28 thoughts on “Three Branches of Government School House Rock

  1. Even Schoolhouse Rock knows the role of the president:" to get laws done". The president is the chief enforcer of laws of the land. This may not make him popular when enforcing existing laws such as immigration law. That is why there are so many people with Trump Derangement Syndrome and think he's acting like a dictator, because they either don't know or forgot the role of the executive branch. They think the president's job is to look good and to talk to Hollywood celebrities and act like a sociology professor with arm patches. They are all idiots and should watch this short video.

  2. I think they mean to say that there are three chambers of government; the presidency, senate and the house…

  3. What's sad is that the government still exists, and the circus no longer does, and people to this day make the comparison.

  4. You young ones watching, these were shown between Saturday morning cartoons in the 1970s. It was a fun way to learn some basic concepts. Too bad this is a thing of the past, but i remember it fondly.

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