The Trump Prophecy and the Evangelical Vote | Renegade Cut

The Trump Prophecy and the Evangelical Vote | Renegade Cut

29 thoughts on “The Trump Prophecy and the Evangelical Vote | Renegade Cut

  1. After reading some of the comments, I feel like it is time for a teachable moment. This video is a critique of the political movement by white evangelicals to ensure far right policies under the guise of faith. It is not a "f*** Christianity" video. I am not an Angry YouTube Atheist™, and this comments section is not a place for your "Christians are a cancer" or "Protestants can go to hell" replies. Do you not understand that criticism of the actions of a political movement is not the same as calling religion "evil" or someone the "Antichrist"? If you tried to get a comment like that through, I assure you that it was deleted in my "Held for Review" folder. Nobody saw it but me, and I was appalled. All comments on my channel are always held for review until I click Approve. I also assure you that if it was egregious enough, your account has been shadow banned.

    This is not a space that will engender hate. Too many YouTubers just let the worst of the worst in their comments sections and among their audiences without saying anything or doing anything about it. If you are posting comments like that, I can only assume that you must be new here. Not in my house. I am stupefied by this response. Do you honestly believe that calling for the genocide of Christians because they voted for Trump is even remotely appropriate? Absolutely ghoulish.

    Don't reply to this defending that kind of behavior or any "To be FAIR…" malarkey or you will see your account banned too. Your comments will be invisible to everyone but yourself. Try harder, please. Thank you.

  2. There are evangelicals like Jim Wallis who try to carry on MLK's legacy. Fundamentalism is a subgroup of evangelism. Not all fundamentalists agree with Falwell and Pat Robertson.

  3. I never really think about how bad the political right actually is. Thier opposition against secular humanism spits in the face of everything I believe.

  4. Wait till he walks into the antichrist rebuilt temple, they’ll be so happy when he declares himself god….. so very very happy.

  5. Obama was the African Ronald Reagan. If he was white and Republican, they would've loved his policies.

  6. I would love to see POTUS's "entire" Christian WH dinner speech. both POTUS and Christian leaders god is green

  7. I consider myself a survivor, having broken away from the Catholic Church and the evangelical views of my family at large. It is easy to feel like it is hopeless to overcome these people’s politics, and I often wish that we had a more concrete plan of action to reclaim this country’s political life.

  8. Anyone left if Reagan…
    Are u serious Reagan once explained that Social Security was not the source of federal deficit being pay in program

  9. These evangelical fundamentalist Christians have become 21st century pharasies. If Jesus, a middle easterner, came back, they would demand that trump kill. him.

  10. You ought to add in Trump’s blackmail of Jerry Falwell Jr. It’s a critical element that explains how evangelicals managed to finally get past their disgust of Trump. Before Falwell endorsed Trump, he really was going no where. But when Falwell had a problem with some inappropriate pics, for some reason he called Trump. WHY call Trump? Obviously Trump was behind getting the pics, then had that guy hire a lawyer who was told to have Falwell call Trump in order to get Cohen involved. If this isn’t obviously a Trump dirt plan from the start, then nothing makes sense any more.

    Add this to the pool boy suit and the long time rumors of Jerry Jr being gay back in his Liberty University days (he graduated in 1980. I had a friend who attended in 1979-1983, and he said everyone on campus suspected he was gay, and some Falwell affiliate churches even broke with Falwell over the issue). So this suit deriving from Falwell befriending this 21 year old pool boy, and then giving him $4.6 million to buy a gay flop house in Maimi, rings true.

  11. Even more troubling than his Godless lifestyle, is his admission that he has never sought forgiveness from Christ. This is what Evangelicals do not, and will not, address. The hypocrisy among his Christian base is obvious to everyone but them.

  12. "Christian Supremacists"

    And a Bible verse, basically saying:
    "If against Israel, against God"

    In case anyone's wondering.

  13. It would not make sense for the Evangelical Right to vote for someone who speaks against the Evangelical Right.

  14. Evangelicals and Israel……'they just need us to keep the lights on for their messiah' Brink HBO series quote from the Israeli foreign minister. That says it all! The narrow thinking of judgemental intolerance.

  15. Christian movement my arse, political power house intent on a theocracy based on white supremacy and lies! Trump prophecy, he will bring about chaos world wide! GOOD VIDEO WELL EXPLAINED!

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