Thor 4 Teaser Beta Ray Bill – Marvel News Breakdown

Thor 4 Teaser Beta Ray Bill – Marvel News Breakdown

that’s what I said. you should fight one
another for the honor of leadership sounds fair it’s not necessary no okay I
got some blasters unless you guys want to use knives oh yes please
use knives no not anchored there should be no knifing one another everybody
knows it was in charge me yes oh yeah 11 are there any Thor stories and he wants
to do before he unless the character go meeting beta ray bill maybe that was one
of the first groups are the first comics I’ve ever read yeah I love that I just
hope they you know keep let me have another crack at it you know I have had
so much fun with it and it doesn’t feel at all it doesn’t feel old to me you
know it feels more fresh now than it did you know the first couple of times I
applied it and so to be sure to reinvigorate it with with the character
and the world and feel like we have so no boundaries now we can really sort of
take it anywhere is pretty exciting point to be in welcome back everyone
it’s Charlie we have brand new Thor for love and thunder to break down Chris
Hemsworth did a big comic-con panel over the weekend revealing the future of the
Thor character through Marvel phase 4 in beyond into Marvel phase 5 we’re doing a
blu-ray giveaway all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave your
best Thor for Theory on the video I know there’s a lot of questions about the
timeline if the guardians are gonna show up during Thor 4 because now that movie
is happening before guardians of the galaxy vol 3 whereas before we just
assumed that Thor was gonna show up during guardians 3 when we thought that
that was gonna happen first but just going down the list of all the things
that he talked about just starting with the beta ray bill stuff because so many
people so many big comic book fans have been asking for beta ray bill to
actually show up in a movie not just as an easter egg like during Thor
but actually show up as a real character without coming right out and saying yeah
we’re totally doing this he’s implying that they do have plans to do beta ray
bill that was one of the first scripts and first comic books that he read when
he was doing the character so you find out about all these details of the
previous Thor movies that you never knew about if you’ve never heard stories
about the original version of that first Thor movie they actually did have a
version of Baldur in that they could always introduce them in a future movie
if they want but they’ve kind of already done the secret sibling twist with the
hella character so I don’t know that they would race to do Baldur
oh yeah there’s another secret brother that your father never told you about
but if it wasn’t clear beta ray bill actually has already been introduced in
the Marvel movies during Thor Ragnarok it’s just that you haven’t actually seen
him on screen there was an early version of him that they put into Thor Ragnarok
in the contest of Champions in the grandmasters games
that’s why his head showed up on the grandmasters Tower here because at one
point he was one of the champions Kevin Feige later said that they felt like
they weren’t doing the character justice and it was a little too much already
that they were putting in the film so they cut him out and said we’ll just put
him in a future movie when we can actually do a really good job with the
character so before they announced Thor for love and thunder I think a lot of
people myself included assumed that that would probably be through the guardians
of the galaxy films because beta ray bill is a cybernetic being in a
korbinite which is kind of a weird concept to sell to people but I feel
like the guardians of the galaxy movies have always done a really good job with
selling you really weird characters in really cool ways just look at the
guardians 3000 team from the post-credits scenes let’s say we still sew shit if they can
do a really good job with those characters they can totally slam-dunk
beta ray bill but now that Thor for love and thunder really is happening before
Guardians 3 there’s just another opportunity to introduce that character
regardless of whether or not he’s a major character or just a side character
or somebody they introduced at the end of the movie then he shows up during the
guardians of the galaxy or another space based franchise because you guys have
been really excited by this too one of the first beta ray bill stories
was actually a nova story so he was actually transporting his people to a
new land because their former home had been destroyed by a Surtur and the fire
demons during that journey they encountered Richard Ryder Nova. Nova is
supposed to be coming during Marvel phase 4 Marvel phase 5 they haven’t said
exactly when they just said that they’re working on a movie for the character but
because there’s so many more cosmic films that they’re working on and Marvel
phase 4 is going so cosmic that’s why they had the Spider Man far from home
post-credits scene with Nick Fury on the sword Space Station because the Avenger
stuff the really big stuff are moving into the cosmic realm of MCU that’s
where you get to Nova Silver Surfer Fantastic Four Galactus the other really
big MCU cosmic stories and really weird space baek’s characters that they just
have not gotten to yet Thor 4 is a story all about Natalie Portman’s character
turning into the female version of Thor like Jason Aaron’s Mighty Thor run beta
ray bills origin story in the Marvel comics is kind of the same thing after
he’s turned into this cybernetic being he winds up defeating Thor in combat
then Odin declares that they’ll duel each other he beats Thor again but
spares his life that’s when Odin declares him worthy and
gives him his own hammer called storm breaker now obviously it looks a
little bit different from MCU storm breaker but Thunderstrike is also
another hammer that Thor wielded in the comics if they don’t want to get too
confusing with things they could just call his hammer thunder strike because
it’s the fourth Thor film everyone has theories about what they might do to the
character because so many MCU actors are either retiring or just quietly walking
off into the distance some of them are getting phase 4 projects like Hawkeye is
getting the Hawkeye phase 4 series but at this panel Chris Hemsworth said that
he wanted to keep playing the Thor character as long as they would keep
having him which makes it sound like they
definitely do not plan on killing him off during Thor 4 means that we can
still get a Marvel phase 5 Thor Avengers 5 movie and Thor crossing over with
Silver Surfer so you can actually do the Marvel remake a Point Break cue the workout tape of him losing all
that weight before Thor for right now the Marvel movies still move in real
time meaning spider-man far from home comes out a couple months after avengers
endgame but the events of that movie also take place a couple months after
the end of Tony Stark’s funeral at the end of endgame so because Thor 411
Thunder is coming out November 2021 that’s a little over two years after the
end of endgame meaning the Thor for love and thunder will pick up a couple years
after the end of Avengers endgame giving them a couple years to fly around the
cosmos looking for that version of Gamora from 2014 so Peter quill can win
her over to the team and giving Thor plenty of time on that Bowflex that
star-lord said he was going to buy during infinity war if the Guardians really do show up
during Thor 4 but they’ll probably do is just show up at the beginning to address
what they’ve been doing together or Thor will just show up back on planet Earth
because he can open the Bifrost with Stormbreaker he technically doesn’t need
a spaceship to get around the universe and if they don’t want to include them
in the movie they’ll just have him reference what they’ve been doing that
whole time or make some jokes about what they were up to in the past couple of
years when he comes back to Asgard to meet with Valkyrie I’ve seen a lot of
good Jane Foster Thor theories but the way they talk about the movie is gonna
be our version of Jane Foster not one from an alternate reality they haven’t
said much about including Loki but I do have a feeling that because his series
is happening before Thor for love and thunder because the Disney Plus series
are all supposed to set up what’s going on in the movies and Loki has the
biggest connection with the Thor franchise early Loki theory because
they’re rolling so hard on the concept of the multiverse during Marvel phase 4
through Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness literally a multi burst movie
in the Loki that we know is now in an alternate reality with the tesseract
causing all kinds of problems that version of Loki will also play a role
during Thor for love and thunder and could be a way for them to bring another
version of Mjolnir into our reality one that did not get destroyed by hella
there are a lot of people that are also wondering if Eitri is just gonna forge a
new version of Mjolnir I don’t know if I like that idea though if it’s so easy
for them to just make another version I really like the concept of them invoking
multiverse if they’re rolling so hard on that during the next couple of years the
other really cool thing Kevin Feige talked about that they’re doing with
these Marvel phase 4 movies is setting up a lot of really big stuff that’s
gonna be coming during phase 5 and beyond so that gets into the concept of
mutants the Fantastic Four the x-men characters so everybody post your Thor
theories in the comments below but don’t worry because it definitely sounds like
Chris Hemsworth plans on coming back for Avengers 5 when they decide to do that
movie which I think probably won’t be before 2023 just because it’s typically
am a movie in black panther 2 is may 2022 so maybe the year after that
there’s a whole bunch of Marvel phase 4 stuff that they’re getting ready to
shoot so I will do more videos for those movies and Disney Plus series as we get
more details leave all your requests in the comments below Watchmen on HBO is
starting next week – I will be doing episode videos for that
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I’ll see you guys tonight.

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  2. I really hope they introduce Bill in L&T, then roll him out as part of a new Guardians team. I'm guessing they will introduce quite a few characters before then, to fill those slots when the original Guardians are finished

  3. I hope Thor gets his Rune Eye.. Same with Loki as well.. but Odin is dead so that's out of the way..

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  7. Chris Hemsworth is great because he is the only one in the MCU not whining about playing the same character so many times. RDJ whined and he is gone, Chris Evans whined, and he is gone. Hemsworth will stay until they refuse to use him again. Thank GOD.

  8. There is no reason to drag out Black Panther until 2022. It was the highest grossing MCU film ever until Endgame came out. That delay takes millions of dollars off the table. You get as much life out of Chadwick as you can.

  9. Beta Ray bill should have been introduced in Avengers End game. He should have being the one to Lift Thor hammer instead of Captain American , but I guess bad writing /ending got the Writers

  10. Gorr as the main villain and god of thunder storyline with the god bomb. instead of using the 3 thor from past, present and future it will be jane foster, thor and beta ray bill

  11. I just hopes its not another , unworthy take. Thor has already proved worthiness in MCU.. Lets just add Lady Thor and Beta Ray and kick some ass. Thor eventually needs to use the Odinforce.

  12. I think they'll either do something between Thor 2 and 3, the 5 years we missed or close to Spider-Man FHH dates. They won't set it 2 years after endgame, they already are on 2023. If they set Thor 4 on 2025 it'll get even more confusing and hard to manage for the other franchises that will take place 6 years from now.

  13. Chris Hemsworth did NOT say in the clip you provided that he read a script with Beta-Ray Bill. He stumbled over his words and ment to only say the second part.

  14. In the comics, there are plenty of Thor stories that Hollyweed can use, but I just know they'll miss up something…they already have. A fat god of thunder. I wish Chris would demand that they stick to the substance of what Thor really is… A POWERFUL IMMORTAL, who has fought for thousands of years. Never mind what they did to ASGARD…people forget…asgard is the home of the Norse gods, but now they're hunting, gardening and fishing. WHAT A JOKE.

  15. I know what I'll do…if I find that the new Thor is more Hollyweed junk, I'll see if I can buy it for $2 on the streets….that's what they've done to the Avengers and Thor.

  16. Natalie Portman; please eat 5,000 calories a day and reduce your body fat down to 2% for Mighty Thor.

    Don't do that 1,000 calories a day bullcrap that Hollywood wants you women to do.

  17. If they make another hammer anyone will be able to pick it up since Odin was the one who cast a spell on the hammer reason why you had to be worthy

  18. Waititi has not finished the script, but leaks here and there make it look like Thor 4 is going to be the "Thor Corps" movie people have anticipated. Beta Ray Bill, Thunderstrike (Ryan Gosling) and Lady Thor (Portman) along with Hemsworth, everybody's favorite Thor! I cannot wait!

  19. When I seen the part with Thor and Starlord I instantly realized how bad they need Gamora. Gamora is the glue that keeps them from tearing each other apart. When everybody was agreeing they should fight I was just picturing Gamora saying no ones shooting or stabbing anyone.

  20. We've known Chris Hemsworth and the execs at marvel want to do beta ray bill since even before the first trailer for Ragnarok. How the hell is this news?

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  22. If Beta Ray Bill is in the Thor 4 than i won't bother to see it, Beta Ray Bill is a cheap knock off of Thor, same powers same outfit same hammer witb a horse head just a stupid cheap knock off

  23. Here's my theory on how Jane gets her hammer. It doesn't have to come from another dimension or timeline. I f you watch the scene where Hella destroys Mjolnir, she doesn't actually destroy it, but rather she breaks it. This means that it could technically be reforged if one were to gather the pieces of it together. But that's just my theory of how Jane gets Mjolnir.

  24. Just no more fat Thor! That was the one part of "Endgame" that I just flat out did not like! He could have started out fat and then starting working out to get back in shape before the battle, while they were developing & building the time machine, and that would've been fine, but spending the whole movie as a fat, bumbling slob was way too out of character for Thor, especially after he had just really come into his own during "Ragnarok."

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  26. Thor Four theory: Valkyrie goes off on a journey across the cosmos to find a queen to help rule new Asgard. In her search she comes across archeologist Annabelle Riggs is having a bit of trouble with some asgardian artifact that she found, maybe it has some connection to Loki. What ever trouble the artifact is causing would lead to the two of them seeking out Thor and possibly Jane Foster.

  27. Ugh, not excited about Jane Foster Thor…especially with Portman. She gives me a bad feeling…she's not Marvel in her heart. She's just an actress. If you are a Marvel fan, you've ALWAYS been a Marvel fan. She wasn't.

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