43 thoughts on “Thom Yorke – Not The News

  1. Che schifo è??…non mi piace…non sempre il moderno supera il vecchio…w le chitarre e gli strumenti manuali…questo è un vero schifo

  2. Be yourself. Stop dressing in all black and parading around city streets causing harm to people whilst carrying a rainbow colored flag. Stop choosing Red or Blue. Stop having cut throat opinions on everything in such an outwardly manner, instead, have humility, control, respect for unintentional moments in life. Stop watching the news. You deserve better. We all do.

  3. I love this and I think Anima is so amazing. The song puts you in a hypnotic trance like the people on the tube constantly repeating the same movements day after day . Suppose the spinning eye represents being hypnotised too . It all works amazingly well and it does suck you in and quite addictive.

  4. in case anybody missed it, radiohead 'released' about 17 hours of demos and live recordings that were made during the OK computer era and stolen. instead of fighting the theft, they just released it all themselves. you can buy them on bandcamp. but only for a short time.

  5. yeah, i'm a very rude person. this is not the news. so take your axe and break the impossible knots to runwayaway.

  6. 06 새로울건 아니야

    Who are these people?

    이 사람들은 대체 누구?

    I'm in black treacle

    나는 폐당밀 속에 있어

    Cue sliding violins

    미끄러지듯 바이올린을 켜는 신호

    In sympathy

    동정 속에서 연주

    I'm not running

    난 도망치고 있지 않지

    Enough of broken glass

    부서진 유리잔은 충분해

    Enough so I can eat

    충분해 그래서 난 먹을수 있지

    My dancing feet

    나의 춤추는 두 발

    A fortune teller

    신을 받은 점쟁이는

    With sea bird feathers

    바닷새의 깃털과 함께해

    Cue the sliding violins

    미끄러지듯 바이올린을 켜는 신호에

    In sympathy, yeah

    연민 속으로 그래 좋아

  7. 無限リピートで聴いてしまいそうな美しさ。トム・ヨークの世界に吸い込まれてしまいそうだ。ため息でちゃうわ。

  8. Why do i see wolf in the centre in that ball thingy and also a creepy af man when i blur my vision a bit?

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