Thomas Sowell - Liberal Policy wreaks havoc on Blacks

Thomas Sowell – Liberal Policy wreaks havoc on Blacks

dr. Thomas ole is an economist a social theorist a political philosopher and an author he's also a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution Stanford University although I don't agree with every thought idea or argument he has this is true of almost everyone I show or highlight in my videos although most of the videos I show have a conservative slant they're meant to highlight issues with certain liberal agendas and provide challenges to what the more radical left takes for granted an article written by dr. Sol begins with Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said there were phrases that serve as an excuse for not thinking one of these phrases that substitute for thought today is one that depicts the current problems of blacks in America as a legacy of slavery New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof asserts that there is overwhelming evidence that centuries of racial subjugation still shape inequality in the 21st century and he mentions the lingering effects of slavery now dr. Sol goes on to discredit this overwhelming evidence then continues if we wanted to be serious about evidence we might compare where black stood 100 years after the end of slavery with where they stood after 30 years of the liberal welfare state in other words we could compare hard evidence on the legacy of slavery with hard evidence on the legacy of liberals well at 1960 which would be almost a hundred years after the end of slavery 22 percent of black kids grew up in homes with only one parent just 22 percent yes four out of five were in homes with both parents yes thirty years later after the liberal welfare state that number had more than tripled and so I say we let us compare if we can speculate on how much that 22 percent was due to the legacy of slavery but we know that that tripling was not due to the legacy of slavery it was due to the legacy of a whole different set of policies and you can and then you can look at it so many other ways education Stuyvesant High School in New York as you know you get into only by passing a very tough exam in 2012 the percentage of black students who had gotten into lives in high school was less than one-tenth of the percentage of black students who had gotten into styves in high school 33 years earlier I didn't know that the Dunbar High School in Washington which was an elite black high school for a very long time in 1993 the number of kids out of Dunbar High School who went on to college was less than it was 60 years earlier which would have been in the depth of the Great Depression and so you can run through a whole bunch of other things like that look at the housing projects the housing projects in the first half of the 20th century you're in that first hundred years after slavery were did not have the chyme rates of the murder rates the graffiti all the rest of that we saw none of that was there people like the New York Times I should Kristof should read his own poll papers pointed out that on Saturday mornings it was common in the housing project at least earlier era for parents to leave their doors unlocked because some of the parents could afford television some couldn't so the ones we had television will leave their doors unlocked and the kids from the other families could come down here and watch television with them well now the latest figures show that most people below the poverty line have two television sets and cable but they wouldn't dare leave their doors unlocked in a public housing project I'm quoting that column again liberals have wreaked more havoc on blacks than the supposedly of slavery they talked about yes you don't mean that hyperbolically no I do not you mean it yeah what one or not another thing crime and violence now we take it for granted that this crimes tremendous levels of primary violence in the black community that was not always the case in the 20s it was very common for white celebrities including George Gershwin and William Faulkner go up to Harlem not only for entertainment places but to go into private home ones of kid people they knew and Gershwin played rhapsody in blue and then in this home where where Walter White lived Milton Friedman when he was a graduate student at Columbia he and the lady he later married would go dancing at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem and he said we had no fear of being mugged or cost it on the street or anything like that you've told I've heard you say Tom when you were a boy growing up in Harlem yourself mm-hmm your own neighborhood felt totally safe to you not not totally safe yeah I wouldn't exactly what is nothing resembling today I mean I did sleep a hot hot nights I would sleep out on the fire escape when I tell people in Harlem that today they think I'm from another galaxy you know but that people slept in on the fire escapes in New York and in the public parks in the 30s all over the city now in the full interview dr. Sol talks about the fight for civil rights Martin Luther King and how there's a distinction between that cause and the ability to look at the Great Society and examine the damage caused by the imposition of the welfare state he believes the system in place right now has rewards for staying on welfare has punishments imposed for trying to work and get off of welfare the result are the kinds of statistics he originally mentioned if this system is said to help those in need and how does one account for the incredible increase in single-parent homes the reduction of student enrollments in those elite high schools and the vast increase in the crime rates within african-american communities if the argument is that the welfare system is not connected to those things it is at least certainly obvious that the system does not help them at what point do you consider a system of failure charles amery is a controversial libertarian conservative who is a critic of the welfare state a universal basic income has been discussed for the past few years and here is his plan in very general and broad terms the basics are this at the age of 21 every American who holds a passport which is issued at birth and used as the same function as an ordinary passport but also establishes your eligibility as an American citizen for the universal basic income ubi starts to receive a monthly deposit electronically to a known bank account of thirteen thousand divided by twelve thirteen thousand is the total basic income of which three thousand must be devoted to healthcare which I'm going to push aside because it's a complicated additional topic so you have ten thousand of disposable income that you're getting in monthly allotments well I I think that there are all sorts of ways to do that which would cause catastrophe I think if we simply add that on to the current benefit system it's not affordable and it also is a catastrophe but what if it replaces everything else there's no more Medicare no more healthier and Social Security there is no more welfare there's no more corporate welfare there's no more agricultural subsidies I can go through the whole list of transfers there's none of that stuff and there's also none of the bureaucracies that administer it you have ten thousand dollars and you say well you can't live on ten thousand dollars well if you really want to live all by yourself no you probably you live a pretty grubby existence on ten thousand dollars you get a minimum wage job just a minimum-wage job and you work 2,000 hours a year at let's say 750 that's $15,000 plus ten that's $25,000 yeah that's well above way about the power Li poverty line but suppose for some reason you can't work or suppose you don't want to work you can still have a decent existence if your cooperation if your cooperative enough to convince a friend a girlfriend or boyfriend a relative or something else to pool your resources if you just do with two people who got twenty with no working whatsoever you got thirty if you got three people you add a little bit of income and here in the middle class about ten thousand dollars given to everyone has a huge effect on their ability to live a decent existence by doing reasonable things but it also has I think a couple of other huge advantages again because of some features of my specific plan which I'm quite proud of one is right now we call back benefits at a very low rate so that if you're on food stamps and Medicare and you take a job you you you very soon face a very punitive loss of benefits I say look you keep your entire ten thousand we don't claw back a cent of it until you have thirty thousand dollars in earned income from once you have thirty one thousand dollars in earned income you'll pay $50 or some very minor claw back and that'll that'll increases as your income Rises but I'm really saying to somebody who's gotten up to thirty thousand dollars of earned income okay you now got a net of forty you really want to quit work and go back to ten I'm luring them in to work until they can't quit and the other thing that I really like about it is that it reverses some really terrible incentives for example the people who do not work because they're afraid of losing their benefit that all disappears they go to work they're pure profit for them to go to work whereas now it can be very punitive the second thing is consider the classic case of the young woman who has a baby and no husband well it is a statement of fact that under the current system that generates an income stream she would not have otherwise had I'm not saying she has the baby to get the income stream I'm saying it does generate an income stream under the plan I'm proposing she has an income stream the baby is going to be a major drain on that income stream now that could also be good all of us who have children have a major Strait drain and our income streams as a result that we're delighted to have but it does get the incentives right I really want a baby no I'm gonna be paying for diapers and baby food and all that and I still want the baby okay but if you got the income stream and you said gee do I really want to spend it on those kinds of things or do I want to spend it on some more education or better clothes or something that gets those incentives right now there are many that opposed the universal basic income concept arguing that it would be more costly than the welfare system currently in place this is completely dependent upon how it's implemented the payment amounts the income cut-offs the clawback rates etc what cannot be argued however is that there is an enormous administrative and bureaucratic cost associated with the welfare system as it currently exists for every dollar that goes to an individual in need there are administrative costs that are associated with it now trying to find those costs becomes a huge rabbit hole filled with opinions and agendas but two things seem pretty clear the incentives are wrong within the current system and there is a large bureaucracy in place with thousands of people whose livelihood depends on keeping the status quo Finland is testing a small version of basic income right now maybe the results they get will be the first indicator the viability of such a program remember LIKE and subscribe but most importantly leave comments and engage with others open discussion is always needed if you have nothing valid to say Sara Fox given you

37 thoughts on “Thomas Sowell – Liberal Policy wreaks havoc on Blacks

  1. Thomas Sowell has amazing ideas that should be heard by everyone but labelling videos like this is damaging to public discourse. I truly believe titles like these prevent those with opposing views to even engage in the conversation. If you’re doing this for money it’s understandable, but if you’re trying to add knowledge and information into minds of others please try more neutral titles.

  2. this is two opposing views….. anyone who know anything about economics or MORALS will not argue for UBI…. you're still stealing working people's money for people even if they are unproductive….

  3. It didn't work in Finland. There was some TVShow that folowed few people who were on benefits previously and they were happy to be able to look for a job with no stress but at the end they were still "looking for jobs".

  4. If you give social help to an unemployed person, a single mother etc. And take it back when he/she starts to work, you just make their vote prisoner of your policy. Because you will say to that person: vote for me or the other will take away the help I'm giving you for doing nothing". That's what the socialists are looking for. Keep people on the fringe of poverty, make them dependant of your social policies, harvest their vote.

  5. That's obvious. A black family that prospers will certainly vote Republican (less taxes, promotion of the family etc.). The objective of the liberals is to keep black people into poverty to get their vote.

  6. referring to a black person as an African-American is incorrect. Not all black people come from Africa. It's like saying you're English if you're white.

  7. First I find it funny that the video speaks to blacks and all the opinions voiced in the comment section are talking about welfare. White Americans are the largest recipient of the welfare state.
    Secondly it would be foolish to compare crime rates and the social atmosphere from the 30's, 40's, and 50's to the current day from anywhere not just the inner cities. Crime has escalated everywhere. People in suburban America kept their doors unlocked in the past but you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would make that a common practice now. And white people now can once again walk through Harlem unmolested due to a common practice called "Gentrification".
    Third he makes a few valid point but it still doesn't obsolve the fact that white Americans benefit from an economic advantage produced during slavery. All of the countries major financial institutions were built on slavery. Thats historical fact not just the statistical rhetoric that both the left and right both love to propagate. Until there is a redistribution of the wealth in this country to rectify the effects of slavery economically then no one should attempt to talk about equity, equality, etc.

  8. In other words: "yeah, we'll give you some cash – a very minute sum – but we will make all your decisions for you. You will do with it what we say. After all, you're too stupid and ugly to figure out what to do witj it yourself."

    The inflationary pressures this would produce are staggering.

    Interesting that Bill Kristol is nodding in agreement with him. LOL True colors, much?

    "The problem with socialism (UBI) is that sooner or later you run out of other people's money."

  9. Tolerance will be recorded as the key to this generation. 100 years from now people viewing
    Content form our era will laugh at the lefts thinking.

  10. Liberals are allowing the Negro to think that he has freedom thus he goes around and violates the behavior rules and gets thrown in jail ?? Deceived

  11. in regards to the UBI i know that the welfare state has taken it drains on funds what would be an interesting topic is what do we do as so many jobs are mechanized or things like truck drivers eventually become replaced through self/drone driving. theres an idea that everyone just somehow becomes a coder etc but companies are eliminating massive amounts of jobs and within that how do you deal with the influx of displaced workers in the real world not a world where we should expect everyone to become tech people or plumbers. there are only so many jobs to go around in comparison to the population size. is there any other time in history where we have become so efficient as a species that we displace work? or is this truly a new paradigm with no real throw back historically as to how to handle it?

  12. Hi Zerofox Given. How were you able to retrieve the interviews and use them in your video? I'm interested in pursuing a similar venture and was curious to what tech and programs allow you to accomplish that.

  13. In regards to Universal Basic Income, my question is this: Say you completely remove the welfare state that currently exists and implement a UBI of approximately $13,000/yr. Now, in a perfect world let's say getting rid of the current welfare state has helped pay for the hugely expensive UBI, everything is more streamlined, and all is right in the world. 

    Now, let's say things are going pretty well for the first year or so but suddenly it becomes clear to everyone in the country that left to their on devices, humans are flawed, and a noticeable minority are being irresponsible with their government income which comes from taxing the super wealthy. The woman making $10,000 a year still gets pregnant somehow, the addict spends most of that money on feeding his addiction, and the homeless person uses it mostly for food but doesn't get a job to supplement his income and so he's still without shelter and comfort. 

    Do you think the bleeding heart left will throw up their hands and say 'well, they had their chance and they blew it, too bad."? Or, do you think they will then implement additional welfare programs to provide more assistance and suddenly you have a UBI welfare state plus something that looks like the current welfare state?

  14. On the legacy of slavery: slavery has had an undeniable impact on African American people. The reasoning is simple logic. Trauma is passed down, in a way, through generations. Someone who had spend their whole life as a slave, and had developed a pathological psyche because of that experience, will raise their children differently. Parents have a huge impact of the mental development of their children and the 'quirks' of a parent's psychology has a good chance of rubbing off on their children for this reason. The world has a way of reverting this but it still happens.

    With that said, slavery seems to be a poor reason for the state of many African American communities today. After all, slavery ended with the civil war. There were a great many non-African people who were horribly traumatized by that war. It difficult to compare these two traumas, slavery and prolonged war, but they seem to be roughly within the same upper tier of horror. Then there was also WW2 which exposed many American men to life changing experiences. African Americans were there but in smaller numbers.

    There is also the matter of successful African Americans. There are a great many them who live in happy middle class homes and even many that rise up into the 1%. How did these people do it? Similarly, there are many non-African-Americans who are in just as much poverty and destitution. Why are they struggling in tandem despite not having the legacy of slavery on their shoulders?

    All told, I can't see a reasonable way for slavery to explain the situation. Most every civilization or peoples have gone through horrible events on par with enslavement and total warfare. I think there are some individual blood lines where people simply never recovered, even all these generations later, but that is something like winning a local lottery. I think the real solution is, well, I don't think you'd believe me to be honest. What Mr. Sowell says here is effectively addressing the cause in a round about way so I hope his message gets out there. Too many people are wallowing away for nothing.

  15. The white guy advocating for a universal guaranteed income is so naive when it comes to women not wanting to have children. Even if he is right, politicians will bring back welfare because irresponsible women and men will continue to have children, to these people children are an afterthought.

  16. The Majority of black children(69%) in the U.S. grow up in single parent households that's true.. I disagree with the uncle Tom Sowell in regards to liberal policies being the culprit… because it was policies by Republican President Richard Nixon's "War on Drugs" that single-handedly destroyed the black family …if you look at the decline in two-parent households it started at the same time as the War on Drugs which really should be renamed the "war against black poor people" because that's what it was..another racist republican policy, it was not liberal policies that destroyed the black family and two parent households but evil racist republicans policies as usual … the entire Justice System in America is based off of racist, corrupt policies by corporate Republicans and corporate Democrats… the entire system needs reform.. anyone democrat or republican that is advocating for the status quo of these institutions are not liberals that's why I only vote for "Justice Democrats" like Alexandria ocasio-cortez Democrats that do not take money from Wall Street or have money packs funded by corrupt greedy corporations will be the only Democrats that I vote for f##k corporate Democrats and corporate Republicans they are against the working people…
    Jeff sessions is a former Republican Attorney General.who fought hard to continue the racist war on drug practices that have destroyed more black families than I can count there is no Republican I would vote for.. they all seemed okay with racist candidates like Donald Trump and Jeff sessions… yuk… why would any black person that's not a uncle Tom vote for these racist politicians called republicans??? Lmao… we know who our enemies

  17. The problem with the some blacks,(not all, not all, not all but most) They are still pissed off about something that happen 135 years ago. Talking about holding/having a grudge, imagen being borne to the fact you have a "ready made grudge" to live the rest of your life, and, with no possible resolution because everyone responsible is dead. You had nothing to do with it, they had nothing to do with it but your taught/expected to be a victim the rest of your life and blaming it on someone else who is not at fault,. That's one of the worst, self inflicted saddest, un-fixing , existence, I`ve ever seen, Just sayin…

  18. I`m coining a new identity category , "black privilege"….
    So, this is when black folk `think 'they have control with their life but in reality their controlled by the left, and black "race baiters" that care nothing about the black man,(Sharpton, Jackson etc.) if this was not so, how come the black man has declined steadily since the beginning of the civil rights laws? In 1960 78% of black fathers was at home married with children , but now, 79% baby's borne out of wedlock in the black community and no father. Riddle me that, Batman!

  19. If a UBI were implemented in the prescribed way. It might actually work the only problem I see is the paradigm shift that’s gonna be required. Lots of folks in that fine grey area between actually able to make it and not able. If their thinking is off or the US gov fucks it up, most likely, they’re royally screwed.

  20. Totally agree.. Could be good or bad..
    Given the state of Congress the last, ever.. I doubt it will be implemented well.

  21. If only similar systems hadn't been tried with disastrous results, then Murray would be onto something. Ubi would just inflate and disincentivate (not a real word but it rhymed) why not just have the frr market he is talking about without the ubi, and let people donate to charity to help the struggling.

  22. OK, listened again. Finland and Canada STOPPED their UBI experiments. Why? Turns out when you pay people to NOT work, they DON'T. Surprise? NO. Venezuela, Zimbabwe, N. Korea, anyone?

  23. Black people chose to vote for Liberals so Liberals aren't doing anything the Blacks didn't do to themselves.
    Black people needs to learn to take responsibility for their own choices.

  24. There is something that is often forgotten to be brought up in these kinds of debates: the prevalence, in western culture, to focus on intellect, cognitive ability, and the ever-increasing complexity in even low skilled labor jobs and its part in our society. The two political sides in our culture have a philosophical position on people and their ability to work. The right says: Well if people stop being lazy and just started working hard, there would be less of a problem; the left says: we need to start training people for jobs that will pay more because anyone can be trained to do them. Both are wrong but the left is even more wrong about this than the right. You can't train people who score an IQ of 90-100 to be a scientist or an engineer. While it is true that our average intelligence is increasing, you need a minimum score of 130 in order to understand the complex concepts that such professions grapple with. Jordan Peterson talks about this problem (For more on that:, but the basics are this:

    The US military is constantly starving for bodies, both in wartime and peacetime. They have done great research on IQ, and have experience in trying to utilize low IQ troops in the Vietnam theater (also known as McNamara's Boys or McNamara's Morons). To say that the results were disastrous would be such an understatement that you'd have to drum up a new definition for the word. After that, they came up with a ruling on the matter: no person with an IQ score below 83 would be allowed into the military. The amount of the US population that score that low is 10 % of the population. Basically, in spite of the need for personnel, 10 % of the population was a far greater problem than an asset. In this age that focuses on complexity and intellect, even the simplest jobs now require scores that require the person to score 85+ with those of higher intellect and cognitive ability being more valuable and therefore more prioritized. This means that 10% of all people in our society (if not more) simply have no job for them and therefore no place in our society. This is a problem we desperately need to solve and just giving them money isn't a good solution.

  25. Like all great ideas, when run through a government that's already this bought off, it gets butchered into something even worse than what it's trying to fix. If people want to try any various form of welfare state then fine, I just need an option to not participate. I'll build my own road and protect myself and If I burn my house down then shame on me. I would rather live off the land in the bush than have to hope the government will actually be efficient at anything other than killing people.

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