Third Light digital media library

Third Light digital media library

third light brings all of your images videos audio and graphics together in one secure centralized collection it's designed to help teams save time by sharing access and collaborating browsing your library is simple using a web interface it offers thumbnails collections and smart folders to organize your thoughts and projects you upload and share files tag and search invite comments and feedback and keep a secure central record of everything that changes third light makes it easy to search and arrange files according to meaningful tags as well as captions and keywords copyright another industry standard fields you can configure metadata of your own such as dropdowns or check box trees you can upload almost any kind of digital media to third light and is packed with tools convert crop and resize images or videos on-demand third light does all of the graphics work you'll need day to day without using plugins or expensive studio software all of your team can get the file they need without training and without desktop software moving content to from your library is incredibly easy say goodbye to email attachments send lightweight files links folders and light boxes to colleagues clients and contributors with one click importing your existing library couldn't be easier filter out duplicates keep or change your folders and retag your metadata in an ordered clear personalized secure system control the lifecycle of your files with user passwords role based privileges and defined upload and download processes work with your media directly inside WordPress Drupal and other content management systems with our free plugins improve your workflows by connecting your favorite desktop software to your third light library access plug-ins for Adobe bridge and handle files from Photoshop Illustrator and InDesign add export features to aperture and Lightroom so you're more workflows push content directly to third light third light brings together all your files for all your people

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  1. Well, this clears the air a bit for me. I've been confused because I thought Third Light was a photo editing program like Photoshop. I'll have to keep looking for an online Photoshop-like service.

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