Three Cheetahs Vs Ostrich | Life | BBC Earth

Kenya. Famous for its big cats,
the supreme hunters. Cheetahs specialise in hunting at speed. Though fast, they are fragile creatures,
built to sprint after small prey. They don’t have the strength or weight
of a lion to bring down larger animals. This male is different.
He doesn’t hunt alone. He’s learnt that there is strength
in numbers. But here, there are not just two
but three cheetahs. A band of brothers. They have changed their tactics,
and by doing so, have taken their prey by surprise. They have learnt that, working together,
they can bring down large prey. An ostrich. A bird that towers over a cheetah
and is more than twice as heavy. It can’t fly to escape danger,
but it can lash out with a deadly kick. A female, unaware as yet of any danger. Even with three of them,
this is still highly risky. If one gets injured, the other two
couldn’t hope to tackle such large prey. On the other hand, if they get it right,
the rewards are huge. The male has spotted one of the brothers,
but only one. It’s not too worried. Then suddenly, there are three! The female is slower to realise
the danger, and the cheetahs switch targets. It takes the combined effort and weight
of all three brothers to bring down this powerful bird. Even now, the ostrich could land
a fatal kick. So far, the brothers are winning. Ostriches have yet to find a way
to foil such tactics.

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