.”

    You won’t find a better explanation of this impeachment sham than that.

  7. So Turley feels a blowjob is an impeachable offense, but (probably) ten blowjobs, followed by full-on sex acts vividly described, larded on with a bunch of human rights violations = nothing? What a weirdo.

  8. Maybe it was 3 to 1 because the Democrats chose 3 and they let the opposition chose 1. It's a stacked deck. Why not go 2 and 2 if you are so confident in your message? I'm not a Trump fan and I did not vote for him, but this whole thing is anything but fair. I am so disappointed in Congress. We were told it would be bipartisan and it is not.

  9. 3 stooges made us Dems look like we go off emotions over facts. The guy Repubs got who voted for Hillary was too smooth and calm which made him seem to be the grown up in and unbiased. They seem to adjunct profs. All of them didn’t raise their hand when asked if their are facts in the 300 page report with evidence to impeach. Urrr. We keep getting so close and CNN and other media keep false reporting sound bites as if we can’t get full version plus Schiff and Nadler can’t get solid witnesses.

  10. You cnn call this testimony… total clown show…what's the point..that's right their is no point..their is no evidence. May the dems burn at 2020 elections

  11. CNN is totally fake news. This is the biggest nothingburger I've ever seen. Even moderate dems are wondering what the hell they're doing trying to reverse 2016 instead of looking forward to 2020.

  12. The current administration is nothing but a long on going with prejudice an Impeachable Offense!
    That and the republican traitors have created irreversible damages to fair and impartial governance. Just great.

  13. It was Constitution 101. I have learned a lot about how to read the Constitution and why.
    1- Read the constitution as if you were at the time of the writting not in 2019

    2- Why? It gives us the meaning of the words then and what they mean. It means not to take the worlds and adapt them with today the reading would be distorted.

    Example: Take the Holly Scriptures you have to have an agnostic approach on them in order to understand what was the mentality and the way of thinking back then and you do not take them literally.

    If I say "I busted my balls for this promotion" You understand that I mean I worked very very very hard for the goal. Take it literraly, you'll think that I hurt myself for the same goal. The latter is distorted.

    With these 3 I understood what our Founding Fathers had in mind about impeachment.

  14. Cartman: Did you know that over one fourth of the people in America think that 9/11 was a conspiracy? Are you saying that one fourth of Americans are retards?

    Kyle: Yes, I'm saying one fourth of Americans are retards.

    Stan: Yeah, at least one fourth.


  15. The Democrats and their conniving fake news mockingbird media have been arguing that Pres. Trump was "forcing Ukraine to interfere in our elections and find dirt on the Bidens" to gain political advantage in this 2020 election (which is a ridiculously erroneous premise) during that phone call of July 25, 2019 between Pres. Trump and Pres. Zelensky. What a disgrace. Pres. Trump was requesting Pres. Zelensky to look into some government officials in Ukraine who might have been involved with interference in the 2016 US presidential election, e.g. as regards propping up candidacy of HRC while slapping dirt on then candidate Trump and his then Campaign Manager Paul Manafort. Pres. Trump also requested Pres. Zelensky to look into CrowdStrike company owner, who might have gotten HRC's private server, which the FBI failed to take out for technical examination to check if it was really hacked by the Russians, and which was the subject of the FBI investigation in HRC's mishandling of classified information during the early part of 2016 . He also requested Pres. Zelensky to also look into the suspected corrupt practices of the Bidens after a video surfaced where Joe Biden boasted about withholding a $1 billion plus US loan guarantee to Ukraine until after a prosecutor investigating the Burisma Holding company (where his son Hunter was sitting on its Board, receiving around $83K per month for doing what? nobody knows) was fired. READ THE TRANSCRIPT. Remember, there is a Treaty of Cooperation between the US and Ukraine, signed by former president Bill Clinton, for the two countries to cooperate in the investigation of crimes (which includes corruption) committed by people here and in the Ukraine. It is under this mutual agreement that Pres. Trump was asking the help of Ukraine to investigate the above crimes at their end, and coordinate with AG Bill Barr at our end.

  16. THREE experts? I'm pretty sure that there were FOUR experts testifying. Just because you don't like what the fourth said shows how bias you are. You ARE NOT the enemy of the people, but you sure lose your credibility when you create bi lines like that. BTW, even though it was 3 to 1 on the partisan political aspect. Dems got their ass beaten. If the D's want to make this stick they'd better start bringing more facts to the table. This was a history lesson and no more. Is he a corrupt and immoral person? No doubt. That doesn't mean you can speculate about impeachment. Clinton lied to Congress. Nixon lost a Supreme Court case. So far, the D's have brought nothing but speculation…..Get the SCOTUS to support your sopeanas, and get his scum to testify under oath….THEN impeach his fat ass.


  18. Due to the profanity on the post from yesterday, I will repost and continue to repost. DG, Meadow Apple, you are not welcome. Now, But Mr. Feldman, he's a star and can do anything he wants… didn't he tell you. He said it on a recorded conversation on a bus once… DG and Meadow Apple believed him, and so it shall be. (Note the sarcasm, Sheldon). Leave your profanity, DG and Meadow Apple, off replies to MY comment. Grow a pair and make your own comment, that way I can't delete you. Disparage me somewhere else.


  20. California Rep. Devin Nunes filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN in
    federal court on Tuesday in which he is seeking $435,350,000 in damages.

    More From


  21. Who are these scary people trying so hard to convince? If their dead set on impeaching the president, then get on with it. I'd like to see just how much evil will be exposed.

  22. wow i thought clinton impeachment was wrong and partisan and so is this come on very biased dem attorneys all this and probably will be thrown out in the senate

  23. reading comments and replies below wow lots of just nasty comments people that act tough and say wild mean things are usually little punks be you dem or rep

  24. You Professers are stupid and don't know shit your in the Demorats pockets or they got something on you all. Thats the only reason you are saying anything against President Trump!!!

  25. Most people do not understand the SERIOUSNESS of the US Constitution to protect our freedoms as a people. This fight is not about punishing president Trump. It is about protecting our Constitution and our freedom as a people.


  27. So the thief’s and corrupt politicians are scared they got caught
    ( joe on tape) and many more corruption
    But because they got power big power swamp power
    They turn it around and try to impeach somebody who did nothing wrong

    How disgusting!!!

  28. At first I didn't agree with to the dissenter-Turley. But after careful consideration I believe he's right. He's not wanting to do Republicans any favors and I think he's actually trying to throw down some hints to the Dems on how to make it stick. They need to take their time. Wait and get testimony from the cabinet members. Let them exhaust every defense they have. I think Turley believes he should be removed from office but that Dems may only get 1 shot at this and they need to make it count. Give Trump no excuses and no way out.

  29. Great…. now find three unbiased constitutionsl scholars . The only person on the panel that isn't a raving lunitic is Turley

  30. When forming an impeachment opinion, my brain keeps bringing me back to the fact the that WH refuses, and defies, congressional oversight. Congress has a job that is to check the president, but somehow the WH never complies with oversight. How can the public have confidence that the president is looking out for their best interest when we don't know what he's doing? Defying congress is reason enough to impeach a president.

  31. The Republicans expert did only say the impeachment procedure should go on in a more slow procedural way…not that there is proof that the president is innocent!

  32. OBAMA should be put on trial for wiretapping and Hilary should be in jail for destroying the server.. then we can pursue a legitimate debate on whether 'hearsay' over facts should be impeachable.

  33. On FOX Napolitano pointed out that the Constitution gives the SOLE power of impeachment to Congress and, therefore, the claim they need to go through the courts to enforce subpoenas is patently false. Three experts made it clear impeachable offenses were committed, one forgot the power of impeachment belongs to Congress ALONE. I would drop his class if I were in it, he is to Constitutional law what flat-earthers are to science.

  34. So 3 out of 4 liberal "experts" sided with the Democrats about impeachment. Does anyone else see this a a rigged jury?

  35. If those are experts I hate to go school where they teach,they knew nothing and said nothing that could impeach the President,what a joke they were.

  36. and the crime is? we still looking, lol but we hate so lets get rid of him! the USA IS WAY BETTER OFF WITH HIM THAN OBUMMER OR KILLARY

  37. A person who makes up the name a never trumper doesn't need to be president may an assistant manager at a radio shack but not as commander in chief.

  38. Time to jump ship you rats. Fawning over a liar, a cheater, a thief, a bully, an ass hole, a cruel man who does not give one fuck about you or your kids. Get the fuck out of here you unpatriotic FOX pole smoking ignorant fuckers and take your immature tweets and shitty cheeseburgers with you. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  39. What the dweebs at CNN won't tell you is that none of the law professors could cite any specific evidence for proceeding with impeachment.  In other words, the heading of this video is disingenuous because it suggests three of four legal eagles here were a majority.  But then again, we don't refer to CNN as FAKE NEWS for nothing.

  40. Correction: Three liberal professors give their emotionally biased opinions; If you cant see that then you are not capable of critical thought.

  41. All the secret meetings should have us all worried.
    They ( DemoRATS ) decided to impeach him before they knew anything. This is so wrong that I hope civil war starts over this. I'm sick of the demoRAT corruption. Law enforcement corruption. Political corruption. If the top 10,000 polititions died today we would be better off.

  42. Term limits for federal bureaucrats — Long overdue! Why is a crook like McCabe on a national news program anyway?

  43. Trumpty Dumpty loves to do what he wants to benefit himself without any thought of how his actions breaks rules and laws! It's what he has done all his life! Being part of the government is different than public life because your actions are to improve the life of the American people not your own! Has he ever done anything to help others? For 70 years he has lived his life as a con man, not paying his Bill's and assaulting women! He can't do that anymore as POTUS! He will never change, he doesn't know how! His ego stands in his way! He believes he's smarter than everyone! His presidency is over!!!!!!! He's a disgrace to the office of the POTUS!!!! This was evident at the NATO Summit! His talking points were that of an idiot and was a laughing stock of all the other country leaders and as a result left embarrassed and abruptly like a scolded little boy! He insulted our allies! IMPEACH him before he does any more harm to my country! I don't care if he doesn't go to jail, just get him out of the White House!!!!!!! I'm not a Democrat, Wake the hell up America!!!

  44. Well I question if Karlan is an expert. How many civics students caught this dumb cunts faux pas? An expert LAW Professor? Talks about the Constitution yet may have never read it?

  45. We have experts clearly laying out the Impeachment of Donald Trump he had the choice to show up or have someone From the White House represent him but he refused to acknowledge our Congress.
    Because he thinks he is above everyone else.He looks down on all Americans.
    The President does not deny any of the facts of this Impeachment because he got caught .'s
    We had all those dedicated people go before Congress because they felt it was their civic duty.
    I cannot imagine being slandered by Rudy Guliani and her boss Pompeo isn't supporting her.
    The President said he heard a lot of bad things about this woman yet all she did was make sure
    That the law was being abided in the Ukraine.She stood in the way of this President and Rudy Guliani
    Among others to make the President of the Ukraine almost beg for money allocated by congress he wanted him to make a public announcement stating they were conducting an investigation into Joe Bidden's Son, so He could try And manipulate the 2020 election by slandering a good man,Joe Bidden.An old friend of Linsdy Graham.Then to say an X prosecutor who was fired for being corrupt was being treated not so nicely.
    Paul Manaford was buddies with this prosecutor ,Rudy Guliani visited Manaford in jail so he could get
    His contacts in the Ukraine and then Manaford could get straightened out by Trump
    Guliani new mafia ways he studied them.Now it was his turn to do it the right way.The way the mob would.
    That would be bribery.The Mafia cannot exist without law enforcement being corrupt then a corrupt politician but most importantly who to get the money to and how.This was Rudy's baby and he got
    Caught.You see,after locking all the New York Families up Rudy thought he could play that game with his
    God father Donald Trump little did Trump and the rest of the gang know someone was listening.
    Even While the hearing was taking place he was Tweeting threats against the witness that was speaking like
    A mob Boss.Clearly showing the only thing that matters to Donald Trump's is him.How dare anyone tell the truth.The thing is not one person that spoke before Congress was scared of Donald Trump not one person.These were all people of the highest integrity they and all saw bullies in the playground and saw some get their noses bloodied All this has ever been about is the Truth.That is what America Stands for The Truth ! The Constitution and the Integrity of the highest office in America.
    You see people that are educated could never be scared of Donald Trump.When you spend your entire life
    Telling the Truth it's not that hard to spot a liar.
    He believed it was his freedom of speech to belittle a woman of honor and integrity.How Shamefull!
    It is our Duty as American Citizens to Impeach this man.

  46. Oh….and just remember, this is all a waste of time. The Senate will acquit the President……so what's your point? Get back to work and pass some legislation….please.

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