The US government cannot be trusted so long as Donald Trump runs it

The US government cannot be trusted so long as Donald Trump runs it

Raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear to tell the
truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? So long as
Donald Trump is president, the actions of the US government and the men and the
women who work for it cannot be trusted. To understand why, I want you to watch
two particular parts of James Comey’s testimony. At the time, did you say
anything to the president about, that is not an appropriate request? Rubio was talking about Trump's request that Comey end the investigation into Michael Flynn. end the investigation into Michael
Flynn. Sir, did you tell the White House Counsel that is not an appropriate
request, someone needs to go tell the president that he can't do these things? I didn't, no. Ok. Why? I don't know. As I said earlier, I think the
circumstances were such that it was, I was a bit stunned and didn't have the
presence of mind. Then there was a similar exchange with Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Now here's the question. You're big. You're strong. I know the Oval Office, and I know what happens to people what happens to people they walk in, there is a certain amount
of intimidation. But why didn't you stop and say, Mr. President, this is wrong. I
cannot discuss this with you. It's a great question. Maybe if I were stronger I would have. What is amazing about these exchanges if they're the favorite exchanges of Donald Trump’s defenders. But they're they're so scary if you listen to them closely. I was so stunned by the conversation that I just took it in. And the only thing I could think to say, in my mind, because I could remember every word he said. Republicans see these back and forths as devastating to Comey. The reasoning, as I understand it, is that if Trump's request of Comey was so
egregious, so awful, then how come Comey didn't tell Trump on the spot – PAUL RYAN: "The president's new at this." – that it was over the line? How come he didn't quit right then and there? I remember saying, I agree he's a good guy, as a way of saying I'm not
agreeing with what you just asked me to do. Again, maybe other people would be
stronger in that circumstance. But that was how I conducted myself.
I hope I'll never have another opportunity. Maybe if I did it again I
would do it better. You can see Trump’s son making a version of this argument on
Twitter. He even does it with a laughing/crying emoji. But James
Comey was a director of the FBI. As director of the FBI he had a 10-year term
designed to grant him unusual independence. He led an agency with a
proud culture of resisting outside interference. He was exposed daily to the
most unnerving secrets and profound threats that face a country. In other
words, Comey is one of the hardest civil servants to intimidate. But when trapped
in a room with the president of the United States, and when his job and all
the good he believed he can do in that job is dangled before him, even he felt
the pressure. We know this is how Trump works. Asked for qualities he looks for in
new hires, Trump replied: “The thing that is most important to me is loyalty.” Then
there's this extraordinary passage from The Art of the Deal.
In it, Trump is praising his mentor Roy Cohn. Compare him with all the hundreds
of respectable guys who make careers that are boasting about their
uncompromising integrity but have absolutely no loyalty. They only care
about what's best for them and don't think twice about stabbing a friend in
the back if the friend becomes a problem. What I liked most about Roy Cohn was that
he would do just the opposite. So of course Trump asked Comey for loyalty.
Of course he asked him to protect his friend Michael Flynn. It's a height of
naivete to believe this same story isn’t playing out elsewhere in Trump's
Administration, to believe that it ends with James Comey, or to believe that every public
servants Trump tries to intimidate or asks for loyalty will fare as well or have
as much integrity as James Comey. Think of how this could have gone. Imagine it
wasn't Comey who Trump had invited to dinner, but a candidate for the FBI directorship
who shared Trump's values, who was more focused on his own career advancement
than on his integrity. Imagine Trump asked for loyalty and this person
immediately agreed. We would never know that conversation had happened, but the
Federal Bureau of Investigation would now be serving Trump, not the American
people. And this is what scares me: It might have
already happened. On Wednesday, Trump nominated Christopher Wray to replace James
Comey as FBI director. How do we know the reason Trump chose Wray over all the
other candidates isn't because Wray said yes, I will be loyal to you. Is what I'm
saying fair to Wray? Maybe not. Maybe he didn't do any of that. But this is a
cloud of suspicion the US government will be under so long as Donald Trump is
president. We know Trump holds an office gives him vast power for intimidation,
for vengeance. We know he's a man who will use that power to serve his own
ends. We know that people who survive in
Donald Trump's employ are those who carry out his commands. We know that
those who refuse get fired, like James Comey. In the American system, the
presidency is an office bounded by constitutional limits and competing
institutions, yes, but it is just as importantly bounded by the morality and
personal rectitude of whoever occupies it. There was little doubt before Comey’s
presentation that Trump was of poor moral character. There is no doubt after it.
Trump is dangerously unfit for this role. The defense cannot be, maybe the
President United States isn't “technically” a criminal. And then only
maybe. I would ask Republicans hearing this to imagine the word Trump replaced
with Clinton or with Obama. How would they feel if everything I've described
here was done by Hillary Clinton? How afraid would they be if it was President
Obama acting like this? That is how they should feel now. The country needs more
from them right now, needs more from all of us, than excuses for behavior that we
know is wrong. Of course there needs to be a degree of
independence between DOJ, FBI, and a White House, and a line of communication is
established. The president's new at this. He's new to government, and so he
probably wasn't steeped in the long-running protocols that established
the relationships between DOJ, FBI, and White Houses. He's just new to this.

33 thoughts on “The US government cannot be trusted so long as Donald Trump runs it

  1. Should the FBI be the one to the tell the president of the United States how to his job? What he can or can not say? What is and isn't appropriate?
    Was that the FBI job or should we have hired someone who knows what he is doing?

  2. Just like the scum of the earth devils you are for electing Satan. You might as well go all the way to hell now, dumb white devils. I got gasoline jackets for sale?

  3. Why are you trying to cast doubt in American Systems and institutions? Do YOU work for the Russians? if trump is that bad then do the AMERICAN thing and impeach him in the house & Senate. Don’t spread this nonsense on YouTube.

  4. I hear and accept your argument, but to question the integrity of the US government seems radical without a decision regarding President Trump’s obstruction of justice.

  5. Despite the fact trump is someone I don’t respect as president, I respect and like his mentality. Similar to Tupac. Real friends are to be protected. Those who have my back, I will have theirs especially in a time of crisis.

  6. The Republicans are cowards and will no stand up to Trump. Nancy has bigger balls than the Republicans.

  7. Vox is totally biased. What vengeance? Facts are, he has significantly decreased unemployment and prioritized Americans for jobs and also significantly reduced the number of illegal immigrants coming to the country?

  8. This explains how dangerously close we are from having a total authoritarian dictator who doesn't want his own country to prosper. Somebody tell Trump that a nation isn't a business, his profit focused tactics are sinking the United States.

  9. Putin is remarkable intelligent in putting a Russia agent in the WH which him the US justice system would be undermined.

  10. Most trumpers are not rich, but the they love those tax cuts for the rich, I don't see the logic on that , even they say the market is all time high , but they don't know is a bubble that is gonna burst like it did during Bush administration. Wake up people !

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