Thomas Sowell - Black Lives and Social Policy

Thomas Sowell – Black Lives and Social Policy

36 thoughts on “Thomas Sowell – Black Lives and Social Policy

  1. In France, that’s the situation, except in what concerns immigrantion, some immigrants did adjused, assimilated and are doing well, other immigrants refused assimilation and after the second and even third génération are resisting to be part in the cultural structure of France. The Socialists built polices to perdure this sorry situation. People, wake up, International Socialism are nefast and It’s taking over this beautiful country. Denounce it.

  2. why do we have to be subjected to Al the tax cheat Sharpton, Jesse the polygamist Jackson and now a new generation of frauds Cory Newark Booker and Kamala Smokey Harris representing their community? FRAUDS! Charlatans! This man speaks the truth about America, all of America. Rise up and defend the Republic against the true forces of evil.

  3. A national treasure! I am just thankful and grateful to have learned of this incredibly wise, engaging, and charming man.

  4. This has 55 thousand views. Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, and Trevor Noahs videos all have millions of views.GOD HELP US

  5. I got a "social policy" for you: History pronounces that blacks and whites are incompatible and must be kept separated. There, that's all the "policy" any society needs to know. What was that? Maybe five seconds?

  6. It's amazing how the white viewers rally around these imitators of conservancy without holding accountable those who intentionally undermine public education, charter schools are a disaster in the black community.

    In regards to the welfare state,. Take away general electrics 2 billion dollars a year subsidy.

  7. Simple.Keep fathers in black families.
    Communities in fear of black criminality.Change hearts.The Left is immoral.The Left will dumb you down.

  8. "The pain of poverty is what got many people out of poverty" that is Sowell. And that is relevant to people all over the world.
    "I want to ease the pain of your poverty (but leave you there or add others to poverty?)" is PC speak; that only Communists can make sense of.

  9. 6/4/18….Liberals HATE the charter schools…..the NAACP & teacher unions don't support these excellent schools who turn out better kids & better students.
    Sowell is another "full steam ahead" Dr Carson—both came from the bottom black areas to vecome well spoken, well educated, well known, well respected black public figures.
    Determination + "true grit" + hard work + education have combined to make these men LEADERS.

  10. Jordan peterson who? As a fan of JP I have to admit this man is perhaps demonstrably more impressive and is saying the same things. Thank god I found them both. Pure logic and reason with no spin.

  11. Why do you think during his time (1940-50's) there was less gun violence in the inner city black neighborhoods? DRUGS, gangs and the police being pressured to arrest and lock people up.

  12. Been subscribed to you for a long time. Just letting you know I was unsubscribed at some point in the past few months.

  13. The pain of poverty will make you find a job to get your supper.
    The pain of welfare will make you suffer the slings and arrows

  14. Dr. Sowell really gets it.  He's drilled down to the root causes and speaks the truth.  It's a tragedy that the left doesn't listen to him, that many blacks consider him a traitor to his race, and most of all that so many people out there are ignorant of the true cause of today's social condition.  This man came from abject poverty, experimented with communism in his youth, and through his life experiences and education sees through the bullshit to the truth, and speaks it clearly.  Guess that's what he meant by not having any political talent.  He's too damn honest. God bless him.  Everybody else; listen to this man!  He knows!

  15. How much does discrimination breed gov't dependency?

    When you look at historically discriminated groups in America how much did the racism they've faced in jobs,housing,education and lending contribute to members of these groups having to rely more on gov't for jobs and financial aid? Didn't the historical discrimination that these groups face end up limiting their opportunities and options for becoming more self-sufficient which then leads to more of them needing gov't for jobs and financial aid?

    If you look at Black-America in the 1950's,the Black middle class was heavily represented by educators and military people. Why? Because opportunities were limited for Blacks in other areas. So gov't jobs like these had to kinda make up for the discrimination that Blacks faced in the workplace in other areas. How much has this situation changed since the 50's?

    Also,had there been no housing discrimination historically would fewer Blacks have had to rely on public housing?

    So how much has historical discrimination played in breeding government dependency among certain groups?

  16. Sowell completely ignores the actual "race" part of the problem! Despite being forcibly marginalized for hundreds of years, there have always been American Blacks who were able compete. Here's the basic problem:

    A duly qualified American Black applies to be hired or promoted into a higher paying job. Because of his race and skin color, the employer passes over the Black applicant to hire a white person of LESSER qualifications in total defiance of the anti-discrimination laws. How is this problem to be solved?

    Conservatives offer their advice that American Blacks must improve their education, stop doing crimes and stop having children out of wedlock! Liberals offer welfare, food stamps and a few symbolic Affirmative Action token jobs and college slots to OTHER American Blacks who are LESS qualified! Both of these approaches leave the original problem untouched!

  17. It is such a shame what the DNC and the Welfare State have done to black people…I went to the intercity high school in my town where many black kids went, many who are my friends. It makes me so sad to see that what the war on poverty has done to them, my friends…

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