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  1. There are 3 branches of political government controlled by one branch of We the People, a sovereign independent power.

  2. Vote for the great President is your choise…
    American is positive people almost vote for Positive President Donal Trump

  3. Term limits for all! Even Supreme Court!corruption is bad now, our government no lingers works the way it was intended! In fact, I don't think our forefathers (freemasons) ever actually thought it would work! Built in corruption!

  4. Perhaps the US government is viewed as a business, but it is a business that was elected by the citizens of the USA. Sadly the business of government is run by elected career politicians and even more sadly most of them do not have any business sense. Once in office they are a known quantity (to a degree) and with no term limits they become government lifers with the overall objective to first and foremost be reelected (by lying to there constituents) and than to grow government.

    First fix TERM LIMITS, Second fix – cooling off period – banned or barred by law (prison for violators or violations) from lobbying or using past position to further political ambitions of businesses business community in Washington.

    Fundamentally both of the above objectives (reelection and government growth) will (are) in fact doom the business of government eventually.

    The US Government is completely broken, not working to resolve issues in a bipartisan fashion which was and is the only way to move forward the US Government is now completely a bipartisan division, now the right is the left and left the right and they both still don't agree, the current answer to resolution now is disagree with anything and everything obstruct all and make it till the next break. The is no accountability.

    The US Government has run full cycle today, we the people are fed up, next unfortunately is anarchy which we are beginning to experience today, just take a look around (or should I say take off the rose colored glasses and take a look around). Who will come in to fix it? An extremest from the left or extremest from the right and a new form of government will be introduced (socialism?) one step closer to an oligarchy (the most common type of governance in history and in existence today). Look it up this is not the first time a government collapsed.

    'Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.'

  5. I am US American legally disable Black man in Nevada. Because of my phenomenon many people are towards me every time. Our leader fathers and our leader mothers are the leader of both ideal and physical life. I am victim of abuse and victim of attack. I filed in FBI And UNs to save my life and many people life. I don't get any solutions. Following my life they slave me and they slave many people every second. Some top three government leaders and their followers who abuse and violate us are president Ronald Tramp, President campaign Hilary Clinton, John Robert Chive Judecial, President Barack Obama and his wife Mitchell Obama. They are slaving in modern ways. I have questions to the three government branch leaders.
    * Why we US American are playing wrong games such as dull, violation, theft, abuse, etc?
    * Where we all are violated, how are the application of three government branch functions and leaders?
    In the name of our three government branches please don't violate us! Thank you.

  6. the constituion of each state places the responsibilty of establishing and maintaing public schools on the states legislature and directs the states legislature to provide for state board of education which has genral supervision of public schools it is further provided that public schools under the genral supervison of the state shall be maintained and operated by locally elected boards legally then local school boards are instruments of the legislature and derive thier authority from state statues and regulations of the state board of education

  7. the legislative is the policy making fuction of the school system the exectuive is the superintendency the aprisal is the administration of each school there gerry maderd

  8. 2:32 …..of course, it is for the money! Don't you know that a representative's salary is as high as a senator's, almost 180,000 dollars annually, not counting the benefits! ….. These folks have no interest in bettering anyone's life except their own. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you understand why this freak-show is failing every step of the way…. Make those folks get paid the same as do the average American citizens and then you will sure see a real change for the better… but as long as they are getting paid unrealistic salaries of which they have to pay nothing for fuel, food and the rest, how will they ever realize how bad it is for the majority of the folks out there?!! It is impossible!

  9. AND if you a lobby group like AIPAC can control elections through bribery and threats – you get to control ALL the levels of Government AND you don't have to give a SH*T about what the people think.

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