what's up guys it's Clancy and right now I am wearing comfy clothes and that means so much to me after a long work day I'm wearing a tight dress and heels and just doesn't feel good and you know what that's actually my first point about the worst parts of being a TV news reporter luckily I must be a fun video or just the show like I only should show you guys the other side and being a TV reporter it's this weird thing like you see me on TV but you see a minute like you don't know I'm at I was like you don't know anything I didn't mean like that but I just mean it's so hard to actually see what I do what goes on in a day what's behind the scenes is my job and that's where this video comes into play so I just got back from work I have this long ish list on my phone of all the things I hate about my job to be quite frank and by the way disclaimer no I don't hate my job I freakin love my job I that's why I'm doing it but I also don't want you guys to think that it's this perfect world like I want you to know there was something that it's like hey that kind of sucks first thing kind of has to do with what I just said we all have our ugly days it's just a fact of life you wake up and you're like bye but imagine your ugly day have to be broadcast to thousands of people imagine you literally don't get to have an ugly day but you have on trust me today on camera ah but no that's the worst like there are so many mornings you wake up you look in the mirror and you just do not want to go on TV like at all I mean I'm sure you guys make up look at the mirror and don't feel like being seen going to work let's say you jizz it on your face but when you're a TV news reporter you really don't have a choice you gotta powder up the face and just go and pretend like you don't look like a rhinoceros I don't know what I've always obviously done YouTube right get ready before I do my videos but that's once a week you know that's when I feel like it if I wake up I'm not feeling myself cool we're not doing a video today this though you don't have a choice also having to dress up every night like really kind of go the extra mile with your outfit it's not just I'm sitting in an office all day whatever I'll just wear these no it's I'm on TV I mean obviously have someone tunes in it you're looking like a slob I'm wearing this to work it's not only gonna fly next is you can never pee I must have the strongest bladder in the world that's actually a lie though I have the weakest I'm constantly having a pee so if you get to a crime scene or wherever you're out for the morning you're there for hours for as long as the newscast is going on and you can break away if you find the chance to go to a gas station bathroom that's another red thing I mean I pee and the most disgusting places you could possibly imagine but a lot of times you don't know at that time a lot of times from writing my scripts for the next time on air and I just don't have time to go to a bathroom not to mention there are times when you're in such remote locations there simply is no bathroom this next one I plan I should have led but this is one of the parts that makes a lot of people decide hey I don't want to do this and I want to be part of this business and it's the hours and days you have to work so you know my schedule I get up at 2:00 in the morning I work from 3:30 in the morning until 12:30 in the afternoon I kind of freaking like it just cuz I'm right now it's what time is it it's 1:30 and I'm doing this for you right now I have that time but it's a tough business when you want the classic 9:00 to 5:00 Monday to Friday life that is literally such a foreign concept for me not to mention the news numbers stops you're working weekends I have lucked out with both my job so far I have worked Monday through Friday but I know I'm going up to work weekends eventually I know it's coming and the news doesn't stop so that means Christmas Day Thanksgiving Easter you're at the news station you're working you don't get holidays off so the veteran anchors who have been at the station for decades they can get those holidays off I mean they earned it but TV news reporter like me Oh holidays foreign concept and as for the hours there are typically three shifts its mornings which is really just told you my schedule is nights which is 2:30 p.m. to like around midnight which I don't know and I know I really just don't know if I could ever do nice I'm like another night person I love mornings I don't know and then the other one is the coveted nine to six ten to seven something like that more normal but that's for people who have really earned their right little reporters like me we have not the next thing that sucks you know when you're sitting at your office looking at or thinking wow it is raining cats and dogs or wow that snow is building up or wow it is like a hundred and five degrees outside she's you know when going into my office my hair got all frizzy well I'm out in that rain in that snow in that sweltering heat that is my job it doesn't matter if it's your degrees in as a matter if it's 150 degrees we have to be out there and most time for that extreme we're reporting on those conditions so yeah pack your scarves pack your gloves your hand warmers it's tough especially if you're at a breaking news scene you have to literally be standing outside in ten degree weather because you can't just leave it you can just go into your car no you were out there trying to get the information get the facts get the interviews all while thinking wow it's happening I'm getting frostbite and actually there was a time last year that I thought I got frostbite Tuesday it's not confirmed what happened but basically I for a live shot put my hand in snow I was fine I went inside I was doing interviews inside and then all of a sudden it was like the most painful thing with my finger and it turned black and blue and I was in so much agony finally someone ended up getting me hot water and then in a company helping helping but yeah that's my war story I'm almost getting frostbite in my finger and to this day whenever it's cold outside and that finger gets closer than the others oh this one is great if you mess up the world sees it there's no hiding it so yeah you might work at a bank or in a law office or maybe a beauty salon might give a wrong haircut or forget to file a certain paper or give wrong advice or whatever it may be but a lot of times it's way more discreet way more hidden way more low-key with me everyone sees it and I've messed up so many times seriously like I mean it happens I say the wrong bird or I stutter or a sane on plants and I'm like what the heck do you say and there's no going back I mean especially what I do live TV as a morning reporter I'm 99% the time live but the other thing that goes along with that if someone else messes up its your blooper to look you are the face of it all so if something goes wrong with the camera or with a shot or something in the control room your butt is on the line but they say they're prepared for anything take a listen to what one of the lieutenant's had to say and with these storms especially just being prepared is one of the biggest things if you don't like our time you're not gonna like this job I mean we spend so much time in the car cuz think about it we are a new station we're kind of covering a huge area I mean every single city is different obviously some cities cover more areas than others it just depends but you're driving a lot the farthest I've driven for a story is actually four hours away that was not part of our viewership area but I needed to get a very specific interview from a very specific person in our viewing area I'd say I don't know two hours up to two hours is kind of it typically not every day we're going to hours but it's pretty common that three times a week I'm going at least 45 minutes now to mention you're going from place to place so I'm going here and then I'm going there and then I'm going across here so you're just spending hours in a car in a single day so if they're not a fan of the car it's gonna be tough no this one is great you can get Collin to work at literally any time you're always on call technically even if they need people to come in especially any type of crazy situations like tornadoes actually you guys saw my video a couple of weeks ago where I'm slipping like a little baby when I get calling to work at midnight because tornadoes head ain't the city over from where I am and Cincy and boom there's no oh but I was sleeping I'm really tired or oh you know what I just know I'm gonna do my normal chefs know it get your butt in now like you signed up for this of course no one is saying it to you like that but that's what it is I mean you signed up for this you were a reporter so you might get called in on your off days I thought I'm called in on plenty of my off days just for snow covering on Saturdays and Sunday it's a reality and also working overtime that is a reality I mean we work a lot of overtime in this business which they actually try to cut back on because the company loses so much money when you think about it when you're spending all of this overtime but no don't expect to hurt forty hours a week and not to mention you never don't have a deadline and I don't mean like a monthly deadline like a big project like it a lot of jobs like no I mean daily I mean hourly you have deadlines that you have to have for each broadcast and you're you're dealing with all these elements with getting these interviews and putting it all together deciphering facts and you're constantly thinking I have to be live on air with all of this information cut together edited and everything in 30 minutes like it's it's it's a lot and you're always up against the clock like you're never a head of schedule yeah there are times you know you might be like oh cool I'm at on my schedule but it always feels like you're almost like one step behind like from this second I get it in the morning I'm like wow we gotta hit the ground running like I I would be out the door cuz I have to be live by five o'clock in the morning and it doesn't give you a whole lot of time when you are having to get all the information write the scripts and put it all in and also finish touch-ups on your makeup let's not lie that is a part of it and it's a lot so those were all the things that I hate about being a reporter I want to do this because I feel like my videos show all the things I love which I'm not going to get into right now but no I mean I love this job and the things that you hate about it you kind of just deal with like to me when people say like the hours you work early you don't get Christmas off what Tamina's that's just no of course I know it's just so normal now it's like I don't even mind it if you truly want something badly enough you've learned to make it work so maybe while everyone's party on July 4th I'm working but at the same time when I'm at a breaking news scene doing what I love that like 100% makes up for it like 100% I would rather give up a couple of things here and there doing what I absolutely love then something I don't wear okay great I have this 9 to 5 Monday through Friday but the thing you have to realize is your work is your life and if you don't like your work that sucks I mean yeah it's awesome that you're able to be awake at 10:00 p.m. on a Wednesday night and I am NOT but yeah I don't know for me it's just worth it for now I mean who knows if this will be forever so if you guys want to follow me on social media kind of thing that behind the scenes of a TV news reporter are pretty honest on their I've all the links down below that's Instagram Facebook and Twitter comple posting on those so definitely give it a follow and if you haven't already hit the subscribe button haha it's posted really conveniently below where you can just click in at any moment alright that's it I am going to go make myself lunch do something I don't know take all those makeup off actually something everyone priority I cannot stand how much that's another thing wearing all this makeup for this job it's just disgusting okay I'm gonna go bye


  1. Your videos on reporting are so interesting to me and I don't even want to be a news reporter ๐Ÿ˜…

  2. Look up reynauds syndrome. Basically when you fingers get cold the blood vessles constrict then we blood flow returns its painful and can turn blue.

  3. Omg I always watch u and just realized I wasnโ€™t subbed to ur channel but now I am subscribed and have my notifications on ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™

  4. I would love to have this job, but Iโ€™m scared to go after it because thereโ€™s supposed to be a decline in the industry

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  6. Thanks for sharing this with us Clancy! Canโ€™t wait to start working as a reporter to experience this all, the good, the bad and the ugly. ๐Ÿ’•

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