Theresa May survives no-confidence motion by 19 votes

Theresa May survives no-confidence motion by 19 votes

20 thoughts on “Theresa May survives no-confidence motion by 19 votes

  1. We are heading towards the biggest stitch up in British political history, between them LibLabCon has destroyed our democratic system. Undoubtedly, the betrayal of the electorate is quite deliberate, following the agenda set by those who operate from the shadow's and manifest through networks such as the EU, big business, MSM, the banks, the pharma and food cartels. We must now destroy LibLabCon at the ballot box.

  2. Don’t you just love the way she talks about a second referendum damaging the UK’s social cohesion? Huh? Say what? What fricking planet is she on? There is no “social cohesion “ at all in the UK! If a 52/48% split on Brexit isn’t a prime example of the utter destruction of “social cohesion “, then what is??

  3. Can you imagine if the DUP had voted yes? The result would have been 316 to 315 … ONE VOTE! Now that would have been dramatic and perhaps the rightful decision.

  4. Men are "unnecessarily" misogynistic towards her …
    Theresa !( You are a the "it" girl to the "me too" movement )

  5. Hello I'm Theresa may good evening Wembley. I just want to say my walk this afternoon with David was a joy. I was good I did sit sometimes. I need a new collar and a tag. I could not help going after that cat. My brexit deal comes with free dog treat's. I am so excited. I am now a blue coat. Woof woof. Beware of the dog. Entry the house at your own risk. My training owner David Cameron is letting me out into my new enclosure for a run later. Bark woof.

  6. Corbyn's politicking to gain power at the expense of voters he so earnestly (yawn) cares about, backfired! That man has lost my Labour vote

  7. She knows exactly what she's doing.. She's got spin doctors advising her. And the end result will be to scrap brexit and stay in the EU. Because of no deal. That's my opinion.

  8. Her face at 01:41 is so inappropriate!…
    Not the time or place for that!!

  9. How can Mrs May just sit and laugh with that stupid expression when Mr Corbyn was attempting to show the seriousness of the situation! its appalling behaviour by someone who keeps banging about "da National Interest…blah blah" , like Cameron she will drag us into the mud , pack it in leaving a mess,  and retire on a very nice pension , oh and  maybe write her memoirs.

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