This Can’t Be Explained! (2019-2020 EVENTS)

This Can’t Be Explained! (2019-2020 EVENTS)

so Ken as usual we are still trying to get to the bottom of this this continues to be quite a mystery he's your kind of heaven reporting live tonight the Johnston County Casey the Irish whale and dolphin group is investigating what it describes as the unusual beating of three dead whales off the west coast the latest whale washed ashore on a beach in County Sligo it's not too unusual to see a dead whale washed up on a beach in the West of Ireland but in a little over a week one dead sperm whale was spotted a good distance out to sea and three have beached in Donegal Galway and now Sligo this has never happened before in such a short space of time so we're up here today to try and get an understanding of this particular whale washed up in the whale is about 12 meters long and believed to be female which in itself is unusual typically we have males of this fan or from the Atlantic females tend to hang around in warmer waters at lower latitudes down around the Lake City Azores madeira of Portugal and so if we do have females around here then could be a change in the water an examination of one of the whales stomachs showed no evidence of any plastic having been ingested but there's no time now to examine the other trees an unusual spike in marine life deaths one day alone this week 8 beached animals washed up on Long Island's North and South fork's the date is important already these numbers have what like almost tripled yeah it looks like we're 3 times what our numbers were for this time last year so we're at we're at 63 animals that we have responded to that have washed up dead on our region so since generator first there is a number of 1100 dolphin's that have been found dead on the French shore this number is a record the highest number since the past 14 years but we've seen an increase in this bycatch for the past three years and right now it's such an alarming rate that the scientists estimate that it can drive the dolphin population to extinction scientists wanting some answers tonight after two whales well after two huge whales wash up on the same shoreline this pair marked the second and third dead gray whales found in the bay in the past two years there is a growing worry among biologists that this is a marker a sign of the environment and Alaska changing and endangering the whales it has to be a concern for us I think it has to be a narrative warning that perhaps something's changing drastically in their habitats in the north in the Arctic waters that they're not getting enough food a dead whale washed ashore on a bamboo beach and it is getting a whole lot of attention people soaking up Sun and surfers riding waves surprised at what they saw I'm tingling boys says you don't often get it washed up around 3 o'clock this morning and didn't take long for curious beachgoers to pull out cellphones snapping pictures of a dead whale giving off a strong odor of dead gray whale was found washed up along an East Bay shoreline this morning spectators gathered along the shore in San Pablo Bay in Roadeo it's creating quite a stir here in town because in rodeo they don't often see whales a young gray whale the cause of his death at the moment is unknown and floating just a few feet offshore it is easy to see that's the sound have you heard it series of startling booms are being reported in northeastern Sacramento County and people say they've been hearing these noises for months now viewers are asking us to get answers the tranquility of this Fair Oaks neighborhood is being shattered by some mysterious nighttime noises it's instantaneous it doesn't last long home owners being startled by loud booms in the late evening hours it's like a sharp popping sound like pop the noises are loud enough to set off car alarms and wake people from their sleep you know rattles the windows for nearly a year reported on loud booms in the city of Gerrard today a loud explosion was reported in Liberty so far though the explosion remains a mystery even realize like a shockwave it was about 2:30 Friday calls to 900 what one caller described as sounding like a bomb going off it actually shook the station my partner went out and looked up in down Beaumont because we thought it was maybe a semi that had blown a tire and we didn't see anything one caller thought the loud explosion may have came from a nearby gas well but crews checked it out and said everything appeared normal more reports of what neighbors described as loud boom noises across our area tonight we got at least a dozen calls and messages about this ongoing issue and brought it as breaking news to you at 6 o'clock now we're learning more about the mysterious booms that rocked parts of wake at Johnston County tonight like a little bit of a weird atmosphere inand boom loud bang and when I mean loud we're talking about like it took the air out of your chest so you know it sucked it right at E and then everybody come running out of the houses and stuff neighbors say it wasn't like anything they've ever heard before it was so loud and it was felt like the whole like an echo went through this neighborhood and I'm not sure exactly what it could have been so unexpected they did not have any training events today so Ken as usual we are still trying to get to the bottom of this this could be used to be quite a mystery now a look at the mounting toll taken by the ongoing flooding across the Midwestern United States Nebraska's governor characterizing the destruction as unbelievable look at this highway cracked in half and this is what's left of the Spencer dam after being destroyed by the roaring water record-high rivers turned small Midwest towns into islands in Nebraska flood water rendered roads and entire highway routes impassable for farmers across Nebraska and Iowa the record floods have been especially devastating with many losing much of their livestock and last year's harvest but it's not next year that forecasters are concerned about but the coming weeks the flooding is expected to become worse more widespread and record-breaking in fact the u.s. is National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is warning that nearly 2/3 of the mainland USA faces an elevated risk of flooding until May 200 million people are at risk of flooding in their communities with some 13 million people potentially experiencing major unprecedented rain and significant snowmelt fueled this disaster the worse the region has seen in decades Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa and Illinois also hit hard abrasca the damage to the state's livestock sector alone is projected to be 400 million on Thursday the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA released a report forecasting a potentially unprecedented flood season in the current year but scientists also say this is the latest manifestation of a changing climate some researchers say as with the rest of the world large areas of the US may soon become uninhabitable as a result of the changing climate and not just coastal regions but areas deep inland Iranian pictures of the floods showed the extent of the damage cars washed away roads blocked Tree submerged and water waist-deep the floods hit during Iran's New Year holidays and that means that many aid workers are away from home slowing response efforts Iran's Energy Minister has blamed climate change for the unprecedented floods the amount of precipitation is unprecedented for until last year Iran was suffering from decades of drought drastic weather changes various provinces have been devastated by more than two weeks of near constant rain affecting tens of thousands of people scale of destruction is unbelievable so far 25,000 homes have been destroyed and these figures that could increase floods have affected at least 23 of the country's 31 provinces since heavy downpours began on March maintain the disaster has taken the lives of dozens of people destroying over at least 25,000 homes around the country and while those who have survived tried to save what's left of their belongings more storms are forecast in the coming days it has been year since California has experienced a major earthquake and that has experts wondering when will this quake droughts end living in California it's a topic that Caltech faculty member Michael minuti is used to talking about I find it pretty fascinating a new research suggests that California may be in an earthquake drop but experts are saying this calm period will end but the big question is when in a study released today author Glen Biasi says California is experiencing seismic silence the next century seems like it needs to be busier it could be six earthquakes or or even more dr. Angela Cheung says the UC Berkeley seismograph has been very quiet with little quake activity sometimes there can be stress field up along a fault experts say the Bay Area has been particularly quiet since the great earthquake of 1906 destroyed much of San Francisco there have been only three quakes magnitude 6 or higher including Loma Prieta in 1989 if you've ever tried stargazing in Boston it's likely the Stars you think you're seeing may just be lights from a plane flying in a Logan that's because light pollution obscures the wonders of the sky now bill on Beacon Hill argues that it's bad for more than just the astronomy it's called the dark sky bill so next week is International dark-sky week it's a chance to make the case that we have lost something with light pollution we've lost a chance to see starry night skies we have wasting energy we are affecting our environment not just humans but also animals and nocturnal beings all around lights at night though we need them are excessive and they need to be reined in Jeff it's one of those days that those of us who live here in Southern California is canned that kind of shared memory that shared experience so let's begin with the question do you remember where you were at 4:30 in the morning on January 17th 1994 so right now this woman here does this jog your memory or how about this you know the aesthetics part of this matters a lot to me you know probably one of most beautiful places I've ever been is also one of the darkest the dunes in Provincetown where there's virtually no light pollution at night you can see you see shooting stars almost like constantly so the aesthetics I understand but go to analyst personal health what's the impact sell of lights at night imagine that you lived on Provincetown a thousand years ago you had 12 hours of really bright daylight that you were out in and 12 hours of really dark darkness we've screwed that up on both ends night during the day we spend it indoors we rarely get out in full spectrum sunlight and then at night we're playing with our devices or were or were watching TV until we're making a late night run for munchies all of that we don't know how that's affecting our circadian rhythm but I will tell you if you disrupt your nighttime sleep habit you wake up cranky and there's a reason for that you know that I read in anticipation of coming something like the brightness of the night skies increases by something like 2% every year it seems pretty dramatic but with you is much more dramatic and depressing to me in the same article I saw a stat that saying only 15% of us in the United States can see the Milky Way from our homes because of light pollution right and you know that as you find it out this is really bad for those who just love the beauty and grandeur of a night sky it's not really about astronomy per se it's about what our heritage is our natural heritage and we've lost that the problem is light pollution the urban glow that obscures all but the moon and a few bright stars and planets is is there a way of measuring how fast we're essentially losing Mazumdar nests in the country yeah unfortunately we've done a lot of research on this up until the 50s actually it started with Edison with the invention of an electric light right about the turn of the century but for the last century we've accelerated it didn't become noticeable until the 50s during the nineteen fifties astronomers and folks started realizing that they could not see the night sky as well our organization was founded in 82 by that point it was clear there was a problem and it's growing about three to five percent every year I think people might hear the term light pollution and think oh that's a shame you can't see the stars well but in your research you have found that this affects our sort of evolutionary rhythms this affects animals this affects how we sleep which are important thing exactly I mean the the we were the canary in the coal mines the astronomers the amateur astronomers we saw first but the research is showing that it affects every species and it affects species in a very dramatic way and it doesn't just affect us it affects every species from plants up to humans but the impact is pretty dramatic if we don't get enough dark we don't produce something called melatonin and melatonin can be a an inhibitor of all kinds of disease it's part of the immune system captured by his time-lapse photography I have yet to see a person come out in the night sky look up at a sky that that is dark or look through a telescope and not go wow that's never happened they always do that they always do that in a world where people seem to spend most of their time looking down there isn't much incentive to look up city lights block out the night sky the moon is just the beginning of exploration he believes there is still plenty to learn about the universe from gazing at a truly dark night sky there are a lot of things out there that we don't know about and that's what's exciting maybe we can still discover we can still be those explorers and and that's not over one of the last places where modern man can look up and see what our ancient ancestors saw trembling delighting or just basking in nature's night light [Applause] you

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  1. Um this has nothing to do with Jesus..Does noone remember Fukashima?.It has been leaking MILLIONS of gallons of Radioactive waste EVERYDAY into the ocean..The Arizona explosions are Mexican Cartel blowing out tunnels.

  2. In 2011, the Fukishima nuclear disaster occurred. It's effects are worldwide, as billions of gallons of nuclear waste, continue to leak into the Pacific Ocean. As the waters merge, and fish & mammals and birds, migrate, their health is being destroyed by that nuclear radiation. This, in turn, will infest humans, as we eat those same fish, marine mammals & birds. I truly believe, that the Fukishima leak, has been engineered by several governments controlled by the Global Elitists, as they want to de-populate the earth to 500,000 people. Thus, Ebola, Typhoid, Cholera, etc., have sprung up, all over the world. A pandemic is in place and happening, as fake news media refuse to report these events. So….between nuclear radiation poisoning, and extreme deadly diseases, mankind is slowing being "whittled down" to accommodate the Global Elitists agenda…..fulfilling their need to "kill off" the undesirables and moochers of this earth. God help us. Get right with God, stay in the Word, put on the "armor of God", daily….as we will face the most evil, perverse, and destruction ever known to man. "One World Religion" is being put in place. "One World" monetary system via worldwide economic collapses occur. And One World government is being formulated, as we speak. It is an insidious, evil process that the Global Elitists KNOW too many people are ignorant to these facts, and/or in denial.

  3. People STILL don't know the booms are the underground cities they are building… with our tax money? ? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WAKE UP

  4. 2019 is set to double, and maybe tripple the numbers of these and other events compared to the last two years.

  5. For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to witness, the redemption of our body.”
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:18-23‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  6. Does anyone remember that God promised to judge unrighteous nations? We are no exception but rather we are under closer scrutiny by God because we are the one who has been given much. So much will be required of us! Judgment begins in the house of God. He wont judge the world without cleaning up His own house first!He has given us a reprieve. I little time to set our house in order before the final hour unfolds. We must right our wrongs, draw near to Him, and continue to send out His gospel to the world.

  7. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD….

  8. It’s the earths crust getting ready to rip apart and bring humanity back to the Stone Age..We have been at this point many times before..The pyramids tell the stories and so does the Bible and they know what coming..

  9. Why is it everybody is playing so dumb about all the booms, govt knows, it's the elite building their underground hiding homes, highways railways, and ANYTHING else you could imagine where they can all go live like kings and queens when the dollar goes to nothing. Or Yellowstone goes kaboom, or martial law or ANY other disasters happen as those GUTTLESS wonders will run and hide while they will lock us out and leave us for dead and starved……being the nice people they are

  10. Ya like this effects our beast nature right? Like totally evilution is being messed up by the lights, so listen to CBS cause they must be telling the truth, cause they have that giant eye of Horus table right, just like the ONE dollar bill pyramid

  11. Those noises ,vibrations are comin from underground. Why gov is digging ? Still researching it. Looking for something ? Making underground doomsday quarters for the elites? I'm just not positive. Keep talking silence is consent..

  12. Come on people wake up God is trying to get you to!!listen,,watch, and repent for your sake ask him for forgiveness of your sins and believe in his son who died on the cross ☦️ for all of us Lord Jesus Christ our Savior…

  13. as for the loud booms, i'm from Sactown and yeah weve always had them there, i grew up near McClellanAFB, and then i moved around, none in Redding, but yes they are present here on the NorthwestCoast. the same pop spoof sound that dynamite makes

  14. Who really cares? I mean not to sound like a jerk or anything.. but all life ends.. So many people think this is how it's going to be forever and it's not… We're all only here temporarily and then we're gone forever… Personally, I don't care how it ends… we're all on the journey towards the end whether we like it or not so my thought…? BRING IT ON… because in the end? Everything that has a beginning has an end…

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