39 thoughts on “Theresa May 'won't be afraid' to challenge Donald Trump – BBC News

  1. 'Afraid' ??? why Brit. want to be afraid president of United States America, he is an elected leader of free world, not much different from yourself.

  2. For f**k sake stop liying you old boot by now you will have made sure that your husband investment is save and he will be able to make a few more million you liying old boot

  3. She wasn't a patch on Thatcher. Weak and indecisive. I hope they go easy on the perversions now that she is gone. She hadn't a clue unfortunately.

  4. the problem is donkey t may doesn't meet the basic requirements to become supermarket till worker. no comment a rubbish bin fooled so many rubbish bins and got elected

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  6. This was a very clear and eloquent conversation full of knowledge and wisdom and psychology and the PM is such an outstanding leader in my view. Thank you Teresa for your Charisma.

  7. ek anchor ye hai aur jo pm se sawal pe sawal kiye ja rha hai country development ke lye ek hamare india ke anchor hote hai jo koi tucha neta ke age uska hi tareef ka pul bandhne lagta hai,,,,, this is the different india and other develop country

  8. Dear All Power USA , RUSSIA too , We Need Take Back A Singapore Ceouse Singapore Was The Original check Point Or Original Melacca , Becouse Malaysia Dont Need USE The Ringgit Anymore , Singapore Currency The Border As The The Role Model That Malaysia Must Do 100% to Kalimatan Borneo Sabah And Serawak , To Malaysia Thailand Border as To Selat Melacca Sea Aswell , When They On Our Nable Country's Especial Come to Malaysia country's With Passport First charger The Mastermind Criminal On Malaysia country , Them Must On Malaysia Prison was 20 year as Minima As A Slave with Working On Malaysia Prison Have A Factory But This Peoples Get Very Very Lower Payment ,, This Not Be Together On Malaysia Citizen , Them Be A Hide Criminal That was danger To All Malaysia Citizen what Happen The Revolution for Replacement Citizen , Do we Realize For That ,, ,, That We Must Accepted to vote With Figer Print until The Other DNA Eyes Scane And HAIR result DNA to Be Automaticly to All Malaysia Register Citizen original , On vote for New Systems Way that Was Interesting for Safety Malaysia , That Differnt From Peoples Have A Passport but just Late Stand On border Area or late to Renew Visa we Start from Me Mention from Now give a Green Light To Them Return To Them country

  9. also at Zero gravity can do check point for drone ready with standby for the country ,, also the Hide Torpedo drone on aerospace ,, but a new torpedo must with para-suite with a fire control as the fire belon technology ,, The NASA rocket also use the para suite ,, that was drop with warning first with speaker loud sound before was attacking the check point for the Enemy or USA Links country Enemy ,, because the Embersy was attacking with what message for that , this i get from the NEWS was Bad peoples no human mind ,, The embassy for relationship connection country

  10. nothing Impossible when new accumulation on the moon with Plastic of the lighter we can Use from the stronger handle the huger gas compressor ,, That mean already Prove it for support to make accommodation on the moon including the transport use the solar power and Fan for move ,, that on the moon no gravity ,, the energy just use solar power support .. also the gear from diving dive is impossible for emergency our NASA for do safety gear support ,, better do on the zero gravity compare Bigger ship under the sea water was more risk ,, or aluminium but NASA technology more expert from USA and all Country's combine technology for get Better to Human ..

  11. It s incredible how this guy interrupts his guest, certainly he feels like a superman, he thinks he is the thuth.

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