These Were President Trump's 5 Biggest Policy Changes In 2017 | 2017 Year In Review | TIME

These Were President Trump's 5 Biggest Policy Changes In 2017 | 2017 Year In Review | TIME

President Trump likes to brag about all he's gotten done in his first year of office in fact he's declared himself the most successful of quote any president in history there has never been a 10-month president that has accomplished what we have accomplished adequately but the American people aren't so sure in a national survey in November 65% of respondents said they hadn't seen many accomplishments coming out of the White House so far ooh but the truth is somewhere in the middle it's true that Trump hasn't exactly succeeded in pushing through big pieces of signature legislation there's been no Trump care there's been no Walt with Mexico one of his biggest campaign promises but the Trump administration has also done all kinds of other stuff from executive orders to changes to the regulatory state that will fundamentally change the way a lot of us live here are five top policy changes that you'll notice from your kitchen table number one the tax bill this is a giant piece of legislation it's the largest tax cut in the history of our country it cuts taxes for corporations and the very rich believe me believe this is not good for me but if you're in the middle or lower class it's a little more ambiguous you might get a small tax cut over the next few years but all middle-class tax cuts end in 2025 number 2 Obamacare well Trump and his allies failed to push through a total repeal of Obamacare in Congress they have been chipping away at it along the edges for example Trump scrapped the federal subsidies for health insurance companies which were used to lower out-of-pocket costs for low-income people he also ordered sweeping changes in the nation's insurance system allowing sales of Cheaper policies with fewer benefits and fewer protections that unravels a whole lot of what Obamacare is as a law and depending on where you live that means bracing yourself for soaring insurance premiums next year number three immigration on the campaign trail Trump promised a border wall he hasn't done that but he has overseen an explosion in deport immigration officials have arrested 25 percent more people this year than last year and in December the Supreme Court approved the third version of Trump's embattled travel ban his anti-immigration rhetoric has also just changed the way a lot of us think of America when Mexico sends its people they're not sending their best they're bringing drugs they're bringing crime they're rapists and some I assume are good people according to the FBI hate crimes in the u.s. rose 10 percent between 2014 and 2016 and in late November Trump himself retweeted three videos supposedly showing Muslims committing acts of violence the videos had been posted by an anti Islam organization a hate group in the United Kingdom number 4 over time Trump's Justice Department ended an Obama era expansion of the federal overtime rule that means that about 4 million Americans who currently make low incomes will no longer be eligible for time-and-a-half once they work more than 40 hours a week number 5 the environment under Trump the EPA has dismantled dozens and dozens of Obama era rules reducing the amount of co2 in the atmosphere it's also rescinded a rule designed to protect lakes ponds and streams it's reopened the Arctic to drilling it's cleared the way of for Keystone XL pipeline it's Shrunk national monuments it's allowed coal mining on public lands we could go on the problem with all this stuff with environmental laws and regulations is that it's really hard to measure what that means for us right now they're designed in the long-term interest of the country in the earth so get rid of clean air and water rules and is the sky going to turn black next week no but is it going to result in a return to the smog and scummy lakes of the 1970s yes eventually so Trump hasn't delivered on every campaign promise but he's definitely had a significant impact on our lives already and it's just year one you

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  2. People who say impeach trump never have a sound argument besides subjective statements like, “he’s racist, sexist and homophobic.” There’s never a sound argument that comes with their request

  3. This video is almost a year old & only has received 6,273 views? lmao Trump was correct 'Time' is FAILING & losing public interest. I say it's TIME we use their magazine to wipe our butts🚽 & light our fireplaces!🔥

  4. Health insurance… depends on where you live, age, current health. My health insurance premium increased by 10dollars a month for 2019. Not a big deal. When I was 19 living on my own and barely getting by, I chose not to buy health insurance. If I had been penalized for that I would have been outraged. Small steps in the right direction from my point of view. But I guess it is not enough. For some people it is a small step in the right direction that the penalty fine was lifted.

  5. I’m grateful for the tax cuts. I’m middle class and my paycheck is bigger. Is it a huge amount bigger? No however I am still grateful for the extra cash in my pocket. Perhaps not all corporations are as generous to their employees as mine is. But for those corporations that pass their savings down to the employees or consumers of their products/services is a good thing. So many people lack gratitude and complain it is not enough.

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  8. hate crimes?!!! NO! There IS NO HATE but what I despise is how USA accepted illegals to become part of USA without any effort on the illegals part while the true American's who've worked so hard are getting the boot the illegals are living it large while American's who were born here worked hard here don't get qualified with hand outs! AWAY WITH FOOD STAMPS AND AWAY WITH WALEFARE!! YOU EITHER WORK OR STARVE WITH YOUR FAMILY!!! Away with government controlling and getting involved with providing assets and housing for people they have to work for it ! Illegals are moochers of the system remember that when your American grandmother or father is suffering because they don't qualify for housing or section 8 or what not!

  9. look the whole cuts taxes for rich thing is overblown the 1% pay 40% of the national taxes while the below 50% of people together pay only 2.35% so i'm tired of this the rich aren't paying enough

  10. WOW TIME?!!! I didn't know you were so biased leftist. I mean from the get-go your opinionated presenter set the leftist tone. There was no hiding that this was not objective, this was a piece to discredit as much as possible. Even when pointing out the 5 policies she gave her biased view and opinion of how come it wasn't as great.I never bought your magazine, just looked at it at the doctor's office… this is why TIME is becoming more and more outdated and garbage.

  11. All of these contradicting liberals need to read the Quran. The hatred on every page is astonishing. So much antisemitism and disrespect towards women.

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