100 thoughts on “Thousands in Lebanon protests march against corruption and tax hikes

  1. This is what happens when your people are hurting and you get caught gifting 15 million dollars to a20 year old model.

  2. Breaking: Lawyers For Gen. Flynn Request Evidence Found On Mifsud's Blackberries, Currently In Possession Of AG Barr and US Atty. Durham.

  3. Americans today that are voting for Bernie are voting for tax hikes!
    Liberals only know how to protest against everyday people trying to make it not corrupt politicians!

  4. A: Hong Kong protest

    B: Spain protest

    C: Chile protest

    D: Lebanon protest

    E: Yellow Vest Movement in France

    F: “Extinction” Activists

    Only one of these are not funded by Soros. Do you know which one?

  5. Its amazing that comments on here are supporting smaller governement with less intervention and lower taxes but, yet they choose radical left wing morons who would do this as standard practice…


  7. This is how the People show their voice! Even though Lebanon is very divided when it comes to politics, the People collectively has shown what they can do. So, when the western media talks about the “Arab Spring”, which started in Lebanon in 2005, now mark my words “Arab Fall” is coming. It’s about time to recognize the Lebanese and their achievements in the Arab World, in particular, and the World in general. Go for it Lebanese People! Teach the World what can be done. USA, LISTEN AND LEARN!

  8. Wait, hold on, this isn’t CNN, this story isn’t about Trump. This is an imposter story! #BringbackbiasedCNN. 😂

  9. This is basically happening after our government thought they can fix the failing lebanese economy that they created after years of stealing our ressources, by making the people pay for it. So they stole from the people and they are making the people pay for it! It is time to stand up in face of corruption and finally say enough is enough! Best of luck to all of you, just keep the eye on the prize and don't let it slip away! كلن يعني كلن!

  10. youtube and its filthy leftist policies! so when i watch RT i get a wikipedia link and it says "RT is partly financed by the russian government! but when i go to CNN .. there is absolutley nothing about how they finance their network! hmmm guess thats just a mistake .. but definitly not a bias towards left facism!

  11. Nothing makes me happier than an uprising where people hold their corrupt government accountable. Lebanon, Hong Kong, Catalina…these are examples we should follow. American complacency is complicity, and a shameful manifestation of entitlement and ignorance.

  12. Love u my country ❤ So proud I'm Lebanese 😊 We actually have singers and fireworks, songs… We are singing and dancing… Just on our way 😅 Hope the shit politicians go away and leave us alone better… Just they are stealing us… HOPE 🙏❤

  13. Hello, world, please help us, save us, we the people of #Iraq. The government of Iraq is #stealing the people and #killing them in the streets.Please send us foreign channels in order to transmit what is happening from the problems inside #Iraq in #Baghdad, the capital of Iraq and in all provinces, please save us please They kill us with heavy weapons and all kinds of weapons and they release us tear gas. Thousands of people have died.

  14. A 5 year old with a hereditary disease, the father spoke of his families turmoil and troubles in trying to escape Lebanon for a better life, sadly his wife and first cousin, wasn’t permitted to speak?

  15. its good to see an american standing in beirut without fear for his life :).it shows lebanon is a peaceful country i never felt unsafe and beirut is such a beautiful city i found it more beautiful then monaco(been in beirut 1 year ago)

  16. For all other countries,
    Here is how you make a protest:

    1st. go to the street planning to stay at least for 3 days. (you keep protesting till what you want happens).

    2nd. Go to the street with a smile on your face because you have to be patient for alot of time, so try to be happy as much as you can.

    3rd. Bring a dj or someone who has speakers and a microphone to put songs and write your own rhymes.
    Pro tip: use bad language so the whole world listen to you insulting the dickheads. (we sang 'hela hela hela hela hoo Gebran Bassil kes emo) it is directed to his mother 😁😁😁

    4th. Clean your garbage from the streets for your self respect 👍

    5th. Don't forget that… If you fool me once shame on you, if you fool me twice shame on me. Don't change the major goal and don't believe anyone, only act on past experience.

    Good luck 👍

  17. So cool that a app like watsapp can make a people rise up against their government yet the same government has been screwing them over for decades.. wow just wow

  18. This is the first time in my life as a Lebanese (34 years old) where no one in the streets cares about religions, sects or political parties. Everyone in the street is united as humans demanding the simplest of rights: To live free from a tyrannical government who has ruled us since the civil war ended in 1990. This is the first time in my life, I feel there is hope for change in Lebanon.

  19. My father is from Lebanon, we go every year. This took place 2 hours after he landed, he went and peacefully protested as well. He will be there until the 6th. I hope all of the Lebanese people and my Lebanese family will see relief. They deserve better. I’m sorry to say, but our country has done horrible things to them, and protected Israel as they did the same things to them as well. They just want to live their life in peace like you and I. I love you Lebanon and all of my Lebanese people out there❤️

  20. “Social upheaval, revolution, wars over resource acquisition, natural disasters, economic instability, nations falling into debt and financial collapse—this is all part of your future, you see. But you must look to see and listen. Listen to the outer world and listen to the inner world. And take the Steps to Knowledge.”

    Excerpt From: Marshall Vian Summers. “The New World”. Buy the book at Amazon or read it for free online at the New Message website

  21. Thanks for all the Lebanese all over the world who are protesting in their countries for their country… keep on protesting we really need your voice… don't stop till this government is officially out of our parliament…

    شكرا لالجالية اللّبنانية في جميع انحاء العالم
    نحن بحاجة الى دعمكم… تابعو المظاهرات في بلادكم ولا تخرجو من الشّارع قبل استقالة الحكومة و شكرا شكرا شكرا لوفاءكم للبنان

  22. CNN please note that we are protesting against the system that has been ruling our country for over 14 years . Same people , same promises , same words yet no action!!! Almost double the Lebanese population is spread around the world looking for the simplest rights anyone should have!
    No electricity , no water , no decent internet access , when lebanon has the potentials to provide all this! All the politicians do is look for temporary solutions and add more taxes to solve their own corruption!! They make millions out of politics and ask other countries for money. We are fed up because we’ve been hearing the same words from different people. THE CITIZENS ARE DEPRESSED AND DESPERATE FROM THIS SYSTEM . The whatsapp taxes was their brilliant idea because they know that these desperate citizens are attached to social media as a way of entertainment to run from the bitter reality in lebanon.

  23. There was an opinion article last week titled “Syria is lost, let’s save Lebanon…” These words may have been uttered by Pompeo or another crappy American.

    The very next day demonstration broke up in Lebanon. Even though Lebanese politicians are corrupt to their bones, I believe the US must stand away and leave Lebanon run the way it always ran. As if Trump and his administration is not or are not corrupt. Now I understand what the Iranian president meant when he said “wherever America has gone, terrorism has expanded.”

  24. Finally. When I searched CNN, 12 out of the first 13 videos were all about Trump. I was looking for more real news than their protection of Biden and his son…


  26. We made on CNN leabnon ps there are over 20 country's that are helping and supporting us and we are really really thankfull

  27. إلى مل المتظاهرين سلام عليكم حتى تحقيق النصر ،وإنما اقول لكم لا مجال لبقاء نظام الحصص والعودة إلى نظام النسبية لبنان للجميع ،ولا تفرطوا في ملاحقة الفاسدين ولا تنسوا مو كان السبب في فقركم، منعوا مصنع الكهرباء الذي أرادت إيران إنشائه مجانا ،منعوا التواصل مع سوريا ،منعوا عودة المهجرين إلى سوريا جنبلاط وجعجع ومن معهما وجودهما للتعطيل ،فاليعلم القاصي والداني أن حزب الله "صنع دفاع لبنان " دون أن أن تقدم الحكومة ليرة واحدة ،اليوم لبنان حمايته من المقاومة لم تتطلب فلا واحدا من الخزينة اللبنانية ،وكل من يحاول ضرب المقاومة قولوا له كفى، المقاومة غزتكم وشرفكم دون أن تكلفكم ليرة واحدة .قف

  28. We the lebanese we protest by singing ,dancing ,sworing ,making bbq at the protests and we play baby foot at the streets and we we olay badminton also ,and there is a couple got maried at the street ,this how we protest in lebanon

  29. I am Israeli and i support your protests. Money should go to the people and not to the pocket of politicians. I hope you succeed and there is economic prosperity

  30. Protests dont work nomore u need to take affirmative action and talking and walking isnt the way to get your point across effectively

  31. That is because the under ground army want to recruit them to fight Spain for them Then Turkey after they cause earthquakes in the area. They already did plenty if cloud seeding in the area now they will cause an earth quake Watch sorry to say 🙁

  32. Hope President will take the chance to deal with people in Lebanon and have peace with Israel. That would be historical

  33. I'm Lebanese and iam glad to invite you all to our party or revolution whatever you call it , free hookah free weed free dancers free strippers , you are all welcomed we open 24/7

  34. if these protesters move a bit towards the Israeli borders, trust me their demands & wishes will be granted immediately with no compromise

  35. Proud of our brothers and sisters who are taking to the streets to put an end to this corrupt system. Should they succeed in creating a modern secular and civil country, they will definitely put Lebanon on the international map where it belongs. Lebanese people are sick of having their land and lives abused as part of this major American-Iranian conflict among the other conflicts flooding the Middle East. Power to the people.

  36. Excuse me? They haven't seen any results since they're not making economic demands but are demanding resignations. The government is spinning it as a solely economic problem to try and portray a certain image to foreign nations. People have effectively rejected the economic proposal and are demanding the fall of the government.

  37. In less than a week Lebanon has witnessed nation wide fires, a 15% raise on TVA, a tax of 6$ per month on WhatsApp (additional to the usual high taxes for normal cellular data), an order came from the ministry that all satellites to be cut off for all hotels gyms and restaurants causing most corporations to have to place highly expensive receivers, and every year we have a pollution crisis that has caused countless diseases, we have a dollar crisis where our own currency is on the brink of deficit, most banks have put a 9% interest on car loans (it used to be 3%), corporations are closing people aren’t getting paid and so many are jobless. This country has seen too much. We say enough is enough. #كلن_يعني_كلن 🇱🇧

  38. Military officials and police arrest all those corrupt politicians , take back evry penny that they stole from the people

  39. We have united, no matter what religeon or what side, we will overthrow those who believe that they are the leaders! And we will make lebanon great!

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