The Ukraine Scandal Sees Its First Arrests | Deadline | MSNBC

The Ukraine Scandal Sees Its First Arrests | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “The Ukraine Scandal Sees Its First Arrests | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Trump knows he isn't a legitimate president. The Trump kleptocracy enlisted the GOP to protect them, projecting the fallacy the Democrats corrupted elections. These treacherous individuals threatened a "Civil War" in their efforts to corrupt the entire country/political system. The imbeciles forgot Congress renewed FISA warrants that allow surveillance of Ukraine corruption.

  2. Soon Third lawyer for President will have his door kicked in dawn raid. CNN cameras rolling because of leak by FBI, is still the swamp. President will not be allowed ridiculous 'cross examination' in impeachment show trial. Schift can tell us what really happened in a parody  No way could they be bad guys planted to do bad things and cause dissention. The adoption meeting with the Trump Tower  gal proves that CIA /KGB never run such plays over and over. Similar to Popodoplous met at airport being searched for the 10 grand he did not take. But cameras rolling.

  3. you would not imagine, that rudy asked them to 'make up' something in Ukraine about someone in the USA, would you??

  4. No indictments for the crooks in gov. Why the Dems have so much trouble with what democracy is truly about. ONLY the the little guy who aides and abets are indicted -When you can indict a ham sandwich just not someone who knows too much.

  5. blah blablah blah blah…..lies, deceit…Josef Goebbels and Julius Streicher would be so proud of MSDNC and Clinton News Network for their superb Fascist GESTAPO NAZI PROPAGANDA—-these fukin' MSM liars are the puppets of the Rothschilds Globalist Bankers feeding people stupid enough to watch them lies lies lies…..


  7. Get the Popcorn!… Biden Just Tossed Obama Under the Bus, “Obama White House Approved Hunter Biden’s Position”

  8. We all know by now that Trump is a corrupt mob boss and criminal. Let's see what lies and excuses the Republican CRONIES come up with.

  9. Turns out the true corruption in Ukraine is coming from TEAM TRUMP. Trump and team wanted to ‘get rid of corruption’ in Ukraine to install their own corruption. A circle of businessmen and Republicans donors touted connections to Giuliani and Trump while trying to install new management on top of Ukraine’s top massive gas company. Their plan was to then steer lucrative contracts to companies controlled by Trump allies. Giuliani was seeing this gas subject as a side business – use his influence to make a buck for the Trump team. The FBI should be investigating this but the FBI is under BARR’s thumb and we know Barr is part of the Trump Team.

  10. I want Trump impeached & behind bars, but this is useless hype about these 2 guys! Just arrest Rudy, then we can start talking!

  11. Incidentally another story that MSNBC is completely ignoring is Rep. Omar who just filed for divorce after it was rumored that she was having an affair with her campaign consultant Tim Mynett who illegally diverted funds from her campaign just so she could pursue her romantic interests. She now faces perjury charges. Lying on a sworn form is perjury and each charge carries five years in prison, according to Minnesota law. Questions have been raised about the accuracy of approximately six statements on the sworn form.

    Omar was fined by the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board for using campaign funds to pay for an accountant to amend her taxes after she filed taxes jointly with Hirsi while she was not married to him (filing joint taxes with a non-spouse is not permitted) and while she was actually married to another man.

  12. The President, the Vice-President, Rudy Giuliani and those 2 men are all in the same picture, but he doesn't know them.

  13. Round them all up and throw away the key, the whole disgraceful disgusting traitorous lot of them. So long Rudy, hope your happy now that you turned your life to excrement.

  14. Trump better divert some of his bogus wall money to build a prison for he, his administration and his family. They can name it Rodent Acres–The Trump family won't have to travel far for the ribbon cutting.

  15. Giuliani represented Reza Zarrab, Turkish guy that funnelled money in and out of Iran – who had an office at trump towers Istanbul – and Flynn was paid 500,000 by current Turkish President, and asked by trump to interfere in Reza Zarrabs case.

    Why did trump basically hand Syria to turkey? Was it to apologise for not getting Reza out of court case, or for their silence in his involvement in a money laundering ring into Iran, which is in direct violation of international sanctions and us law

  16. If anyone now questions the depth of this, I give you Tommy Hicks Jr. Co-chair of the Republican National Committee, seated with these two and Donald Jr. Now I ask how can we trust any member of the Republican party? How many of them are on the take? So many of them so quick to back Trump through all of this! So few of them to come and speak out against Trump! Gee, I wonder why?!

  17. Q-Which US POTUS paid the largest fine of $1.2 mill for campaign finance violation?
    A-Barack Obama And not ONE Democrats in America nor the liberal MSM cared.

  18. Those that dismissed the Mueller Report are going to have to eat some SH# flavoured humble pie. These two matters are not unrelated.

    This is like a gang of bank robbers getting away with a major score, then instead of lying low for a while, went on a spending spree with all the money and drive around a ghetto area in Mercedes and buying their girlfriends fur coats.

  19. The saga with Nixon? One of the charges in the Articles of Impeachment was Obstruction of Justice. BECAUSE of the United States Supreme Court shutting down Nixon for claiming Executive Privilege gives him the authority to deny the tapes to Congress, they ruled that IT DOES NOT APPLY TO A CONGRESIONAL INVESTIGATION. Because of that decision, a President denying a person their right to testify to Congress, is an Obstruction of Justice. An Obstruction of Justice has absolutely nothing to do with the results of the investigation, it only applies to the actual investigation. Trump is pulling the exact same B$ and breaking the law every time he does it.

  20. 13:58 Melanie Zanona is incredibly distracting. She's like Anne Hathaway's evil hot twin with a Poli-Sci degree ! Wow

  21. To make things simple for Rudy & Captain Corruption: If you wish to avoid the FBI spying on YOU – Don't do crimes OR mix with foreigners who do crimes in America. 😂

  22. jeff sessions, Rex Tillersion and others who got sacked or left the WH must be very happy they r away from this mess and cow sh//TT Lucky guys

  23. That is what Putin has on the pussygrabber: Putin has paid large parts of his campaign. The pussygrabber is the top russian agent. Its not Trump Tower Moscow. Its the pussygrabbers whole political career. installed and paid for by Putin. BTW: Where is finally the PeePee-tape?

  24. Trump when they tell you to bend over and grab your ankles, they are not asking, they are ordering . . . Don't drop the soap . . .

  25. Giuliani took up Michael Cohen's job as Trump's fixer. He should have taken more note of the previous incumbent's fate.

  26. So will Ghouliani have to share a cell with Roger Stoned and Big Bubba, 'coz Bub was gettin' too excited at just the prospect of going eye to eye with Nixon, he's going to think it's Christmas

  27. Michael Cohen is in jail he took the bullet for the trump now it’s this creepy guilliani, people the main crook is the individual number one ☝️ the imposter president. It will get worse in the world if you don’t get rid of Spanky now…

  28. the left history on frames ups on targets it there to see , but i see no linkage .say a guy like tony weiner and obama both demms you do bad only you should pay , got inlaws break the law . you should get jail time ? naa ,this is a standard attack using the power of government on people , i seen many people who did do crimes and not get bad press over it .no one is above the law , not even the demms . a flood is coming .best to be on high ground .the next step btw is to get these 2 to lie and frame other targets ,standard stuff . people know the story line it and plot . its pass old

  29. A strong stench of Mueller boys and Mica Nostra Corruption and self Compromised US agencies Both “ arrested former Soviet born individuals”are US citizens who had round trip tickets MSNBC and this “ prosecution stunt “ are not sure how to explain why they cannot explain the citizenship of 2 US citizens Nicole is so absorbed in extremism she engages in open NAZI wannabe behavior and discriminated against fellow US citizens based solely on her profound hate for their ethnic origin My guess is that both men will be able to leave the country soon and charges will be dropped since the charges look pretty desperate and foolish even if FREDO did make some absurd foolish claims that look like blackmail and corruption so that part does stick

  30. I don’t understand why these witnesses can’t testify. Aren’t they individuals with the Civil Rights to obey the law. I mean really, Trump is just covering his a

  31. Just close your eyes for a minute and imagine Rudy Drooly in a jail cell laying on his bunk and his teeth soaking in a glass next to him.

  32. Need someone to put all of the facts into one hugggeee Binder for this massive investigation. There are so many threads. So many people involved. The media is really going to play a major role. They gotta continue to put pressure on these corrupt officials and continue to hold them accountable. This presidency has been maddening from the very first day and it seems like, there could actually be light at the end of the tunnel.

  33. I Love Trump , And i can say this HAS nothing to DO with Trump , And neither Does the Epstein thing , Fact . #2020 #WWGW1GA#Trump2020

  34. This is funny! A funny Impeach President Trump Comic Cartoon Character of President Trump and Impeachment. Hilarious! Like and share!


  35. Lol. What a surprise, the guys mic conveniently cut out when he mentions Giuliani’s success in Russian scandal. Corrupt media for sure. America is watching MSNBC.

  36. This is how such people deal with such issues and do business (bullying, blackmail, etc.) like in Russia and… this is what it begins from when we face regimes, autocracy, corruption.

  37. The Republicans must screaming and climbing up every wall in the country wondering how they'll be able to explain this debacle. I can imagine that Rudy's gonna be demoted to another coffee boy. Hopefully he's bought enough adult diaper's cause he's gonna need them.

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