This is a government that delivers

This is a government that delivers

thank you very much thank you very much for that brief introduction it's great to be here at the de Vere's Academy I've had a look at your amazing wall charts for mapping the performance of every pupil to make sure that nobody gets left behind to make sure they reach the full potential and it is always inspiring to come to schools like this that care so much about what you do have so much enthusiasm and are serving our young people so well but it's seven months to the day since the British people went to the polls at the general election and by putting a conservative majority in power they gave us an important responsibility to deliver our commitments for opportunity stability and security we set out how we do that on the very opening page of our manifesto when you're young a place at a good school like this one when you leave school apprenticeships University places good jobs when you're starting out and starting a family homes you can buy help with childcare lower taxes so you have more money at the end of the month an NHS that is there for you wherever whenever and when you reach the trap retirement reward for a life of hard work now a manifesto shouldn't be a wish list it should be a checklist and that's why since the election we haven't been tacking off in a new direction but marking off the commitments that we made and today I want to set out the progress that we're making I want to go back to that opening page and show that this is a government that delivers and is accountable as it endeavours to do so but i also want to explain how in meeting those pledges we've been trying to do something else not just delivering individual policies but fundamentally changing the way our country works because that's the way in the end to genuinely improve people's lives one by one we've taken the tired old arguments that have been holding our country back the arguments that for instance clogged up our economy stifled schools hampered homeownership and we've turned those arguments on their head and in every case we're changing the way that things are done because after all that's what real change is about not just introducing different policies but introducing different mindsets different approaches fundamentally different ways of doing things it's that sense of fundamental change which guides our approach to our economy because let's be clear in 2010 when we first came to office the government was addicted to spending money it didn't have and borrowing money it couldn't afford the failed political orthodoxy we inherited was this that success was measured simply by how much money you throw it something that politics is somehow a choice between either controlling public spending on the one hand or protecting public services on the other now of course money is important good public services like this school they cost money but it's money plus efficiency plus reform that's what achieves results and of course without sound public finances there is no money in the past five years so we've turned that old approach on its head we made consistent arguments that government living within its means is a means to an end the economic security of every family in the country that public services that we rely on they depend on stable public finances and that if you're bold with reform you can deliver more for less and we tried to live up to that next year the deficit is set to be less than a quarter of what we inherited by 2020 it will be gone completely that's right Britain out of the red and into the black with a surplus delivering that foundation stone of our manifesto and that strong economy allows us to deliver on our other commitments those commitments from the first page of the manifesto I referred to first security when you're young now in our manifesto we said we'd maintain the amount of money that follows every child into school and two weeks ago we did more than that pledging an annual schools budget over 40 billion pounds but as I've said change real change in our education system requires more than just money it means taking on the failed approaches of the past the failure to insist on discipline the dumbing down of exams not recognizing the importance of getting the basics right the idea that only the state can provide free public schools and tied to that the idea that local authorities should control those schools in the past five years we've taken on all those arguments and we tried to set our schools free we've said to head teachers you control your budget you decide on discipline policies you set the ethos and direction of your school and you manage it as you see fit and at the same time we've said to parents charities businesses you can set up new schools in the state sector if you want to this Academy and free school revolution has swept across our country and the results of being extraordinary some brand new free schools are sending as many children to Oxbridge as private schools academies in our most deprived boroughs are getting some of the best results in the country schools were previously only a fifth of pupils got five good a to CS at GCSE and now seeing two-thirds reach that benchmark a million more children are learning in good or outstanding schools compared with when I became prime minister but over the next five years we want to go further and faster we promised 500 new free schools and our manifesto and since May we've opened 52 of them we've also opened over 350 more academies and yes we have a new ambition to make local authorities running schools a thing of the past and while we're doing that will take on another old failed argument one that is perhaps more pernicious for a long time the message has effectively been as long as we're giving children and okay education and the school isn't actually failing then that's somehow good enough I say no education is about fulfilling a child's true potential not just avoiding failure these are children's lives were talking about they only get one go at childhood and it shapes the rest of their days so a school that does just enough is not good enough not for anyone so I'm announcing today how will crack down on that dangerous tolerance of mediocrity in our manifesto we didn't only set out how failing schools would be taken over by new leadership we said that coasting schools would be taken over too and today we're saying that we will extend that to academies as well so the potentially thousands more pupils are given the chances that they deserve yes this is zero tolerance of failure but more to the point it is zero tolerance of mediocrity a government that delivers second security when you leave school now we have a very clear view that to give young people a good start in life they should have the choice of an apprenticeship or a university place when they leave school now to do this we've had to take on two arguments that I think have really held our country back one of them was their apprenticeships are somehow second best they aren't someone doing an advanced apprenticeship can expect to earn a hundred and seventeen thousand pounds more in their career compared with someone with just GCSEs top employers have even said that their apprenticeship entrance are just as good if not better than their graduate intake so that's why we've expanded the numbers and we're making good on our commitment to reach three million apprentices trained in this Parliament by 2020 it's why we've got more companies involved from fashion design to law aerospace many more it's why we set higher standards making sure each apprenticeship last at least a year and it's why we've introduced higher level apprenticeships and apprenticeships which contain a full degree and it's why today we're going even further with our apprenticeship 2020 vision will make every part of the public sector from Whitehall to local government the NHS the police will make all of those organisations ensure that apprenticeships form at least two point three percent of their total staff that will help us to deliver the skills that young p need and the workforce of the future now another argument that I believe was holding us back was that the only way to fund university places was through taxpayers money this artificially constrained the number of people that could go of course it was great for the people that went but not so great for those who wanted to go but couldn't because they weren't enough places so we've swept that away saying the bulk of university fees should be paid by successful graduates now this is meant we've been able to fulfill another pledge in our manifesto to uncap university places so we can have well funded universities and increase participation no more artificial targets or caps setting out what percentage of young people could or should go to university a simple statement instead if you have the grades and you want to go you should be able to choose to do just that and it is working in September more 18 year olds headed off to freshers week and at any time in our history 200,000 of them and more from disadvantaged backgrounds than ever before opening up opportunity for all now of course the purpose of training or studying is to make sure you can get a secure job so our manifesto made another clear commitment to create two million more jobs in the short time since the election 158,000 more people are in work there are in fact more people working in our country than ever before more women working than ever before the highest employment rate amongst young people for a decade and these things haven't happened by magic they've happened because of the enterprise of British business and because of the support of this government cutting taxes smashing regulations offering the lowest corporation tax in the g20 and delivering for businesses so that they can deliver the jobs that people need now 3rd we talked about security when you're starting out in life we set out a huge mission in our manifesto to create a million more homeowners because we don't just believe in meeting the need for house in our country we believe in meeting the British people's deep desire to own a home of their own and we haven't wasted a minute we said we'd give 1.3 million housing association tenants the right to buy and this autumn we secured voluntary agreement with the housing associations to do just that five of them began doing so to two weeks ago and 11,000 people have already registered an interest in buying their home we also pledged 200,000 new starter homes those are homes at a discount for first-time buyers under 40 and to make that happen we've doubled the housing budget to two billion pounds a year we've reformed planning and we've helped councils prepare unused land so we can get going with the first 27 starter home sites but to really create more homeowners we need to go further we need to change our whole approach to house building for decades there's been one assumption that i think has failed young people and that is that affordable homes in our country should only really be available to rent the assumption went something like this if we provided homes that were affordable to rent and if we controlled planning then somehow that would also result in homes that young people were able to buy the result unsurprisingly is that we created generation rent and it went on and on because frankly some people were happy to see tenants go on renting indefinitely well I want to see generation by so we're taking that old thinking and again turning it on its head we're saying yes affordable homes must be built but they can be affordable to buy rather than rent today we're publishing proposed changes to the national planning policy framework which will make this a reality they send a clear signal to the council's that sign off developments and the developers who build the homes that the old rules on affordable housing are scrapped in their place new rules developments should contain affordable homes to buy a huge shift in the housing policy of this country but also hopefully a huge shift in the lives of hard-working people who assume that only be to rent now looking at these new estates being built going up in their area and thinking I might finally be able to get a place of my own so that should encourage more house building as builders see bigger returns but more importantly it will create a whole new raft of homeowners as people move from renting to buying and we're doing something else important today for years we've had shared ownership where you part by part rent a property and many people are attracted to this idea especially those who thought they'd never have a chance of owning a home but because it's been heavily restricted many of the people who'd like to do this have missed out we've had local councils dictating who is eligible based on everything from salary to profession to where the buyer comes from well today we're ripping up those rules from April next year that will make a hundred and seventy-five thousand more people eligible for home ownership it means some people will be able to buy a house for example in Yorkshire with a deposit of just 1400 pounds it will be opened up to people of any occupation the only restriction being that you have to earn as a family under 80,000 pounds and under 90,000 pounds in London yet again a government that delivers building a nation of homeowners now fourth security when you're raising a family and that should begin with child care again I think there was an argument that needed turning on its head for years we've been constrained by this idea that by helping people with childcare costs you'll somehow being unfair on those parents who choose not to work but how does helping someone who wants to go to work hurt someone who wants to stay at home so at the spending review we made six billion pounds of commitment to hard-working families with tax free childcare worth up to 2,000 pounds per child per year from early 2017 with wraparound childcare launched today allowing parents to request childcare before and after school and in the holidays and yes with that big commitment are in our manifesto 30 hours of childcare each week for the parents of three and four-year-olds worth up to 5,000 pounds per child now we said that would start in 2017 but today I'm saying it will start in some areas in 2016 next year reaching 5,000 children but security for families also means having more money at the end of the month we said in our manifesto we would not raise v80 national insurance or income tax for the next five years and that became the law of the land next month but it's not enough just to stop raising taxes I want to see taxes come down and to do that again we need to fundamentally change the way our country is run in 2010 we inherit inherited what I called a merry-go-round people working on minimum wage we're having that money taxed often it quite punishing rates and then the government would give them some of that money back and more in welfare so it created a low pay high tax hi welfare society and that was wrong was wrong for the low-paid wrong for the taxpayer wrong I think for our society it put the role of the state as some sort of benevolent grants maker whose only role was to dish out people's money rather than give them opportunities to earn more money it said to families you're dependent on the state to make ends meet it said to businesses don't worry about paying a decent wage government is here to top it up and what we're engaged in now is a fundamental reordering of that system we're phasing out tax credits under universal credit and as they go something else is coming in a new national living wage now today we will lay a statutory instrument that writes it into the law of the land and it means that by April no one in this country aged over 25 will earn less than seven pounds 20 an hour it will be a pay rise of at least 900 pounds a year by the end of the decade it will reach over nine pounds an hour and yes when people earn that money they will keep more of it too we said in our manifesto we raise the amount you can earn before paying tax and it's going up to 11,000 pounds next April that will take five hundred and seventy thousand people out of income tax and we're committed to reaching 12,500 pounds before you start paying tax by 2020 so yes we're taking that low-wage high tax hi welfare society and in creating a new one where one where you have high enough wages low enough taxes and enough help with childcare not to need government welfare in other words where you have the security that you deserve now fifth in our manifesto we talked about security when you need it most when you're ill we pledged not just to maintain NHS funding but to increase it at the spending review we announced we deliver the first six billion pounds up front next year all part of the biggest ever investment in the health service but again it's not just about funding in fact for the last 30 years NHS reforms have centered on an old formula bureaucratic change plus money so instead of fiddling with a system in the same way we've gone back to the start and thought who is our health service for that the answer is everyone whoever wherever and crucially yes whenever a seven-day NHS was one of our biggest manifesto pledges and let me be clear doctors and nurses and other staff already do vital work at weekends and around the clock I know that and I'm not asking anyone to work without breaks seven days in a row that would be dangerous but a genuine seven-day NHS means better management and better rotor planning so the service is consistent everywhere across the week making sure urgent tests and treatments from family doctors and hospital specialists are accessible whenever they're needed by March 2017 a quarter of the population needing urgent hospital care will have the same level of consultant assessment and review diagnostic tests and consultant-led intervention seven days a week from Greater Manchester to Southampton Northumberland to Leicestershire by 2020 it will reach all of them and GP surgeries to in fact 60 million patients are now able to access doctors at evenings and weekends so no more wait until Monday for the care you need no more we don't do that at the weekend instead security 365 days a year 24 7 for every single one of us we're also trying to do right by pensioners who for too long got a raw deal we're increasing the basic state pension to 119 pounds 30 a week as the biggest real terms rise in 15 years and we're bringing in the new state pension whose full amount will start at 155 pounds 65 a week we're making sure that when you get old you can pass on your home tax-free you can spend your private pension as you choose and you shouldn't have to sell your home to pay for care so again a government that delivers delivering security for those who need it most so I believe we're making progress we're changing the way our country is run I'm not saying we've done everything not least were only seven months into this term but day by day we've been holding firm to our pledges and paving the way for the brighter future that people voted for and for me the next five years will be about going further and faster that is the key to good government not just delivery but renewal I don't want us to stand still for the next five years I want us to move forward taking on more arguments creating newer ways of doing things changing our country even more so when four years government has treated the symptoms of poverty papering over the cracks I want this government to really tackle the root causes of poverty like chaotic home lives addiction mental health all those no-go zones into which politicians don't normally venture when four years government is believed the only barrier to social mobility is decent education for all of course which is vital I want this government to say yes that is in that's crucial but let's sweep away those other barriers to opportunity let's take bold steps to end the gender pay gap to end racial discrimination to complete the fight for true equality when four years government has been trapped in a lock and a poor let them out debate I want this government to get smart about prison reform making sure that of course punishment must always fit the crime but also let's make sure we treat prisoners as assets rather than just liabilities let's give them a chance to make amends and to make good so these are big arguments for change the important social reforms that I want this second term to be about and they will support other big changes that were making tackling nonviolent as well as violent extremism delivering on climate change not least by bringing an end to coal-fired power stations delivering huge new powers to cities and regions a government that delivers changing the way our country is run so I hope you can see that these last seven months there have been difficult decisions to take and difficult arguments to make but every day we've been putting our money in fact your money where our manifesto is and with every child who comes home from a great day of lessons every teenager who lands their first job every sold sign that's hammered into that front lawn every patient seen and treated on a Saturday or Sunday every pension increase it has been worth it that's our ambition a government that delivers not just making good on our manifesto but making Britain greater and over the next four years and five months that is exactly how we mean to go on thank you very much for listening you

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