21 thoughts on “Theresa May: No third vote on Brexit deal yet – BBC News

  1. What if i need a pee but cops against me im just giving example but neighbour's taking heroin and nobody even care.Tell me wtf is wrong in this country!

  2. I am a master student at the University of Reims, currently writing my master thesis. It is entitled Social Media and Democracy: Brexit as a Case Study."Since social media are omnipresent in our life, they can play a huge role in today's politics. Therefore, I have chosen to conduct this study whose aim is to examine its impact on Brexit from 2016 onwards. Data and answers are confidential and participation in the survey is not mandatory. The questionnaire takes around 4 to 5 minutes.Your contribution is precious and can help to better understand the way social media influences democracy and more specifically Brexit. Here is the link of the questionnaire:


    Thank you in advance for your participation. For those interested in the results of the survey I will be glad to send you a copy of the research paper.

  3. brexit was the biggest fraud ever to be perpetrated on democracy, and on the
    British people, these very same politicians told the electorate that their decision
    in the Referendum would be honoured, but the unexpected Result have come
    back to expose their Lie, most of our politicians are Remainers, who had no
    intention of ever honouring the wishes of the electorate,

    Brexit is a demand that Britain should be an Independent, democratic and Sovereign
    Country, that can only happen if we Leave the EU, the customs union, and the single
    market, we've been brainwashed into believing that we will not prosper, and that we
    won't be able to get food to feed ourselves, unless we give up our sovereignty,

    it is these Remainers who've been plotting to overturn brexit from the beginning,
    they are the only ones who are Guilty of holding the UK, and the EU as hostages
    aided and abetted by the Media bias, all because they've Refused to carry out the
    wishes of the people, and Leave the EU, if they had won the Referendum as was
    expected, this whole EU/Brexit Chaos would've been permanently settled from the
    beginning, all our problems stems from the fact that they've never accepted that
    they've lost the vote, if we can't get what we voted for through the ballot box, how
    else can we get it?????


  5. Politicians are bought to say yes to the EU and then push for it to happen!
    The politicians are shouting at what ordinary people think it is called corruption!


  6. It has worked just as well to trade between other countries before the EU came!

    So the EU is nothing to let the EU go to the grave, NOW!

  7. Hey England! Going out of this The EU is just shit to be in it is the money and the power Junker wants.

    The EU is a sect that causes disarray in Europe. LOVE BREXIT came again a no to the EU is the best.

  8. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? SHE WANTS TO BRING IT BACK FOR A 4th VOTE? THIS A CRIMINAL……TO KEEP BRINGING IT BACK UNTIL SHE GETS A ((((YES))))))? How dare you ??????? This is absolutely fraudulent on all counts


    In its latest efforts to prevent foreign interference and also to increase the transparency ahead of the federation's parliamentary elections, Facebook said that it is additionally narrowing requirements for European Union political advertising.

    However, some EU politicians had condemned facebook by saying that the measures will create the pan-European online campaigning tougher. 

    According to the new rules, people, parties and other groups who are buying political ads will have to get the approval from Facebook that they are located in the same European Union country as the Facebook users they are aiming.

    READ MORE VISIT OUR SITE https://www.beyondpinkworld.com/news/science-technology/facebook-to-strengthen-politic-2734

  10. This evil world, and the "New World Order" (which is planned and run/will be run, by satan and his people) that is almost upon us (which includes a "Non-Brexit" outcome) will be over quickly. Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah will be Returning Soon, for His Millennial Reign of and for this world, to be Governed, Ruled and Reigned by YHVH (God) Himself, the way this world is SUPPOSED to be run, properly by The Creator; YHVH (God) The Father, YHVH (God) The Son and YHVH (God) The Holy Spirit.

    Soon, everybody will have to make/will have made their eternal choice about Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah, and whether they turn to Him and get Saved by Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah, born again by The Holy Spirit, so they can belong to YHVH (God) Almighty, by living righteously by YHVH (God) Almighty's Commandments, Laws and Rules in The Holy Bible.

    IF people DO NOT get Saved by Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah, born again by The Holy Spirit, so they can belong to YHVH (God) Almighty (by living by His Commandments, Laws and Rules for ALL of Humanity, which can all be found in The Holy Bible) THEN THEY WILL NOT BE SAVED.

    If you WANT to be Saved, you need to pray to YHVH (God), ask Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah to Save you, ask for The Holy Spirit (so once you are born again and you have The Holy Spirit dwelling within you, He can Teach you and Show you The Truth of and for this life in this world, and how we are SUPPOSED to be living this life; righteously, without sinning [doing anything evil] on purpose) so once you have become Saved by Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah, born again by The Holy Spirit, so you belong to YHVH (God), as a born again Christian (which means a follower of Yahshua [Jesus] The Messiah, and His way of living THIS life [that is REAL "belief": Believing in, and living by His Commandments for US and NOT JUST acknowledging that The Messiah died for you, in your place, for your sins]: Believing in Yahshua [Jesus] The Messiah and what He did for ALL of US on The Cross, WITHOUT CHANGING your life/how you live AND WITHOUT STOPPING sinning on purpose, will cause you to be sent to Hell) you then have to (and should WANT to) live by all of The Commandments, Laws and Rules in The Holy Bible (you obviously find out how to live righteously, by studying [reading and/or listening to] The Holy Bible).

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    We only have this short life to decide on, and make our choice about YHVH (God) Almighty: YHVH (God) The Father, YHVH (God) The Son and YHVH (God) The Holy Spirit, and if we DON'T get Saved by Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah, born again by The Holy Spirit, so we can belong to YHVH (God) by living how we are Commanded to (by living by The Commandments, Laws and Rules of YHVH [God] in The Holy Bible), then once time is up, then that's it, that's your chance to choose YHVH (God) so you can receive Salvation from and by Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah, and get born again by The Holy Spirit, so you can belong to YHVH (God) Almighty and live-out His Purpose for your life in this world, so you can also receive The Gift of Eternal Life in Heaven, gone, forever.

    Time is running out, FAST.

    We are praying for ALL of you.

    Peace and love,

    TJ & Mercy x

  11. The PM is not being robust enough because she voted to remain. The EU would love their agreement to go through because it means we don't really leave the EU. We voted to leave so we should be out with no deal ……..nobody wants to leave without a deal, not even the EU, so something will very likely be sorted out after we leave because it affects the EU too.

  12. there all like big babys , just make a bloody choice , BUT they dont give a shit , there on big money and pension ,SACK THEM ALL "POWER TO THE PEOPLE" NOT the MP'S

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